Title: Circumstance

Author: Georgina Ann Price AKA Hannurdock

Summary: Face Picture Challenge from TEE
A short story, or missing scene. WIth: Face by a river. Explain why his hair is wet, but the jacket is dry, it should be someone elses. (Your favorite team member). He looks back over his should to watch (the owner of the jacket) do something. And lastly he must do something nice for this person when he returns the jacket. That's it.

Disclaimer: The A-Team do not belong to me, they belong to Cannell. I do not make any profit from these stories whatsoever, the stories are merely for my enjoyment.


The river was inviting. Too inviting. From a distance, a man stood in a leather jacket, hands in the pockets of his expensive jeans, his eyes closed. He let his thoughts wash over him and then looked down at the water's surface.

Face watched his reflection in the crystal clear glass surface of the blue water. He knelt by the water, sighing deeply and then washed his face, relishing in the touch of the silky water. He wet his hair, a smile forming on his lips as he closed his eyes and felt the cool water massage his scalp.


Face turned quickly, a slight smile forming on his lips as he saw Murdock standing behind him.

"What you doin' with my jacket muchacho?" Murdock asked, walking over to the man who resembled an angel in the light, with still dripping hair.

"Nothing much. Isn't it beautiful?" Face asked, his hand making a sweeping gesture to include the river and the scenery around him.

Murdock nodded. "Too bad there's a motorway just up there".

Face shook his head "Its amazingly beautiful. One day I'd like to live in a place like this". Face took off the jacket delicately, and handed it back to Murdock who put the jacket on straight away.

Murdock smiled sadly, knowing that Face's situation would probably make that an impossible dream. "You wanna watch something, muchacho?".

"What?" Face asked suspiciously.

Murdock drew a yo-yo from his pocket and started doing tricks with it. "This is Around-The-World, Facey. And this is Walking-The-Dog. Aint it cool?".

Face smiled, amused. His smile turned into a grin which pleased Murdock immensely. "That's really something, Murdock".

"Thanks for that, Facey". Murdock said, putting the yo-yo away.

"For what?" Face asked, confused.

"For that flashy smile of yours. Don't often see it at the moment. Anything wrong?" Murdock said, his voice serious, his concern sincere and without jest.

Face smiled again, and turned back to look at the river "Circumstance, Murdock. Circumstance".

Murdock nodded understandingly, and put an arm on Face's shoulder. "Would you do me a favour, Face?" he asked softly.

"What?" Face asked distantly, looking across the river, his thoughts elsewhere.

"Smile for me" Murdock said gently, watching Face's surprised reaction as he turned and granted Murdock his wish.

"Any time you want" Face said softly as both men walked away from the river, the conversation drifting to a lighter subject.