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Previously in Assassin's Hope Chapter 8

"You can't do both," he tried to reason with her. "If I take your innocence you will lose your miko abilities. The jewel will become tainted and the demon can use it."

She moved towards him, close enough that he could feel her body heat, so warm, so inviting.

"I wish to give you my innocence, Inuyasha," she whispered up at him. "Before the completion of the fortnight."


Assassin's Hope Chapter 9

He broke then, and took her lips in a heated kiss, snaking an arm about her waist and tangling his other hand into her dark tresses. She whimpered into the kiss, surprised by his sudden action.

When he broke the kiss she appeared slightly dazed and a bit flushed.

Golden eyes bore into stormy blue ones. "Are you sure about this Kagome?" he asked softly. "You still know so little about being a miko. What if we're not able to protect the jewel?"

"Only one journey, Inuyasha," she replied. "That's what Kaede said. This is the journey that I must make."

"If it is your choice that I take your innocence, Miko, then come to me as the moon rises this night," Inuyasha said releasing her from his grasp while remaining hold on one of her hands. Turning her hand over, he bent down and placed a kiss upon her palm. "I will wait for you."

Trying to slow her erratic heartbeats, Kagome backed away from the hanyou and headed inside the annex. She longed for a hot bath after training all day with Kaede. She walked the path to the bathhouse Inuyasha had shown her before and was surprised to see light and steam coming from the small building.

Sliding the door open she was surprised to see another young woman relaxing in the depths of the warm bath.

"Oh, gomen nasai, I didn't mean to disturb you," Kagome said while lowering her eyes to the floor. "I can leave you to your privacy."

The young woman sat up in the bath. "No, please stay," she pleaded loudly. "I've hardly seen anyone since I began my stay here. My name's Rin."

Kagome offered a small smile although confusion was clearly writ upon her brow, "I'll stay, but I am surprised to find that you are staying here. I am Kagome and I'm staying in the annex."

"With Inuyasha-sama… uh, Inuyasha?" Rin asked.

"Yes," Kagome replied, a slight blush dusting her cheeks. Rin being only slightly older than Kagome still recognized the blush for what it was. Rin returned to soaking in the bath while Kagome began her cleansing ritual.

Unable to contain her curiosity Kagome looked at the young woman out of the corner of her eye and asked, "Sesshoumaru-sama allows you to stay here?"

When Rin nodded her head Kagome continued, "Are you a shrine priestess?"

Rin laughed aloud and turned to look at Kagome, "I would never have the discipline. I'm a student at the university studying anthropology. Sesshoumaru-sama saved my life."

Kagome did little to hide her surprise and gave Rin a look letting her know she would have to tell that story. Having finished her ritual she moved to get into the bath, emitting a small noise of discomfort at the temperature.

"I've only met Inuyasha's brother once and he seemed so cold and detached from humans," Kagome said softly not wanting to offend Rin.

"Sesshoumaru-sama does seem stand-offish, but he has shown great kindness towards me. A few days ago I was assaulted in the park when I was walking home from the store by a strange man," Rin's eyes seemed to veil over which made Kagome feel like crying. "He… shot me…" she seemed to say almost as if remembering for the first time.

Kagome gasped and moved a few inches towards Rin, "Are you okay? Should you be bathing by yourself? Maybe I should get help!"

Rin raised her hand to stay Kagome, "I'm fine, really. This is going to sound crazy, but I lost consciousness and when I awoke Sesshoumaru-sama was before me and I was fine. Not a scratch. Kami, it sounds even crazier than when I had been thinking it."

"Believe me, Rin, nothing could sound crazy to me at this point," Kagome said with a slight giggle.

"I'm glad someone else is staying here in the manor. I was beginning to wonder if I would have to spend the rest of my days trying to carry on a conversation with Jaken," Rin laughed.

"Jaken?" Kagome questioned.

"For lack of a better description, Jaken acts as Sesshoumaru-sama's personal demon butler," Rin said through a smile.

"Weren't you afraid to find out that there are demons in the world?" Kagome asked.

"Shocked, yes, afraid, no," Rin answered honestly. "Part of my studies is focused on human evolution. Maybe we've missed something all along and only now do we have the mental capacity for understanding that demons and humans could have evolved from the same genetic line."

Kagome frowned thinking about it and then smiled, liking Rin more and more as they sat talking.

"Why are you staying here, Kagome?" Rin asked innocently.

Kagome, thinking about her family, nearly welled up in tears, "I'm a shrine priestess and Inuyasha is protecting me from something that is far worse out there."

"I've seen the news reports," Rin offered. "Is that what Inuyasha is protecting you against? The shrine murders?"

Kagome averted her eyes, "It's a bit more complicated than that, but yes, Inuyasha is protecting me from their fate." She felt her face grow heated thinking about going to him later. "He has offered to train me in defense as well."

"Do you think you could ask him to teach me some defensive moves?" Rin asked eagerly. "After… well, after coming here… I'd like to know some things on how to defend myself. Sesshoumaru-sama simply thinks he can have someone from the manor escort me everywhere, but how can I continue at the university in such a way?"

"I don't see why Inuyasha would say no," Kagome answered.

"Well, he didn't take too kindly to me when we met the last two times," Rin said regretfully.

"It seems Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru have that in common," Kagome said lightheartedly. "I'm sure it's because both could never trust humans before."

"Maybe I should inform them both that humans have evolved as well," Rin joked. Both young women laughed and continued to chat about their lives prior to meeting their demons. It was not until well after dusk that the two realized they had been in the bath far too long.

The two stepped out of the bath and began donning clean yukatas that had been placed by manor servants before Rin had begun her bath.

"I hope we will be able to spend time with one another, Kagome, now that we're both here indefinitely," Rin said hopefully.

"I hope we will, too," Kagome responded. "I haven't even seen the rest of the manor really, so you'll have to show me the rest."

They bid each other goodnight and the two parted, Rin heading back to the main manor, and Kagome heading towards the annex off of the back of the manor. As Kagome passed an open shoji she looked out to the evening sky falling and saw that it would soon be moonrise. Her anticipation spiked and she could feel her heartbeat speed up as she thought of the night to come.


The demon had been fully rested after feeding, repairing its torn and bleeding limb as it slept.

Now to find my own miko, to relieve the bitch miko of the jewel, it thought darkly.

I must find a dark miko who will only know hatred and revenge! Only then will the jewel be tainted enough for me to use.

Dark laughter rose from the shadows of the falling night as the demon went in search of his dark miko.


Inuyasha sat staring at the evening skyline from a tree close to the annex. He began to see stars appear against the growing darkness and kept worrying that he would never see the small barely crescent of a moon begin to rise.

She won't come to you, his mind stated matter-of-factly.

"She might be better off if she doesn't," he answered back softly.

From his viewpoint he could make out the top of the moon peeking over the canopy tops of the forest. Inuyasha stood on the tree limb and waited for it to be completely visible, knowing that it would be visible from the annex as well.

Finally, the moon had completely risen and Inuyasha turned to stare at the shoji leading from his quarters to the yard awaiting Kagome.

Minutes rolled by and still Kagome did not appear.

Maybe she stayed too long in the bathhouse? His heart pleaded.

Despite himself he growled at her noted absence and he turned away from the view of the door.

Stupid! How could you have thought she would choose to be with you?

He leapt down from the tree and took a few steps towards the forest ready to sprint when he heard hurried steps from inside his quarters. He turned around to see Kagome rushing out of the shoji in a hurry.

The simple vision of her made his breath hitch in his throat. She remained in the simple white yukata from the bathhouse but she had pulled her hair up, much in the same fashion as her birthday party, complete with the decorative combs nestled into her tresses that she had impetuously spirited into her backpack.

She had not come to him as a priestess, but as his bride.

"Kagome," he whispered into the night.

She could see his eyes glowing in the darkness in an almost feral light, unblinking and wild. His gaze made her body feel overheated.

"I'm sorry I wasn't here right away," she offered. "I couldn't get my hair the way Ayume had it, so I was trying to fix it and then one side kept falling out…" she tried to finish feebly.

He walked slowly, determinedly, towards her and took the final few steps to meet her in a single leap.

"I thought you wouldn't come," he said quietly.

"I told you already I would choose you. I don't care if I am no longer pure, we'll protect the jewel together. I never want to hurt you, Inuyasha," she said softly.

He brushed the back of his fingers across her left cheek and placed his hand at the base of her head. Moving her closer to him he reached down to place a chaste kiss upon her lips. After a few moments she parted her lips and reached her small pink tongue out to run it along his bottom lip.

He deepened the kiss, delving his tongue inside to taste all of her until she made a small mewling sound at the back of her throat. Parting from her, he saw that her eyes were slightly dilated from pleasure. He reached down and picked her up bridal style to bring her into his quarters.

Inuyasha placed her down on her feet in the bedroom next to his futon and slowly removed his fire rat haori, leaving him in his kosode and hakama. He reached for her and pulled her close enjoying her scent, he hooked a finger under her chin and lifted her face, but instead of placing a kiss on her lips he placed a kiss upon the base of her neck where her smooth skin met her shoulder. Her sudden intake of breath along with her spiked scent told him that she was aroused by his actions.

He nibbled slightly at her throat, pleased when he felt her heartbeat quicken. Pulling away from her, he reached a hand up to release a comb from her hair, discarded it carefully, and allowed part of her hair to fall over one shoulder.

"You're so beautiful, Kagome," he whispered to her in the darkened room. A shiver of pleasure ran up her spine at his words and she longed to touch him. She reached for the opening of his kosode and pulled gently allowing the fabric some give so that she could run one hand inside

along his stomach muscles. At her touch, Inuyasha could feel himself harden and a soft groan escaped his parted lips.

Kagome removed the kosode, gently placing it next to the futon and moved forward to place a kiss on the place just above his heart. She trailed kisses up his chest to his neck and mimicked the way he had nibbled at her throat.

They broke apart slightly and Inuyasha knelt on the futon pulling Kagome down with him. As she knelt he reached to undo her yukata and a blush rose from the swell of her breasts to her hairline.

He sensed her embarrassment and kissed her softly to ease her nerves. She responded to the kiss, urging him for more and he deepened the kiss allowing her access to explore him as well. He felt her tentatively reach her tongue out to taste him and she ran her tongue along his lower fangs causing her to gasp. Inuyasha took the opportunity to kiss her thoroughly, drinking in the taste of her.

Breaking the kiss he lowered Kagome back onto the futon, which caused her yukata to fall open exposing her soft curves to him. He moved to lie down next to her, cushioning her head on his left arm. He caressed her face and hair, removed the other comb, and hoped that his actions would soothe her nerves. He continued his caresses down her shoulder and over her breast, softly stroked her erect nipple, which elicited a sharp intake of breath.

Kagome closed her eyes briefly. When she opened them again her pupils were dilated slightly with need. She reached up and began to caress Inuyasha as well, starting at his lower back and moving up his taut back muscles and around to his chest.

Inuyasha bent his head to take her nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the tiny pearl. Kagome breathed out his name and closed her eyes with the new sensation. Opening her eyes she took the opportunity his bent head posed and began caressing his ears.

At the feel of her hands on his ears, Inuyasha let out a soft growl and allowed a fang to graze her nipple. Heat pooled in her belly and she groaned at the sensations he was creating. Inuyasha ran his claws down from her breast and over the smooth plane of her hip. The feeling would usually cause Kagome to squirm with laughter; however the arousing sensation caused her to gasp with pleasure.

"Inuyasha," she groaned causing him to cease his ministrations and look at her in the darkened room.

Her face was flushed, hair strewn over the futon, eyes shut tightly and she was breathing heavily.

He thought he had never seen anything more beautiful.

He lifted his head to look at her more fully and she opened her eyes and smiled at him. Unknowingly, he smiled back and then bent his head to capture her lips in a searing kiss, causing her to make a pleading sound at the back of her throat.

He moved his clawed hand from her hip towards the juncture between her legs, slipping a finger gently inside her. She placed her hands upon his bare shoulders and dug her nails slightly into him, her body pleading for release.

The familiar ache began to build inside her and she wanted nothing more than for him to release it.

Breaking from his kiss she begged him, "Inuyasha, please…"

"Please, what, Kagome?" he asked huskily looking at her, his smile showing one fang has he continued to finger her.

"Help me…" she whispered to him, eyes closed in sweet torture.

"Say it, Kagome," he answered. "Tell me what you want."

"I want you.." she breathed, "to help me come." She opened her eyes to look at him, a bright blush staining her cheeks. The intensity of his gaze made her forget her embarrassment and nearly took her breath away.

Inuyasha could feel his youki rising, urging to be released upon hearing her request. He slowly removed his finger from her honey-sheath and found the small bundle above her opening. He began caressing it slowly, enjoying the way she bit her lip and threw her head back giving him complete access to taste, nip, and lick that place on her neck that caused her to sigh so.

She felt liquid heat inside of her and the ache intensify slightly; gathering just behind the bundle of nerves Inuyasha was paying adoration to. He ceased nibbling at her throat when he felt the muscles in her body tense. Knowing she was almost at completion, he moved to latch back onto her nipple, sucking slightly.

Kagome cried out and kept whispering, "Almost… almost… almost…"

When Inuyasha once again grazed a fang against her stiffened nipple while sweeping her small bud in circles, Kagome cried out in earnest, wrapping her arms around his head and clutching it to her chest.

Inuyasha felt Kagome's muscles tense for several seconds before relaxing into a languid state. She breathed heavily as her hands absently rubbed at the space behind his ears.

Disengaging his head from her arms, Inuyasha lifted his head to gaze over her. When she looked at him it was with hooded eyes. She reached up a hand, placed it on his cheek and then began

running it down his throat, over his chest and down his stomach. When she reached the knot of his hakama her face flamed once more before using both hands to undo the tie.

The knot to his hakama undone, Inuyasha stood and removed the last garment, allowing Kagome to see all of him. Slightly embarrassed she almost looked away before remembering that Inuyasha would be hers forever.

She gazed at him unabashedly, drinking the sight of him in. He was lean with well defined muscles beneath surprisingly tanned skin. His manhood stood proud through a spray of curls that were shockingly just as silver as his hair and Kagome fleetingly wondered if it was the same on his human night.

She sat up slightly only to remove her open yukata completely, allowing him an unimpeded view of her as well. She lay back upon the futon and extended her arms to him, inviting him to take her.

He went to her, lying between her slightly parted legs and leaning down to kiss her fully upon the mouth. He explored her mouth thoroughly tasting what could only be described as Kagome.

Breaking the kiss he smoothed her hair with one hand and positioned himself against her wet heat. Not wanting to risk asking her again if this was what she wanted, for fear that she may decide she would rather die by a hanyou than be bedded by one, Inuyasha pushed slowly into her until he came upon her barrier.

Never breaking his gaze from her, Inuyasha rocked slightly back before pushing through her virginal barrier swiftly.

Kagome cried out loudly as she could only see red. Whether it was the flash of red in Inuyasha's eyes or the searing pain she was experiencing she could not tell. She closed her eyes against the pain and was grateful when Inuyasha ceased movement once he was fully inside her.

Inuyasha sensing her distress leaned down to nibble at that sensitive spot on her throat, hoping to relax her. After several minutes of his ministrations he felt her muscles begin to relax.

Kagome could barely believe the sensations he was creating in her body. Every time he licked her throat she felt a fissure of arousal shoot down to her cleft where they were fully joined. She felt that if she could just move slightly that arousal would become sheer pleasure. She began moving her hips back and forth to feel Inuyasha inside of her.

Needing no further encouragement from either Kagome or his raging youki, Inuyasha began to rock in and out of Kagome's tight sheath. Knowing how she had responded earlier he bent his head down and captured her other nipple, not wanting to be inattentive. He heard her breathing become heavier as she made small "oh" sounds at the sensations she was experiencing.

If anyone had been observing the couple they may have noticed that their auras had manifested themselves around the couple as they sought their pleasure. Kagome's white aura licked out to caress Inuyasha's red one, and when Inuyasha's flared, Kagome's welcomed it as she had welcomed her lover into open arms.

Inuyasha's youki called out for him to claim Kagome as his own, to mark her as his mate. He could feel her muscles tightening again to climax and knew he would mark her then, when her mind would be too full of pleasure to know her pain.

He looked at her one last time before marking her and she met his gaze.

"Aisheteru," she whispered softly. She watched as his eyes turned crimson and remained so, yet she was not frightened. He pounded into her and she felt herself begin to climax. As she did so, she felt him quickly sink his fangs into that place at the base of her throat, right above her collarbone. The pain from his fangs and the pleasure from her climax mixed causing Kagome to cry out his name. As she did so, their auras became one, radiating a soft pink around the two lovers.

Inuyasha came quickly after she had called his name in such a breathless manner. Remaining inside of her, he gently placed his weight upon her, his tongue gently laving the area on her throat that he had just marked.

Inuyasha slowly sat up and disengaged from his sweet miko.

Miko no more, he almost lamented silently.

Lying down beside her he pulled her close and reached for his haori to cover them both. He heard her sigh happily and he couldn't help feeling happy himself.

He heard her breathing slow but whispered to her anyway, "Kagome?"

"Mmm?" she responded sleepily.

"Aisheteru," he whispered. She sighed contentedly and unconsciously snuggled deeper into him.

Kagome laid there with a small smile upon her face and her lover in her arms. She was not worried about the jewel or her training. She was not worried about the monster that was surely hunting her down. She was not worried about anything as long as Inuyasha was with her and as long as he loved her as well.

Inuyasha did not think of how he would protect Kagome after this, he did not think of how he would handle his brother. He did not think of the prophecy. For one night, he had something precious in his arms; someone that loved him freely as he had been once so long ago.

They laid there in each other's arms and fell into a peaceful slumber where nothing could touch them. If only they knew how truly untouchable they now really were.