Robotech: Strange Bedfellows-

A Macross-Era Serial

By SithKnight-Galen

Introductions and Disclaimers:

Well, this is a story set during the Macross Re-construction era. I am taking an idea that was batted about during a long running brainstorming session on the DYRL Rick and Lisa fan-fiction lists, and well, I volunteer to try my hand at writing something other than a pure war novel. So here is my first attempt at trying a semi-romance story, as well as something with purely established characters in an Alternative Universe setting, or with established characters, period.. And now that I have given the somewhat shady premise to the story, let me go ahead and give the dedications to the people who helped make this weird idea a reality.

GPPR, LisaV, Carla Fox, Admiral RT, Spherisian, Shinto Red, Pangeman, Jo, and Aikiweezie, K71, Baka-kit, Joshua, and last but not least, my fellow Tomahawk Jockey, Cicero-Phelps, this is dedicated to all of you. J. And Caitlin and Brianna, Daddy wrote one more for the two little ladies in my life. ;-)

And for all of you wagon chasers out there, this disclaimer is for you. I do not own, Khyron, Lisa Hayes, Vincent Grant Roy Fokker, Jack Archer, Claudia Grant, Max Sterling, Veritechs, Rick Hunter, Admiral Gloval, Admiral Hayes, Ben Dixon, Miriya Sterling, The SDF-1, Vertunn Therul battle cruisers, Grel,, Azonia, Destroids, Helena Chase, Hiro Yoshi, Skarrde, Zeraal, Kiyoria , Izzy Randal, Emil Lange or pretty much any of this copyrighted stuff by and large. If any of this did belong to me, I would not be doing this non-profit fan writing, I would be pumping out more Macross based anime, which what the fans always want.

As far as Lynn Minmei and Lynn Kyle are concerned, if I did own them, I would pawn them off as quickly as I could.

However, Ryan Darmouth, Marquis Tribanuiski, Abraham Zhao, Brandon Derringer, and Craig Martin are creatures of my own creation, and while their stories and histories get more attention in other writings of mine, they may make some cameos in this chronicle of Macross as well.

Now on with the story!