The A-Team: Unreal Reality

Author: Georgina Ann Price AKA Hannurdock

Rating: R

Standard Disclaimer: I make no profit from writing these stories, I do them for fun and enjoyment. Characters owned by Stephen J Cannell.

Part 6: The Masked Men

I trembled as fire erupted through my body. The bullet had hit me full in the shoulder, and I winced in pain as Face held me securely upright.

We were walking through the woods, two of the masked men led the way, and two with guns kept a close eye on us from behind us. We had been allowed a little dignity and the men had tossed some black robes over to us.

Face looked at them with strange calm as he proceeded to tear a section of the robe and use that to bind my wound. We walked in silence, not daring to say a word. A strange reassuring feeling crept over me as Face put his arm protectively around me.

At long last the journey ended with a remote cabin in the woods, far from the team's cabin and we entered and Face immediately sat my trembling form down on a comfortable chair.

"What is the meaning of all this?" Face said at last, turning his attention to the masked men.

"Lieutenant Tempelton Faceman Peck" One of the men said in a low and malicious voice.

"Yes? What do you want of us" Face asked, his voice displaying no emotion.

"I see you fuck everything in a skirt still".

"Who the fuck are you?" Face asked, the tone of his voice rising.

The masked man whom I assumed was the leader stepped forward and took off his mask. Face gasped.

"Recognise me now, Lieutenant?" The man asked.

"Who is he?" I asked weakly.

"An old enemy. Thought I was fucking his daughter" Face said angrily.

"Were you?" I asked.

Face shook his head "We were just good friends, but General Everington here thought we were having an affair".

"Oh" I said weakly, my head rolling back. I could hardly focus on the man before me, but his features were contorted in anger.

"You made my daughter a laughing stock, Lieutenant. Now you have to pay the price" Everington said, raising his gun.

"Let the girl go" Face said softly "She has nothing to do with this".

"Very well, Lieutenant" Everington signalled for some of his men to take me and they threw me roughly outside, closing the door behind them as they re-entered the cabin. I stumbled away, hearing the General's word's echo behind me. "Besides, she'll never make it back. her wound will eventually make her pass out. My guess is she'll be dead before morning".

My vision was blurring, and a horrific understanding dawned upon me. Everington was right. I'd be dead before morning.

Part 7: Survival

I stumbled through the trees and bushes, my feet severly damaged from the sticks and small branches I slipped upon constantly.

I shouted to Hannibal as my vision was darkening, but received no answer back except for the swaying limbs of the trees towering ominously above me.

I finally stumbled on a twig and fell roughly to the ground. Before darkness descended over me, I felt two very strong arms lift me from the ground and saw the faint glitter of gold before I was unconscious.


There was no pain.

Only darkness. Complete darkness. It seemed I had never existed on earth, that I had never been born. I felt connected to this darkness, a part of it.

As it started to lift, I began to feel the intense pain of my wound. Some light caught my eye and I struggled to see it clearly. A few shadows caught my eye, and I began to hear faint talking from hushed voices.

"Welcome back ..."

I focused on the figure above me, and with relief I recognised the worried features of Hannibal.

"Hmmmm ..." I mumbled, feeling the pain in my feet and wound intensify with every second. To be quite honest, I much preferred the darkness to this.

"You were lucky I was on watch" BA said gently, taking a strand of my hair and tucking it behind my head. "You wouldave been dead for sure if I hadn't found you".

"Face ...?" I asked weakly, straining to focus on BA.

"He weren't with you. What happened?" BA asked.

"We were attacked by some masked men" I explained quickly. "I was shot in the shoulder. They took Face and I to a cabin in the woods, where they said they were going to kill Face".

"Do you know where this cabin is?" Hannibal asked gently.

"No, I ... I can't remember. It was quite far from here. Some guy called ...Everington ... he was the leader".

"Hmmmm" Hannibal chewed his cigar, thinking. "Everington. He was a General that blamed Face for sleeping with his daughter".

"Wasn't the girl pregnant?" Murdock asked.

"Yes, but Face told me he wasn't the father, that he had never slept with her. She was dating some doctor from Michigan, Face believed he was the father. But she committed suicide two days later and it was never established who was the father". Hannibal said.

"Everington blamed Face for the suicide" Murdock continued from Hannibal "He thought his daughter dishonoured and Face was to blame".

Hannibal nodded. "If it is Everington, then I think we should start looking now, before its too late".

BA and Murdock rose, and collected their weapons.

Hannibal turned to me "I'd ask you to come along, but you are injured and its best you stay here till we return. I've took the bullet out, and if you just try and rest we'll get Face back before you wake up".

I mumbled something incoherant and closed my eyes. I felt Hannibal's hand close around my own, before darkness descended upon me once more.


"Is she awake yet?"

"I don't know Face, its quite bad. She's feverish".

"I can't believe this happened. Just when I was falling in love with her ..."

"Shh, Muchacho. She might be able to hear you".

"If she dies ... it'll be my fault, Murdock".

"No, Lieutenant. Its not your fault. Everington is going to be put away for a long time, the police will see to that. Just take it easy. She'll be fine".

"Are you sure, Hannibal?"

" ... I'm not sure, Face. I'm not going to lie to you. This is very bad. She's hurting a lot, she has an infection. But she's strong. And she knows you love her. If she can, she'll make it".

"God, Hannibal. I couldn't handle it if she died".

"You have to be strong, kid. Strong for her as well as for yourself".

"I know. Jesus! Why'd this have to happen? Why?"

"Life is a bitch at times. And the innocents always get hurt. I don't know why, but its true".

"I love her so much".

"I must say, I kinda like her a lot myself".

"Me too, muchacho".

"Yeah, man. If she dies, I'm goin' back to Everington and I'll knock him sittin'".

"BA, calm down ...".

"I will not calm down, man. That foo' gonna pay for this!"

"He will, BA. Trust me, he will".

"Hannibal ... there's a problem ... I can't find a pulse ...".

"Damn! Can you hear me, kiddo? Come on, wake up ... shit! Face, CPR ... BA ... Murdock ... get over here ... RIGHT NOW!"

... Silence. Golden darkness. No pain. No fear. Just connected to nothing. I can't hear the voices anymore. Can't hear Face. Face ...


Part 8: Realisation

"I think she's come through ..."

"Her blood pressure and heartbeat are stabalising".

"We have to try and get her conscious".

"Hey, kiddo? Can you hear me. That's it ... open your eyes".

"Hmmmmmm, where's Face?" I ask, trying to concentrate on the figures above me.

"Face? Was she alone in the accident?".

"Yes doctor. She was alone in the car".

"Try and get a line on this person she's talking about. Bring him here".

"Yes doctor, I'll check her purse".

I concentrated very hard on the blurred figure above me. My vision was sharpening, and I suddenly realised I was in a hospital bed, and staring at a doctor.

"Where's Face?" I asked, trying to sit up.

"Easy ... you've been in a severe car accident. We almost lost you back there, kiddo". The doctor said, easing me back into the soft bed.

"Car accident? Where's Face! Is he okay?" I asked, trying to look about myself.

"There was no-one else in the car with you. We're trying to contact someone for you. Can you tell me where Face lives and I'll have the nurse call him immediately".

"Hmmm, a cabin in the woods. Where Murdock is. And Hannibal. And BA ...".

"That's the A-Team isn't it?" One nurse asked me gently. "I'm sorry, you probably had a little dream about them".

"No ..." I struggled to sit up again. "It was real! I was there...".

"Stay where you are. I'll be right back" The doctor left the little ward and I looked out of the window. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I had no desire to be back here, I wanted to be with Face.

I cried aloud as I felt myself slipping into unconsciousness once again.

It was over. It had never been real.

The A-Team wasn't real.

It had all been a dream.

Part 9: Getting back to things

Four months later, I was back on the road.

I was afraid, but I was willing to start again - I missed my car, and I missed driving terribly.

I parked near my house, carrying three shopping bags with me and walked into my house, throwing my coat into the corner of the room and sitting at my computer instantly.

It was the first time I had been on the Internet since my accident - and I was eager to get back into my sites, and was anxious to talk to members of the Virtual Asylum group again.

I listened to the familiar dialing tone, as the computer connected to the internet. I opened my Netscape browser and immediately noticed my bookmarks were different.

That was impossible, surely? No-one had been on my computer since my accident.

I tried to find my bookmark for the VA, but it wasn't there. I did a search on Egroups. Still no VA. I entered the website address, still no joy.

I began to get very concerned. What the hell was going on? After an hour of searching with fruitless results I decided to do a general search on Infoseek for A-Team.

The process was quite slow, and it seemed to take forever. Finally the first ten search results came up. I read the headings and suddenly smiled in amazement.


Search results: A-Team. 1-10 of 218374. Next Page.

1. Newsfile. Clipping Number 2393. A-Team escapes from Fort Bragg.
2. Newsfile. Clipping Number 2946. A-Team rescues tenant from criminal developer!
3. Newsfile. Clipping Number 2385. A-Team escapes again! City chase exclusive!
4. Interview with Colonel Roderick Decker. Copyright, Time.
5. Who are the A-Team? Hekler tries to take a little of the mystery away from the modern day Robin Hood's.
6. Fugitives. Issue Number 291. A-Team - Friend or Foe? Innocent or Guilty?
7. Fugitives. Issue Number 402. A-Team Exclusive. Trial coverage.
8. Fugitives. Issue Number 648. A-Team Exclusive. Success for The A-Team
9. Destiny's News. Issue Number 095. A-Team, Has the Leopard changed its Spots? Wild West Show attacked by Team!
10.A-Team - An exlusive interview. Reported by Amy Amanda Allen.


What happened? I don't know.

Was I given the opportunity to be with the team. Of that, I'm sure.

And into this world I have been flung, with all my knowledge of the team. Of that, I'm grateful.

I died in two world's, and have been given this gift of being a part of a world I had not ever dared to think I would be a part of.

I was going to ensure this gift would not go to waste.

Part 10:

A few months later, I was standing in a laundry watching a little chinese guy going about his business. I smiled as I recognised Hannibal under the disguise.

"Can I help you?" Lee asked, walking over to me with a slight limp.

"Sure you can ... Hannibal" I said grinning brightly.

Lee drew back, astonished for an instant and then smiled "You've got good eyes, kiddo. How'd you know it was me?".

I shrugged "Nothing to it really. I just guessed".

"And you are ...?" Hannibal asked, taking off his Mr Lee moustach and fake nose.

"A friend" I said. My grin was infectious. Even Hannibal started to smile.

"Do you work for the military?" Hannibal asked seriously.

I shook my head "I wanted to meet you guys, that's all. I'm a huge fan".

Hannibal laughed in surprise, and shook my hand. "Is that so? I didn't think we had fans!"

"Well, I'm standing here. I love you guys" I laughed.

Hannibal drew a small walkie-talkie to his lips and said "Come in BA, Face, Murdock ... she's okay".

I took a sharp breath at Face's name. I heard the sound of footsteps behind me, and turned slowly to face the man I was in love with.

Peck smiled at me, then he looked slighty confused "Have we met somewhere before?".

Hannibal laughed. "Peck usually thinks of better lines when he meets women".

I smiled at Peck "You know something, I reckon we have met somewhere before".

Face smiled gently, and kissed my hand. "I have the strangest feeling about you. I feel like I've known you for a while now".

I smiled broadly "I feel as if I've known you forever, Facey".

"Hey, you two" Hannibal said, feeling a little left out "Would you like to have a coffee with us, kiddo".

I smiled and nodded, winking at BA and smiling as Murdock held out his hand to me.

Together we walked down to Maurice's Coffeeshop, and it was the beginning of the most remarkable friendship.