The End of the Aquateens?

"That is it!" Shake yelled out one evening when he was watching t.v. with Meatwad and Frylock.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Frylock asked Shake.
"I am so sick of living here with Meatwad!" Shake yelled back. "He's so stupid!"

"Shake I know you don't mean that." Meatwad said. "I am a very smart young man."

"Oh, please." Shake said laughing. "You have a toy for a brain."

"But...but...but.. you can't leave me."

"Oh, I can Meatwad, and I will." Shake said walking out the door.

"Uum...Shake your..." Frylock said but was immediately cut off by Shake...

"Stuff, I need to pack, you guys are lucky to have me around for a few more days."