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Chapter One: Naraku's Curse

"I will never abandon you..."
The last words he said to her swirled inside her head like a tornado. She held on to that moment, remembering how her heart beat wildly and his husky whisper sent shivers down her spine. Now the darkness enveloped her, cold water dripped down her back, and the frigid uneven stone floor had numbed her legs. Many times she chastised herself for wearing such a short skirt, and many times she had bitterly laughed at the irony. He would never abandon her. How many days had she been down here? How many weeks? Months? She didn't know.

"I will never abandon you... never abandon..."
She screamed. She screamed as loud as she could. "I can't take this anymore! Please, kill me! What else do I have! Naraku, just kill me already!"
She ended in a sob. Pounding on the door brought no response. Not even Naraku's lowliest demon servants came to tell her to shut up. She slumped to the cold floor again and cried. She knew that this time he wouldn't come to save her.

"I wish I could wake up and discover that this was all a dream. It's all a dream, isn't it? None of this is real!"
"But it is real, Kagome. It is very real."
The girl looked up to see the silhouette of a man dressed in a baboon suit standing in the doorway. Shafts of light from torches in the hall shined into the cell. Her eyes took awhile to adjust.

"Naraku," Kagome said low in her throat, all her disdain and hatred bubbling up through the one word.

"Believe me young priestess, I do not want to keep you down here, but you leave me no choice. You do this to yourself. Have you not reconsidered my offer?"
"I would rather die."
"That can be arranged if you so desire," he smirked.
"Why do you keep me like this, Naraku? Why don't you just let me go? You've already taken my friends away from me, you despicable beast," Kagome spat.

"Poor poor girl. Being down here has smothered your usual cheery nature. The old Kagome would never have taken such a tone."
"Why do you do this? I am of no use to you! I am just a girl, I can do nothing for you! Let me go!"
"Didn't it ever cross your mind, young maiden, that you could be even more powerful than that pathetic half demon you cherish so much?"
Kagome gasped. "It's not true! Inuyasha is much more powerful than I am. He always needs to save me."
"You would never need him to save you if you knew the extent of your own power, Kagome. Remember, you are the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo. You may even be stronger than her. I can help you, Kagome. Forget Inuyasha, after all, he's forgotten you hasn't he?"
"You bastard!" Kagome screamed.
"I can help you train. I can make you the most powerful human on this earth, Kagome. You have nothing to tie you down now. Why do you not join me? You could have anything you desire." Naraku's enticing voice sliced through the air, piercing Kagome's mind and filling her senses. She shook her head and reeled forward. 'He must have some sort of charming curse...' she thought through the fog. She summoned her strength and looked him straight in the eye.

"There is only one thing I want, and it's what you have taken away from me. I will never join alliances with you. Don't keep me down here any longer Naraku. I ask for one thing: let me see the sun one more time before you kill me."

"Is this truly what you want Kagome? You would rather die than live under my hand?"
"I choose death, Naraku. Just make it quick."
"I will kill you in whatever way I please. But since you have shown great courage despite the torture I've put you through I will grant your wish. I thought you would've cracked weeks ago, and now you're inciting your own death. You may see the sun one more time right before you leave this world. Tomorrow, Kagome. This will be your last night alive. It's a pity that you won't die for a more noble cause. It seems such a waste, doesn't it? But don't worry Kagome, your precious Inuyasha will live on, with no recollection of you at all."
Kagome screamed again as Naraku slammed the door shut. She grabbed her hair and and huddled on the floor.

I will never abandon you.
"Where are you then, Inuyasha?!"

"Kagome, what's wrong?"
"Oh nothing, Inuyasha. I was just thinking about home," Kagome sighed as she sat back against a tree. Miroku and Sango were along the river catching fish for dinner. Shippo was gathering firewood in the luscious green forest. It was a hot summer evening and Kagome was greatful she and Inuyasha had made dinner last night. It was their turn to relax.

"You're not still sore about what happened, are you?" he asked hesitantly. Kagome closed her eyes and repressed a sigh.

"Inuyasha, I have nothing more to say about it."
"Listen Kagome. There was nothing I could do... I had to choose. That bastard Naraku set me up again. But it all came out all right, didn't it? Neither of you were hurt-"
"On the outside, Inuyasha," she finished for him. 'But on the inside...' she added in her thoughts.
Inuyasha sighed himself and raked his claws through his hair. "Kagome, I made a promise. I couldn't abandon Kikyo like that. The demon was about to tear her to shreds. You weren't in as much danger as she was... But listen to me Kagome."
He sat up and faced her, grabbing her shoulders. When she wouldn't look at him, he raised one hand and tilted her chin towards his face. She stared into his golden gaze and for a second felt as though she were drowning. With all seriousness he whispered, "I will never abandon you..."
Kagome eyes widened. She felt intoxicated by his voice and his eyes seemed to be pulling her closer. She could feel his breath on her face, yet couldn't seem to find her own, and her heart felt as though it were jumping in her throat.

The moment was ruined however as Miroku and Sango came back with fish and Shippo returned with an armload of firewood. He plopped it down in the middle of the camp and used his fox fire to start a blaze. Miroku and Sango began preparing the fish as Inuyasha got up and said he was going to wash in the river. Kagome began rummaging through her bag for homework.

The group spent a quiet evening in their own thoughts and retired early. The next morning dawned with a beautiful sunrise. It appeared to be like any other jewel shard hunting day. Things seemed normal as the left over fish was heated up for breakfast and Kagome prepared some food she had brought from home. Everyone was still silent, as though they knew that while things seemed normal, something wasn't right. Inuyasha was almost as stoic as his older brother; Miroku was serious and attempted none of his antics. Sango kept her boomerang near at hand.

"Well, breakfast's ready," Kagome said, breaking the silence. They ate quickly, eager to get on the move and shake off the uneasiness. They were traveling down the road when Inuyasha stopped and then whipped Tetsusaiga out of its sheath.

"It's Naraku," he said in warning. The rest stopped and drew their weapons.

"Where is he, Inuyasha?" Miroku asked.

"To our right. He's coming fast. It may be Kagura though. As of yet I can't tell their scents apart."
Kagome drew an arrow and held it lax on her bow, ready to strike when the time came. She scanned the fields. "He must be a long way off still if we can't even see him."

"Naraku is very cunning. We must keep our guard," Miroku said. All of a sudden, he appeared in the fields not far from them. "Inuyasha, this is the real thing," Sango said in a low voice.
"What? Are you dead serious?"
"Yes. This energy is different from his puppets. I wonder what he has up his sleeve if he's willing to actually come himself instead of using a decoy. He's planning something big, Inuyasha. We must be on our guard." Sango tightened her grip on her boomerang.

Inuyasha nodded. "Naraku! It's finally you, isn't it? Whatcha standin' out there in the fields for? Too afraid to actually get close? Come here and fight me! I wanna dance over your cold dead body when I'm through!"
"Inuyasha. Your valor is grand but your fighting skills are lacking. You will never defeat me, especially if you can't remember."
"What are you spouting about now? Come over here and fight me like a demon."
Naraku just chuckled evilly to himself. Then he held out his hand and began a strange chant. His spoke in a low tone and none of them could make out his words. Kagome watched in horror as all of her companions' eyes went blank. They swayed and sank to the ground. She dropped her bow and arrow and knelt beside Inuyasha.

"No! What did you do to them?! Inuyasha? Inuyasha!" She shook the half demon but he didn't come to. Naraku transported himself from the middle of the fields and stopped right next to Kagome. She shrieked and backed away. As an after thought she eyed her bow on the ground. 'I'm defenseless! How could I have been so stupid?'
"What did you do to them?" she demanded.

"You'll see," he said evasively. "They will wake up soon."

Kagome dropped back down next to Inuyasha and shook him again. "Wake up! Wake up now!" she said urgently. Inuyasha slowly opened his eyes.

"Thank goodness!" Kagome breathed. Inuyasha slowly focused on Kagome's face. "Who... who are you?" he mumbled.

"Inuyasha? What do you mean? It's me, Kagome."

He sat up and rubbed his head. Then he looked at Kagome like he'd never seen her before.
"Where... where am I?"
"You, Inuyasha, are near a little village where you've lived all your life. But since you are a half demon the villagers try to run you out of town. Go and attack them. It's time they learned their lesson, isn't it?"
"That's right... I live there..."
"Inuyasha, no! It's Naraku! Draw Tetsusaiga and defeat him!" Kagome yelled.

"Who are you?" Inuyasha asked Kagome again. She grabbed his arm and he yanked it away.

"Inuyasha," Kagome said in a hurt voice.

"Listen wench. I don't know who you are, and you're really starting to creep me out. Leave me alone."
Kagome wheeled around and faced Naraku. "What happened?! What did you do to him?!"
"I erased his memories, just like Sango's brother Kohaku. He doesn't remember you or his real life at all."
Miroku was beginning to wake. "What... what happened?"
"You are a traveling monk. You go about your business and aid the common man. Why don't you go to that village over there? They need a monk to exorcise a demon that has been eating the villagers' cattle."
"Right, that's where I was going..." Miroku got up and began walking in the direction Naraku pointed.

"Miroku, wait! You're not supposed to leave like this! Come help us fight Naraku!" She caught up to him and pulled on his arm. Miroku stopped and smiled at Kagome.

"Young lady, are you lost? My, you are very beautiful. Will you bear me a son?"
Kagome slapped her forehead. Then she noticed Inuyasha bounding off towards a village in the opposite direction. Naraku had sent Sango across the fields and Shippo was being sent the same way Inuyasha had gone.

"No! Where are they all going?!" Kagome didn't know who to run after, and Naraku was blocking her way.

"Now, young maiden, you will come with me." In one swoop Naraku picked up Kagome and set off toward his hidden castle.

Kagome shivered as the memory assulted her brain. She held her hands over her ears and tried not to hear Inuyasha's voice saying he didn't know who she was. Naraku had explained that none of them remembered her or each other. They all believed they lived a different life and each had new memories. Kagome was the only one left. Naraku wished for her to join his leagues unhindered by Inuyasha and the others. He did not account for her stubborness. He believed she was much more timid and easier swayed than her incarnation, but he was being proved wrong. As she spent more and more days in the dark her resolve got stronger and stronger. Finally she requested that she die rather than join his ranks.

Kagome hugged her knees to her chest for warmth. They didn't bother feeding her tonight as her execution was tomorrow morning. Hungry, cold, and scared, she gave up on the idea of sleep and instead thought about Inuyasha.

"I'm sorry I never told you how I actually feel about you Inuyasha. And now you don't even remember I existed. Maybe it's for the best now. You probably don't even remember Kikyo. All the pain she and I have brought you is erased from your mind. I hope this life is more peaceful than the one you have actually led. I still wish that creep Naraku wasn't getting away with this. But who can do this now? Without you here to save me, I can't do anything. I will die Inuyasha and you won't suffer because of it. I know you promised to never abandon me, but you couldn't help it this time. At least you won't feel bad that you couldn't keep a promise." Kagome's tears ran down her cheeks. "Good bye Inuyasha. I really did love you for who you were. Half demon was enough for me. I wish you had felt the same feelings for me, but I guess I will never have the chance to find out." Kagome laid down on the floor. Something scuttled over her leg, but she took no notice. She was used to it by now.

Kagome awoke when her door was creaked open. Naraku was standing there. "It is time, Kagome."
She rubbed her eyes. Then she slowly got up and followed him out the door. She didn't even bother to run, knowing that Naraku could easily catch her and kill her on the spot. She wanted to see the sun first. When she reached the door to the outside of the castle, Kagome began to cry again.

"Are you sure you won't join me? Do you really want to die? I'll give you more time to think about it."
"It's pointless now. I have nothing left. I just want to see the sun."
Naraku opened the door. It was pouring rain. Kagome turned and ran. She blindly went crying into a room off the hallway and pounded her fists against the wall.

"Why?! Why dammit, why?!" As she wiped her eyes she looked around the room she had stumbled into. In one of the corners she reconized a couple of objects that rested there.

"My bow and arrows..." She went and picked them up. As she held the familiar weapon in her hand, she knew what had to be done. She couldn't just give up and die right now. Inuyasha would be so disappointed. They had all saved her at one point or another. If she always felt like she was more in the way than useful, well this was the time to turn that around. There was no one to save her now. She must save herself, and then she must be the one to save the others.

"I can do this," she whispered to herself. With new determination, she walked out into the hall.

Naraku was still standing at the doorway, looking out into the rain. He was thinking so hard, he didn't hear the girl step out into the hallway. He turned sharply however when he heard the sound of the string being pulled tight. Kagome let go of the arrow before Naraku could charge. The purifying ray blew a whole through Naraku's chest. Kagome let another arrow pierce his shoulder before bolting past his remains and dashing out the door. She knew it wouldn't take him long to recover and come after her. Naraku's castle was on a craggy bluff, with sharp rocks jetting out in all directions. She jumped from rock to rock as best she could, trying not to slip as the rain made the surfaces slick.

"I must... find... Inuyasha..." she gasped. When she finally reached the bottom she ran the short distance across the grass and into the forest that surrounded the castle. So far Naraku had not pursued her. As she scanned her surroundings Kagome felt no better than when she was holed up in Naraku's castle. It was dense and wild, and she felt frightened and alone. She held her bow ready and clasped a comforting arrow in her hand.

"Who knows what could be in here?" She peered through the trees with uneasiness. "Well, at least on the bright side I'm not dead and the rain doesn't come through all these thick trees." Her clothes were already soaked but at least they had a chance to dry under the shelter of the tree canopy.

After walking for an hour Kagome noticed the trees were getting more and more spaced and the rain had stopped. The sun was beginning to shine through the leaves and it sent beautiful shafts of light to the forest floor. Kagome breathed in awe and watched dust particles shimmer in the rays.

"I never realized how beautiful it actually is in the woods," she reflected. Two squirels chased each other from tree to tree and birds were singing and chirping. Kagome sat down on a rock to listen and appreciate it all.
"I guess this is what being in a dungeon for however long does to you. I wish I could have discovered this without the dungeon part though," she smiled ruefully to herself. She enjoyed the soft breeze on her face a little longer before getting up and trudging on again.

When she finally reached the edge of the forest she found a road. She was standing there trying to decide whether to follow it north or south when she heard voices. She backed up against the tree line and prayed the newcomers would be friendly. To her chagrin it was a band of thieves.

"Aoy! Look at that girl standing by the woods there!" one man on a horse called and pointed.

"Ain't she a treat? Let's take her for the boss."

Two men who were on foot left the group and started for Kagome. Kagome eeped and tried to run back into the woods. Unfortunately for her she didn't look where she was running and tripped over a tree root. The two men grabbed her arms and yanked her up. Kagome protested and shrieked but there was no one there to help her. She struggled as much as she could but she was no match. They pinned her arms behind her back and were about to haul her off back to their caravan when Kagome heard a familiar growl.

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