Roll the Dice

A Poem for the Great Gambler, Matrim Cauthon

Mat used to be a betting man,

Can he gamble? Yes he can!

Until he took a little visit to Rhuidean,

Where he gained two powers, and from Fate Mat ran.

Yet Fate caught up with him, as it always does,

Leaving part of Mat's memories little more than fuzz,

Remembering past battles, for some reason, just because.

And during a gamble for his life in battle, he felt a little buzz.

The dice in his head rolled around his head,

Deciding on some dice, whether he would live or be dead.

He was lucky in his throw, staying alive, still lying in his bed,

It was as though life itself had tried to kill him instead.

No matter where Mat ran or where he would go,

In his mind Mat still rolled the dice, and not only for show,

To decide his fate, trusting luck, and hope for a good row,

Or he would no longer gamble, or have girls on his knee with the eyes of a doe.

Roll the dice, Mat,

Always remember that.

Have faith in your throw,

You so you would go.

Hold that strange spear well,

So shall the enemies be fell.

Stay close to Rand,

You must give him a hand.

Marry the Daughter of the Nine Moons,

Or be dead as some wooden spoons.

Let Fate carry you through its mad scramble,

So long you remember it's all a big gamble...

The End

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