Today's the Day

Summary: The famous Hogwarts trio has now graduated, but has been separated for a year due to jobs. They are finally getting to see each other for a week at the Burrow, and Harry hopes his friends finally see they are made for each other.

Harry awoke to the blaring of his alarm clock Wednesday morning. It took him a minute to open his eyes but then he remembered what today was. He was going to see Ron and Hermione after a year of being separated; each going their separate ways for work.

Ron had been drafted to the Chudley Cannons so he was traveling everywhere, Hermione was learning to become a healer and was sent to West Africa for her training, and Harry was finally training to be an Auror.

Even though he and his friends had faced so many obstacles and had finally defeated Voltamort, he still had to go threw full Auror's training. He was sent to various places for training, his first being Paris, France. Not what he expected, but it was great. He loved his job and would do anything for it. He just hoped Ron and Hermione were enjoying their jobs as well.

"Well, I'll find out soon enough," he said out loud as he walked into the kitchen of the apartment he was renting until he returned to England.(he, of course, owned #12 Grimauld Place). He looked down at the piece of parchment that Ginny had owled him last night.


Ron and Hermione will be at the Burrow at 7:00 tomorrow. Can't wait to see you Sat.

Love, Ginny

Harry checked his watch; 6:45. Just enough time for breakfast. As he summoned a glass of milk and an orange, Harry wondered if Ron and Hermione had changed much I mean they kept in touch with owls but a year could change somebody. He knew he had changed. Not much, but a little. For one, he and Ginny had been writing each other and he had come to realize he missed Ginny more than just a friend would. He visited her once at Halloween at Hogwarts and told her how he felt. She was shocked at first, but revealed she felt the same way.

Soon after, they started to date. Even though they couldn't be together, their love was strong, and they wrote more often. When the family found out, they were overjoyed, even Ron. He, of course, warned Harry not to hurt her. Harry laughed at how protective Ron was of his little sister. Soon Harry knew what he had and wanted to do.

Though she didn't know it, when Ginny graduated from Hogwarts this Saturday, he was going to ask her to marry him. He had already asked Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's permission and they gave their blessing. They were the only ones that knew.

Thinking about Ginny smiling face made him so happy. It also mad him laugh a little. Why? Because! He had finally found the person he was supposed to be with, but had Ron and Hermione discovered their feelings. Ever since their fourth year after the Yule Ball, Harry knew they cared for each other but would never admit it. Maybe with a year of separation, the week together would bring them to their senses.

Neither was in a relationship; he knew that from their letters. And he also knew they barely wrote each other afraid that he/she would give away their secret dream. Harry was going to have to start butting in and get them to reveal those secret dreams this week.

"As long as I get my relationship right," he said laughing. He grabbed his bag he had packed last night and apparated to the Burrow.

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