[Disclaimer: I don't own anything Harry Potter]

[I got bored and wrote this, and now it's posted.]

Object of my Affection

He's the one, to top them all,

He's very neat, and stands tall,

He does things, of all sorts,

He seems to live, at Hogwarts.

He's not beautiful, to the naked eye,

You'll never be able, to just walk by.

He's a true friend, a great one.

One to make you laugh, and have fun.

He told us to come together, through the bad.

He told us things, that made us sad.

Your in safe hands with him.

Though he has none, just a brim.

Yes he is, I thought you knew.

He's the sorting hat, through and through.

So put him on just one time

He is smart, but in his prime.

Still he'll tell you,

What you ought to do.

He'll sort you into a house.

Even if your a mouse. [A/n: What? It rhymed!]

I love him so, yes I do,

If you saw under his hat,

You would too.

[Okay, it's cheesy. But I had fun writing it! Okay now I'm worknig on the next chapter of my two other stories and completing -Bum bum bum- 'Ash Factor']