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Chapter 4

The boy that you loved is the monster you fear peel off all those eyes and crawl into the dark, you've poisoned all of your children to camouflage your scars pray unto the splinters, pray unto your fear pray your life was just a dream the cut that never heals. – Marilyn Manson – Man that you fear

The man that you loved is the man that you fear

Alastor Moody hobbled into the living room with Minerva McGonagall clutched tightly to his chest. He placed her down on the sofa softly before making his way back to the kitchen. "I think you should come and see this Dumbledore." He muttered his strong voice raspy with disbelief.

"What is it Alastor? I thought you were going home?" Albus said softly grinning up at one of best friends.

"I was... its Minerva." Albus face dropped he stared up at his friend his eyes dark and panicky.

"What's wrong with her? Is she alright? Where is she?" Albus demanded getting out of his chair.

"I don't know what's wrong with her I found her on the steps outside she's in the living room." Albus asked no more questions and ran straight for the living room the rest of the order following in his wake. He got to the living room in mere seconds he stopped dead as soon as he saw her. Her mouth was open a small amount of blood pouring from it, she was moaning softly as if in pain. Her body was twisting around franticly, her eyes shut tightly. Her long hair even though she was twisting and throwing herself around was immaculate.

"Minerva?" Albus asked his lover of 9 months. "Minerva... can you hear me?" Her moans stopped at the sound of her lover's voice she opened her eyes and looked around the room. It was different she couldn't explain it the whole room the people in it looked different. She felt her body slip onto the floor her knees pressed against the carpet her hands clasping her neck as she coughed and spluttered. It felt like she was dreaming she felt uneasy like she was trapped in someone else's body. She looked up to see Albus in front of her. She could hear his frantic heart beet, the smell of his blood set her own on fire. She stared at him the pulse in his bared neck and wrist's moving violently. She growled loudly throwing herself onto her back. 'You can't be this!' She screamed at herself. 'It can't happen like this!' She growled again sharply watching Albus lean over trying to take her own hands in his. Her arms kicked out violently he managed to grasp them pinning them above her head.

"Don't come near me! Don't please... I don't know what I might do." She screamed out at him managing to pull her arms out his hands some thing that before she never could have done. She scooted herself into the corner.

"Minerva." Albus asked stepping closer to her. She placed her hands in front of her face trying to block out the sound of his heartbeat, the smell of him.

"No Albus go please go!" She groaned again loudly.

"Minerva..." He muttered slightly hurt.

"It hurts so much." She complained clutching her stomach. Albus walked towards her ignoring her shouts for him to stay away. He bent down in front of her and took her face in his hands. He lifted her upper lip softly with his thumbs her canines had grew incredibly and now sat on either side of her incisors. Her jaw snapped at him sharply he quickly pulled his hands away. She looked at him his eyes were filled with such sadness such pity was that embarrassment or disappointment?

"Oh Minerva..." He whispered.

"I didn't ask for this Albus. It was that man the one who kept looking at me! The one who followed us he didn't even try to hide he wanted me to see him." Minerva sobbed softly.

"MINERVA! I told you, I told you he was dangerous I told you to stay away from him!" He yelled loudly lecturing her like he would a small child.

"I did! I was outside I was walking I was... I was lost." She muttered softly. "And he just appeared out of no where! I didn't know what to do he stole my wand and pinned me against the wall. I couldn't stop him." She sobbed.

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