The End of the Aquateens

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"Oh, it seems like a water gun, Wahahahahaha!" Meatwad ran out the door.

"Was that really a water gun?" Dr. Weird asked.

"Yea." Frylock answered.

"So, he's gonna die?" Dr. Weird asked.

"Probably." Frylock said.

Right when Meatwad ran out the door, Frylock and heard a gunshot. "Aaah!" Dr. Weird yelled and ran to the back of the house.

"No, you will never take me alive." Meatwad yelled from outside the house.

"Is that water?" Another voice asked.

"Yea, it's just a water gun." Yet another voice said and a man started walking towards the door. Frylock, just staring out the door, shut the door, which has been open for the whole time. A few second later a knock was heard.
"Hello?" A voice said from behind the door. Frylock absentmindedly opened the door to see a tall, strong man with a gun right outside of his door. "Do you know him?" The man asked holding Meatwad in his hands.

"Ye-" Meatwad started saying but the man cut him off.

"Did I say you can talk?" The man said and turned towards Frylock again. "So, you know him?" The man asked again. Meatwad was nodding vigorously.

"Oh, Meatwad, no. I have never seen him before." Frylock said.

"Oh, ok." The man said and Frylock shut the door. Wait a second. The man thought and knocked on the door again. Frylock hesitantly opened the door.

"Yes?" Frylock asked.

"Thanks for your help." The man said and walked away. Frylock shut the door again.

"Wow, that was close." Dr. Weird said walking by Frylock.

"Where is Shake?" Frylock asked.

"He's down the street a little ways, but he has a whole crowd of people around him, worshipping him."

"This is crazy. Who in their right mind would worship Shake? Come on." Frylock grabbed Dr. Weird and led him out the door and down the sidewalk to where the crowd of people were bowing to Shake. A little space was cleared right in front of where Shake was sitting- a lawn chair on the street. In that space were two men holding Meatwad down.

"We found him trying to attack us...with a water gun." The crowd laughed at this.

"Silence!" Shake yelled. "Meatwad, why did you try to attack my men?"

"I thought it was a game." Meatwad said.

"So, you think I'm just a child's game. You think I'm funny. Put him in the dungeon." Shake commanded.

"Master, we do not have a dungeon." A voice in the crowd said.

"Who said that?" Shake said and the crowd pushed the man who said it forward. "So, you dare talk back to me. Men, make a dungeon and for the love of Rocky kill that man." Shake said, doing his best to point at the man standing in front of him. The man ran away followed by a handful of people running after him. "What are you standing there for? Make me a dungeon!" Shake yelled and with that, the crowd of people started making a dungeon.

"What should I do with the wad of meat, Master." The man holding Meatwad said.

"I don't know. Just make sure he doesn't escape." Shake said, and the man started walking away. "Wait!"

"Yes, Master." The man turned around to look at Shake.

"Where is the other one?"

"Other one?"

"There was two, Meatwad and Frylock."

"I knew that guy was suspicious."

"Uh-oh." A voice behind them said. Shake turned around and saw Frylock and Dr. Weird standing there.

"Get them!" Shake yelled.

"Split up." Frylock said to Dr. Weird and they both went different ways.

"Somebody get the other one!" Shake yelled, but everybody was too busy building the dungeon to take notice of him. "Somebody!" He yelled again. "I have to do everything myself." Shake said to himself and chased after Dr. Weird leaving Meatwad alone...with Rocky. Meatwad picked up Rocky.

"So, your the famous Rocky." At that point somebody saw Meatwad pick up Rocky.

"He stole Rocky!" A voice yelled. Frylock and Shake heard this and started running to Shake's 'throne' at the same time, as fast as they could.

"Meatwad!" Frylock yelled. "Throw it here!" Meatwad threw it to Frylock.

"Get him!" Shake yelled.
"Nobody move." Frylock yelled holding Rocky up. "You wouldn't want Rocky to get you."

'What do you want?" Shake asked.

"I want you all to forget Rocky ever existed."

One week later-In Shake's house.
Shake, Meatwad, and Frylock were all watching t.v.

"Frylock." Shake said.


"I hate you."