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Ten Years After Today Tomorrow

Robin gets a pleasant surprise…

Rated PG.

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Ten Years After Today Tomorrow

Robin paced around and around the living room. He kept his head bowed, his brows furrowed. He had been doing this for roughly an hour now – pacing silently with his hands behind his back and his mind working hard.

What was he thinking about?

Well, what else?

How to get home.

He cursed under his breath and pivoted on his heel, walking back the way he had come. He was wearing a track in the aged carpet, and his legs ached. But he didn't stop. If he didn't move, he couldn't think.

"Robin?" whispered Starfire, standing nervously in the threshold.

Robin looked up, and smiled. "Hey," he said, and kept pacing.

"I think you should rest," she whispered. "You have been thinking to hard. You look exhausted."

"No, no… I have to get home. I promised you," mumbled Robin, not looking up.

Starfire fell silent.

Older Robin

Robin grinned. His work was complete. He stood up, stretching. Now to go home. He had targeted the time stream to the living room, 5 PM. He carried it out to the living room, and was surprised by the sight of Starfire on the couch.


She looked up, and she smiled weakly. "Hello, Robin."

"I… um… shouldn't you be in bed?"

She shook her head. "No. I am not tired."

"Oh." Robin looked at the portal in his hands, then back at Starfire. "Have you tried going back? After an hour away from bed you get pretty tired." He would know – he'd been up all night working on the portal.

Starfire shook her head.

"You should," he whispered.

She nodded. "I guess you are correct…" she said uncertainly, and made her way for the exit. She paused. "Goodnight, Robin."

"Goodnight, Star," he said, smiling.

And she was gone. He set it on the ground and pressed the button. Instantly a large portal appeared. Robin grinned up at it, his eyes sparkling. He jumped in, and grabbed onto the rim of the portal. He reached up, grabbed the portal device, and pulled it to him. His eyes widened as he saw Starfire looking at the portal with wide, shocked eyes. He slipped, and fell, the device cradled to his chest.

Younger Robin

Robin sighed. He looked up at the empty doorway. "I can't think of anything!" he cried angrily, and kicked the floor.

There was a bright flash from behind him. Before he could turn too see, he was impacted with the force of a train.



The two men rolled across the floor, nothing but a tangle of madly thrashing arms and legs. When the finally skidded to a stop, they had a difficult time pulling apart.

Panting, Robin leaned back to see who he had crashed into. In front of him, an almost perfect image of him did the same. In unison, their eyes widened.

"You!" they shouted at the same time.

"You have my face!" exclaimed Robin, pointing.

"And you mine," sighed Older Robin. "Robin, listen. We NEED to switch again."

Robin, confused, only shook his head. "I don't understand."

"When you fell through the portal, I did too. We SWITCHED, Robin! You've been living MY life, YOUR future. I've been living yours, my PAST. We need to switch again, or something terrible could happen."

"Like what?"

"For starters, this future could fall apart completely. You could never marry Starfire, or have kids, or meet Andy."

Robin was silent.

"I'm not finished, either. You could loose all memory of this. Or worse, we could both die."

"Well then," said Robin in a strangled voice, "I guess that settles it. Let's go." He slowly got to his feet, and heaved Older Robin up with him. The stared at each other for a long time.

"So… I'm talking to myself?" Robin said, smirking. Older Robin punched his shoulder, grinning.

Behind them, the portal's light began to pulse.

Exchanging meaningful glances, the two Robins nodded and shook hands.

"See ya in the mirror," said Robin, stepping up to the portal.

"Right back at you," Older Robin replied, smiling.

Robin nodded and slowly reached out to the portal.


Robin stopped and turned around, only to be sent staggering by the force of Starfire's hug.

She buried her face in his chest, sobbing.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Robin said in her ear.

"Do not leave me," she whispered. "Oh, please, do not leave me."

Robin's face softened. "Star… don't cry. Please don't cry. Look, hey. I'll never really leave you. Not really." He looked at up Older Robin, who nodded. "I promise."

Starfire sniffled and nodded, slowly backing away. Older Robin wrapped her up in his arms, looking very much revived.

Robin stepped back, and was almost completely through the portal when he heard Older Robin's final goodbye: "Take good care of me!"

And Robin fell through. Before he reply, the portal sealed.

And there was nothing but swirls again.

Starfire sat, worried to the point she felt ill, on the couch. The portal had just barely closed before she could reach it, and now Robin was not responding to any of her calls, and she feared for his safety.

"Are you STILL crying?" Beast Boy asked, striding into the room. "Look, I told you. We'll find him eventually!"

"He has a point, Star," said Cyborg, walking into the room with Raven at his side. "You can't just sit here and bawl forever."

Starfire opened her mouth to argue that she could cry as much as she pleased when she was cut off by a blinding flash of white light.

Robin was sent flying right over the back of the couch, landing in a heap at her feet.

"Robin!" everyone cried in unison.

Robin was dragged to his feet and hugged tightly by Starfire. "Oh, Robin! You are with us again!" she called out joyously.

Robin smiled and detangled himself from her arms.

"Where WERE you, dude!?" Beast Boy demanded.

Robin thought of Moonfire… of Angel, of Andy, of the grown-up Titans… and his grin widened. "It's a really long story," he said. "I'll explain it all later."

"It is so wonderful to see you again," Starfire whispered, grabbing his hand. "I missed you."

Robin looked up at her, and he, once again, remembered his future. Without thinking, he put a hand on the back of her head and kissed her.

The entire tower fell silent.

The kiss was short-lived, but nonetheless sweet and passionate. And when it was over, Robin held her hand and whispered in her ear.

"I missed you too, Star. I missed you too."


Author's Notes: I HAVE NEVER KISSED BEFORE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I want you to understand this, because everything there was interpreted by stuff I've read. Okay? Okay.

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