Assassin's Hope

A/N: I'm experimenting. Don't know how this is gonna play out so let me know if you guys like the plot so far. An assassin half-demon, a young miko. Who knows where this could go! Anywho... here's the first chapter to Assassin's Hope.

Chapter 1

The stench of death hung in the air, surrounding a dark figure crouched in the middle of an equally dark room. Standing to his full height the assassin sheathed his katana surveying the damage dealt that night.

Blood was splayed across the walls and was running across the floor from the wounds of a young woman. The assassin stepped away from his work avoiding the path of the crimson fluid and headed for the door.

Stepping into the moonlight outside, the assassin turned back for one last look at his slain victim. Golden eyes glowed in the darkness allowing him the perfect view of his perfect crime. He smirked, revealing a sharp fang, and leapt off into the distant night, becoming only a streak of silver and scarlet across the city skyline, leaving a blood stained shrine in his wake.

He landed a short while later at a large manor and entered the main room.

"You have returned, Inuyasha," a voice said from across the room. "You have been successful then, I gather."

"Keh, of course I have," the assassin grumbled. "Bitch had no chance."

"She was a miko, Inuyasha. If you had not slain her whilst she sleep I doubt you would have stood a chance, being a weak hanyou," the voice mocked.

The assassin readied his claws in retaliation, "Bastard, I'll show you who stands a chance!" He lunged in the direction of the voice ready to strike.

A hand flew out and grabbed the half-demon by the neck, "Insolent whelp! You think you can really hurt this Sesshoumaru? Learn your place!"

Inuyasha was flung across the room as the owner of the voice emerged, revealing an older inu-youkai, with features startlingly similar to the assassin: long silver hair reaching well past his waist, golden eyes shining brightly even in darkness, and lethal claws.

The younger demon picked himself up and scowled at the daiyoukai, "My place should be the farthest from you, brother."

"Half brother whelp, you will be wise to remember this," Sesshoumaru replied before turning around. "Besides our father has bound my honor to you. After his demise I was to keep you alive. So you see half-breed, your place is in my custody."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Inuyasha ground out. "So any other leads?"

"No," Sesshoumaru responded. "There are several shrines around the city that need to be checked out, but most have bumbling fools pretending to be priests running them."

"Feh, I don't understand why we have to keep doing this. There hasn't been a strong enough priestess to harm youkai in centuries," Inuyasha protested.

"Inuyasha," the older youkai warned, "I needn't remind you of the prophecy. We will find the miko before she is given the chance to destroy all youkai forever."

"You're telling me that the great Sesshoumaru is scared of some silly girl!" Inuyasha taunted.

"Your attitude will be your downfall, Inuyasha," Sesshoumaru reprimanded. "Now go and bathe that ningen stench from yourself, you make this Sesshoumaru ill."

"Too good to draw the blood of the weak as always Sesshoumaru. But quick to send a worthless half-breed to finish the job," Inuyasha scoffed on his way to the bathhouse.

Ten minutes later found Inuyasha submerged in a hot bath, the water relaxing away the ache in his muscles caused by his exertions earlier that evening. Prophecy. Keh, what a fucking joke. Like a worthless human could ever bring down races of youkai.

He raised his claws closer to his face, "Hypocrite. Slaughtering innocent human girls for your own life. What would mother think?" Mother.

"Fuck this," the hanyou said aloud getting out of the bath. He dressed quickly and left the manor knowing his conscience would not allow sleep to come that night.

Inuyasha roamed the city without bothering to conceal his true form. It was late enough and only bakas would be out walking the city, he knew that. Anyone who ran into him would think him a freak anyway and run in the other direction. He didn't blame them. After all, anyone who saw a supposed man with long silver hair, dog-ears, sporting a katana with a feudal haori, kimono, and hakama should run away. Screaming. In fear!

"Hey there, puppy," a woman catcalled from the shadows causing Inuyasha to look up in surprise. "You look like you need a friend tonight."

Inuyasha finally caught sight of the woman. She wore an impossibly short skirt on the verge of public indecency and a top that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Her face was made up with so much makeup; Inuyasha doubted she looked even remotely the same with it off.

"Keh, I don't take whores to my bed," he stated gruffly.

The woman bristled and searched for any kind of insult. Looking at his appearance she replied, venom dripping from her words, "You'll never take a lady either looking like that, freak."

Inuyasha would have normally reacted, slaughtering the whore before she drew her next breath, but he had drawn enough blood that night. He let out a sadistic laugh instead, smirking her way and revealing one fang. The prostitute took one look at his face and knew he would not be one to feel the loss of one little street whore.

Inuyasha saw the fear reflected in her eyes, lowered his head and grunted out one word, "Run."

The woman needed no other encouragement and took off down the street, stumbling over torn up asphalt, praying to Kami that her life would be spared and vowing inwardly to change her profession.

Inuyasha continued his moping through the city and found himself nearing another shrine, one different from his earlier tirade. An old man stumbled passed him on the sidewalk reeking of cheap sake and mumbling to himself.

The really do let the freaks roam the city at night, Inuyasha thought to himself.

Shaking his head he ignored the old man's grumbling even when he changed it's subject to him.

"Demons everywhere in this city. No one is safe!" the old man cried before moving to cross the street.

"Grandpa! Grandpa where have you gone?!" a young female voice called from the top of the shrine steps not too far from where Inuyasha stood. Inuyasha looked up to see a girl, no more than fifteen-years-old, descending the steps rapidly looking each way frantically. Her ebony hair flew wildly behind her as she ran and the slight bounce to her breasts underneath her pajamas did not go unnoticed by the half-demon. Her ivory skin was flushed from her panic and her stormy blue eyes looked worried.

The old man is her grandfather, Inuyasha knew.

The girl reached the bottom of the shrine steps when her slipper caught a loose stone and she stiffened and closed her eyes preparing for her crash onto the sidewalk. Instead, two strong arms had encircled her, catching her before the impact. She opened her eyes only to meet the golden gaze of what seemed to her as a young man.

He's so handsome, the girl thought. "Thank you, I thought I was a goner back there."

"Don't worry, I've got you," Inuyasha smirked down at her, his voice unusually soft. Where the hell did that come from?

The girl blushed prettily, at least Inuyasha thought so, before realizing he was still holding her. "My grandpa," she said slowly. "I was looking for my grandpa."

Inuyasha helped her to stand, finding that his own face burned with embarrassment from the close contact with the girl. "Short man, bald, mustache, smells like sake?"

"You've seen him?!" the girl exclaimed.

Inuyasha nodded, pointing behind him, "I just passed him, he was mumbling something to himself." The girl gasped when she looked behind him and when he turned around he saw the old man in the middle of the street, a car speeding towards him.

"GRANDPA!" the girl screamed loud enough for Inuyasha to wince.

Without thinking twice about it he found himself jumping into the middle of the street, grabbing the old man, and leaping back to the steps where he left the girl, mere seconds before the car sped through the street. Inuyasha sat the man down on the shrine steps and stood up right as the girl flung herself at him.

"Thank you, thank you," she said burying her face into his haori. Inuyasha could smell the tears emanating from the young girl and felt the need to wrap his arms around her.

Before he could embrace her the old man shouted, "Get away from him grandchild! He's a demon!"

The young girl detached herself from him and took a few steps back. Her eyes were still bright with tears, but she showed no fear of him despite her grandfather's accusations. Inuyasha crossed her arms into the sleeves of his haori and looked away from her with a scowl.

The young girl gasped when she finally noticed the silver triangular ears atop his head instead of where a human's would be and noticed the one fang that poked over his bottom lip.

"Grandpa, go back inside," the girl said calmly. "I'll be up in a moment."

The old man began to protest but saw his granddaughter's hard look and turned to hobble back up the stairs.

"A demon?" she questioned.

"Keh, what of it?" Inuyasha snarled out, rolling his shoulders and closing his eyes, his face still turned away from her stare.

He could hear her moving closer to him, but didn't realize how close until he felt her lips against his cheek in a small kiss. He turned his face back to her in a look of complete shock and saw her smiling up at him.

"An angel," she said blushing again, before she turned and ran up the steps.

"Feh," he said, the scowl returning to his face. He turned to walk back to the manor, but not before stopping and breathing in the scent that lingered in the air. It was a light scent of sakura blossoms and...

...and white. She smells... white? Pure. She smells pure, Inuyasha thought.

Inuyasha shook his head of any other thoughts of the girl and headed towards the manor. He still knew sleep would never come that night, but he'd rather spend the night alone than out saving old drunken men, and receiving kisses from beautiful young maidens.

Beautiful? What the fuck? She was plain if anything!

'She was beautiful because she was pure,' Inuyasha's brain reprimanded. 'Something you will never be, half-breed.'

Inuyasha growled at his thoughts and knew they were right on both accounts. She was beautiful, not just because of her purity. She glowed with this inner light, and she didn't shudder at his touch. She thought I was an angel. But he knew he was just a half-demon, an abomination to both humans and demons, someone that would never be accepted by either race.

'She accepted you. She kissed you,' his inner thoughts reminded. That's when Inuyasha realized his hand was on his cheek where she had placed the small kiss. How long had he been walking like that? He growled and lowered his hand. He leapt off towards the manor, quick to escape the recent events and hoping to never see that human girl again.

The young girl sighed as she returned to her bedroom. She had put her grandfather to bed, still complaining about demon's taking over the city. She approached her window and opened it, letting in the night air, and let her thoughts wonder to the young demon she had met just moments ago.

Why did I kiss him? She asked herself.

"Because he saved Grandpa selflessly," she said aloud to the stars. And because he was handsome, her mind berated. She blushed.

"He was rather handsome wasn't he?" she sighed to no one.

I'll never see him again, and I was just thanking him, that's all. So why is my heart pounding so hard?

"He's a dangerous demon, isn't he?" she asked the night sky. He didn't seem so dangerous when you were lying in his arms. He seemed quite taken with you, actually.

The young girl laughed sadly, "Get a grip, Kagome! He wouldn't be interested in a silly human girl!"

She sighed and headed towards her bed, getting under the covers, and hoped that she would see that demon, her angel, again.

So? What do you think? I like it so far! Even though I've only written a short chapter, I think it has potential! Let me know what you think! BakaInuGirl