The End of The Aquateens?

"Wow, Rocky, I'm glad I have you as a friend. If anybody comes along and you think they look suspicious, just say the word." Shake said to his rock, not knowing that everybody was staring at him. "What's that Rocky?" Silence. "Yea, everybody is looking at us kind of weird." Silence. "You think so? OK." The crowd of people were looking at him even weirder. "All hail King Rocky or be...EXECUTED!" Shake yelled to the crowd of people still staring at him.

"That guy thinks we're gonna worship a rock." Some guy in the crowd said and everybody started laughing. Just then that guy fainted.
"AAAAAH! THAT KID WASN'T KIDDING! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" The crowd of people started running. (A/N: Anybody in their right minds would just pick up the stupid rock.)

"You want a piece of this!" Shake said while running after the crowd with Rocky in his hands.

To Shake's surprise the whole crowd turned around and started chanting "Long Live Master Shake." Dr. Weird woke up some time before this and was running Shake's way down the sidewalk. When he finally got there he saw the crowd of people worshipping Shake. It didn't take 20 years, it took a few minutes.

"What" Dr. Weird said to himself. Shake turned around so he was facing Dr. Weird.

"It's the betrayer. GET HIM!" Shake yelled and the whole crowd of people started chasing after Dr. Weird. Dr. Weird ran to Frylock's house and ran in and locked the door. Frylock was watching TV with Meatwad when Dr. Weird ran in.

"Hey, look it's Weirdo." Meatwad said.

"Um, Dr. what are you doing here?" Frylock said in an annoyed tone.

"Long story short, Shake's taken over the world, or city, but in 20 years he will take over the world." Dr. Weird said out of breath.

"He's down the street a little way with a dancing rock." Frylock replied.

"He used his rock to unleash a rain of TERROR!" Dr. Weird yelled.

"But, ho-" Frylock said but Dr. Weird cut him off.


"But, wh-"




"WILL YOU SHUT UP!" Frylock yelled.

"AAAAH! STOP THE YELLING!" Meatwad yelled and ran into his room. For a minute straight they started at the door to Meatwad's room. Knock Knock.

"Oh, I better get that." Frylock said and walked towards the door.

"NO!" Dr. Weird yelled after him.

"Why not?" Frylock asked looking confused.

"Oh, umm, did I forget the part of the story where Shake ordered a group of people to run after me and kill me?" Dr. Weird asked.

"Yea, you kind of forgot that part." Frylock said. BANG! "And it seems some of them have shotguns." A big hole was in the door.

"It is time." Dr. Weird and Frylock whipped around to see Meatwad in a leather jacket with a gun around his neck.

"Umm, Meatwad, that's a water gun." Frylock said.

"Oh, it seems like a water gun, Wahahahahaha!" Meatwad ran out the door.

"Was that really a water gun?" Dr. Weird asked.

"Yea." Frylock answered.

"So, he's gonna die?" Dr. Weird asked.

"Probably." Frylock said.