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Ugly Consequences

This is much more humorous than the first chapter. I hope you like it. It seems Robin has learned his lesson, but he's about to learn several more when Moonfire grows and becomes slightly more difficult to handle…

Rated PG.

Disclaimer: Why would I be writing fanfiction if I owned the Titans?

Ugly Consequences

The next day was a turbulent one. It started off with Starfire running into the room with a wailing Moonfire, looking panicked.

"What do I do!? He won't stop crying!" she shouted, looking as if she were about to cry as well.

Raven stood up and, looking exasperated, snatched Moonfire way from Starfire. "Give me that," she said coldly. She looked down at Moonfire with a look of intensity. "When was the last time you fed him?"

Just then Robin shuffled in and fell face-first on the floor. "Two AM," he said, his voice muffled by the carpet.

Beast Boy heaved Robin back to his feet. "No wonder you're tired," he said.

Starfire mussed her already untidy hair. "Ugh…"

Raven sighed and shook her head. "Poor things… Don't worry, I'll take care of this."

Robin groaned weakly and sank back down to the floor. Beast Boy half-heartedly propped him against the wall.

Starfire hovered over Raven's shoulder, looking worried.

"Starfire," Raven sighed, "it's awful hard to see what I'm doing through your hair."

Starfire leapt back and crept around to the other side of Raven.

"Starfire, are you paying attention?"

Star nodded.

"Good. Watch." Raven, holding the baby in one arm and grabbing a bottle off the table with the other (she had taken the liberty of buying bottles the night Moonfire was born). She juggled around with a jug of milk, switching it and the baby around in her arms, until the bottle was filled up. She tossed the bottle into the microwave (yes, they have a microwave) and carefully set it to a good temperature. Then she sat down with Moonfire, who's bawling had quieted significantly, and waited.


"It is done?" Starfire asked.

Raven nodded. Starfire retrieved the bottle and handed it to Raven, who showed Starfire how to check to see if the milk was too hot or too cold. This time it happened to be just right, so then Raven showed Starfire how to hold the baby just right so that he would drink and not inhale the milk.

His stomach full, Moonfire caused no more trouble. For a little while.

Starfire was flying all over, trying to teach Moonfire how to fly. Her constant dropping of her son resulted in her friends diving all over to catch him before he hit the ground. Beast Boy ran face-first into a wall, Robin tripped over a fallen chair, and Raven fell backwards onto a potted plant in their frenzied attempts to keep Moonfire out of harm's way.

"Starfire. He. Can't. Fly," Cyborg said firmly after nearly crashing through the window and falling three stories to the ground. Moonfire kicked and giggled. "You nearly MURDERED both of us back there! Stop trying to teach him!"

"I guess that's my fault," Robin said sadly.

Starfire shook her head and gathered Moonfire in her arms. "No, it is no one's fault. He just cannot fly. That is not a problem."

Robin looked puzzled but didn't comment.

"We will just have to work around this."

"That's the spirit!" Beast Boy said, and fell back onto the couch. "Just don't have it around me."

Raven nodded.

Everyone sat down on the couch and were just dozing off when the alarm went off.

"Ugh. No," Robin groaned. "Not NOW."

Moonfire squealed and wriggled in Starfire's arms. She frowned and stood up.

"Let's get going," Raven said wearily. "The sooner we go the sooner it'll be over."

It was Control Freak. It was easy to defeat him. Usually. With Moonfire, this was a new story. Control Freak was robbing a gas station when they caught up with him.

"Stop right there!" Robin shouted.

Control Freak turned to look at them, smirking. He hadn't changed in the slightest. "Hello, Titans," he said. "Should I attack first, or shall you – who's that?" He pointed at Moonfire, sidetracked.

Starfire instantly shielded him with her arms.

Robin looked at her out of the corner of his eye. "What would it matter to you? We're here to beat you."

Control Freak shrugged. "Whatever you say." He instantly set three gas pumps after them.

Raven picked one up with her powers and smashed it against the pavement at least twenty times in a row. Crash, crash, crash, crash… Then she tossed it aside into another pump, and both of them lay there in a heap of twisted metal. She dusted herself off with a smirk. "Next."

Control Freak blinked. "Uh…"

Cyborg had pushed one down and was now jumping up and down on it like a trampoline. Beast Boy turned into a gorilla and assisted him in smashing the poor machine into a stain on the asphalt.

Control Freak turned several cars on them. Robin jumped out of the way as one charged right at him.

Starfire zoomed upwards and, holding Moonfire safely in one arm, fired one starbolt after another at the possessed vehicle. Finally she hit in the right spot and the car exploded, bringing a nearby car down with it.

"Yeah!" Starfire said, pleased with herself. Moonfire laughed and sucked on his thumb.

Beast Boy flattened a car with his gigantic whale body. He turned back into a human, clutching his stomach. "Dude, metal does NOT feel good imbedded in your gut…"

"Duh," Cyborg said, clutching the front of a Mustang and trying not to let it drive him into the side of the building. He grunted, powered up his gun, and blew away the side of the car. It rocked, groaning, and fell over. Beast Boy rolled his eyes.

"Showoff," he muttered.

Robin was inside a car that was spinning donuts in the parking area, messing with the wires and trying to shut it down. The car rolled over and Robin jumped out, alarmed. He ran away from the angry car, shouting for help. Starfire blew up the car with her eyes, grinning evilly. Moonfire thrashed wildly and Starfire dropped him in surprise.

Moonfire plunged towards the hard ground below.

"MOONFIRE!" she screamed.

And then Moonfire stopped. He was just sitting there in midair, hugging his knees and giggling madly. He flew a little figure eight and then rolled around and around in the air.

"He's flying," Starfire whispered, eyes wide. "He's flying!"

Robin looked up and stared.

"DUDE! WATCH OUT!" Beast Boy shouted, ramming into Robin full-force and knocking both of them to the ground. A car whooshed over their heads, missing Robin's face by inches.

"Sorry!" Cyborg called.

Robin lay there on the cement, panting. "That… almost killed me…"

Beast Boy stood, dusting himself off. "That was close," he said, breathing heavily. "Lucky I was here, huh?"

Robin nodded, stunned, as he sat up.

"EVIL CANDY ATTACK!" Control Freak screeched, sending out hundreds of tiny candies at them.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Cyborg screamed, turning and running.

The candies attacked Robin, Beast Boy, and Raven. Starfire and Moonfire, safely floating there, watched for a little while. Finally Starfire grabbed her son and crept up behind Control Freak, who was laughing manically. She snatched the remote right out of his hands and smashed it in her palm.

The candies died.

"NO! MY REMOTE!" Control Freak cried.

"That was easy," Starfire said, surprising herself with her casual tone. She placed one hand on her hip and shifted Moonfire to fit more comfortably in the crook of her elbow in the other arm.

"Who IS that!?" Control Freak wailed, pointing at Moonfire. "You HAVE to tell me before I'm dragged off! It wouldn't be fair if you didn't!"

"Then I am unfair," she said stiffly.

Robin grinned at Starfire and stood up. He and Raven heaved Beast Boy to his feet.

"Great work, Starfire," Robin said appreciatively as Control Freak was dragged off to jail. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

She smiled at him. "Thank you."

Moonfire squirmed and she set him on the ground. He crawled spastically around, tackling Raven and Beast Boy's legs and trying to fly.

"This little rugrat nearly cost Robin his life," Cyborg said, scooping up Moonfire.

"So? I lived, didn't I?" Robin said almost instantly.

Beast Boy grinned. "Have you grown attached to this little thing?" he asked slyly.

"Uh…" Robin said, looking surprised. He felt Starfire shift closer. A memory flickered in his mind – when Starfire admitted she liked him. REALLY liked him. He shook his head quickly, clearing his mind. "Yeah, yeah I have. He's ou - MY son, after all."

"Uh huh. Sure," Beast Boy said, smirking and taking Moonfire into his own arms. "You just keep telling yourself that."

"What do you mean?" Robin asked boldly, folding his arms.

"I mean that – AHHHH!" Beast Boy screamed, holding out Moonfire arms length.

Moonfire looked up, pulling Beast Boy's finger out of his mouth. He made a little sound – like a giggle.

Beast Boy shuddered and hurriedly wiped his hand on his uniform. "Ugh. That does NOT feel nice."

"He does that," Starfire said, and took Moonfire for herself. "Isn't it cute?"

"For you, maybe," Beast Boy said, throwing Moonfire a wary glance. "That is REALLY unpleasant…"

Raven smiled.

Robin laughed. "That's what you get. It's a baby, Beast Boy. You have to expect the unexpected."

"True," Cyborg said.

"Well, if you expect the unexpected, doesn't that make the unexpected the expected?" Raven said lazily, studying her nails.

Everyone stared at her.


"Uh…" Beast Boy said.

"Don't bother to answer," sighed Raven with a note of superiority in her voice. She turned on her heel and led them home.

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