Mirror, Mirror: Reflections of a Crazy Man

Disclaimer: I don't own Murdock, the VA hospital, or anything else other than Doctor Whosiwhatsit; everything else is the sole property of Stephen J. Cannell and crew. (Apologies if I spelled his name wrong.)

This is my first attempt at an A-Team fic, especially a humorous one. So be kind. Criticism (the constructive kind) is welcomed. Thank you and please review.

Thoughts are in italics.

VA Hospital, Room 213

Former military Captain "Howling Mad" Murdock stared at the mirror on the wall of his humble abode in the V.A. hospital in California. Currently, while staring at his reflection, he was waiting for a nice, cold drink of Sasparilla to be brought to him. It seemed the Saloon was all out of whiskey. Too bad, too.

His precious dog, that no one else ever paid attention to, lay at Murdock's feet, softly snoring and growling in his dream. Probably chasing a rabbit or something, thought Billy's master.

But Murdock didn't have the time to consider what his dog was dreaming about, he was waging a battle with the evil Dr. Whosiwhatsit.; the crazy lunatic that glared back at him from his spot inside the one mirror HM owned.

From a sane person's point of view, Murdock was verbally battling with his reflection. But the proud and somewhat-crazy Captain knew better than they. He knew that Dr. Who was as real as his Billy. He was a wicked man that unfortunately resembled H.M. himself.

At least the guy has been blessed with handsome, dashing figure. Thought Murdock, bravely staring back at his adversary.

"You'll never be rid of me, Murdock!" cackled Dr. Whositwhatsit.

Murdock growled in response. "Yes, I will! I can defeat you! Billy could too, if he were taller!"

"Hah!" laughed Who. "You just a try. If you can beat me you can have my stash of vanilla wafer cookies."

"Hmm. Sounds fair enough." Replied Murdock. "But what happens if you win?" Murdock twisted his Boston Red Sox (Author's note: Sorry, I'm a RS fan) baseball cap nervously in his hands.

"If I win," Doc. Who paused for dramatic effect as tense music began to bellow in cresendo..."Hey! Cut the music! This isn't a TV show!". Yelled Who to the author of the story.

"If I win." Doc Who began again, this time without a long pause. "I get Bogie the Bear."

Shocked beyond belief, HM slumped onto the floor. Was Dr. Whosawhatsit serious? It couldn't be!

Dr. Who grinned victoriously, as if he'd won before the bet was even completed. "Well, Crazy man? Are you as big as you say you are?" he challenged.

Dr. Who's voice grated on Murdock's soul. Was he going to let that slimeball think him a coward or was he going to rise to the occasion and stand up for crazy fools everywhere?

Resolve to win building inside of him, the weight knowing that Bogie bears everywhere were depending on him, Capt. Murdock straightened up, glaring at Dr. Who condescendingly and said...


With an Indian howl HM, by sheer brute force, tore the mirror holding Dr. Who off the wall, throing it to the floor. A resounding crash of glass breaking into tiny pieces follwed as the remnants of the adversary lay every where on the floor.

Surveying the scene, Murdock picked up his broom and dust pan and laid Dr. Who to rest in the trusty garbage can he called "Old Rusty."

Murdock closed the lid on the can after dumping the glass into it, placed his hand over his heart and recited:

"Face to face.

Glass to glass.

I sure am glad

You're in my past...rest in pieces man."

And with that over and done with, Murdock lay back down on his bed, holding Bogie tightly, waiting for that drink.

...So ends the story of one crazy fool and his reflection.