Hey. n.n This is my first YYH fic, but don't worry, I'll try not to write some shallow plotless thing that's so intensely boring that you fall asleep at the keyboard. Anyways, I thought this up while I was eating lunch and watching TV. Where my inspiration came from I have no idea, as it certainly didn't come from the Fairly Odd Parents. o.O' But yeah. Anyway. On to the fic, which, by the way, shall be told in Keiko's point of view.

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Disclaimer: I in no way endorse Kuwabara's career as Spirit Detective. In fact, I'm strongly against it. It's just a plot twist I needed for the story. I felt that that needed to be explained, especially since no one in their right mind would make Kuwabara the spirit detective. Even Koenma's not that dumb.

Oh. And another note. I know. This is getting annoying. But I'm getting there. I promise. Anyway, in case you were wondering, this fic takes place after the Dark Tournament but before the Sensui Arc. Meaning they haven't met Kaitou and his little friendy friends yet (can't remember their names x.x). Okay. Now I'll start the fic.

You Can't See Me

Keiko's POV

Armageddon hasn't come. The world hasn't stopped spinning. My heart's still beating and I'm still alive. But I feel like the walking dead. I want to blame somebody..anybody...but I can't. I really want to blame Koenma and Botan...it really is their fault anyway. But no. I can't blame them either. I want to hate him for doing this. Why the hell did this have to happen anyway? I'm still not clear on the details..I doubt I ever will be. I wasn't according to Botan's account...


"Damn he's a big one. You got a plan, Urameshi?" Kuwabara scowled. Yusuke merely flashed him that cocky grin. "Yeah." "Well what is it?! We don't have time to act stupid!" Hiei glared at the black-haired boy. Yusuke merely cracked his knuckles and laughed. "Alright, here it is: You three stand back while I kick his ass."

"Damnit Urameshi don't be a cocky bastard!" Yusuke scowled at that. "Baka, you wanted a plan so I gave you one. A damn good one too." Hiei snorted in disgust and rolled his eyes. "That was the most ill-thought out and incredibly stupid plan I've ever heard." Yusuke socked short fire demon in the shoulder. "Who asked you anyway?"

"Uh..guys..." Kurama indicated over to the monstrous demon, who was snarling and drooling all over himself. He was presently moving toward them. Yusuke narrowed his eyes and prepared to kick ass. "Okay. Screw the plan. Just go!"

Kuwabara charged at the demon, attempting to pierce its hide with his spirit sword. But to no avail. The monster's skin was tougher than the toughest concrete and no puny spirit sword was going to cut through it. Not even Kurama's rose whip, nor Hiei's sword would cut him.

Yusuke took his stance as he prepared to fire his Shot Gun. He did a quick scan, searching for any weakness in the demon. There was none. Not that he could see anyway. He pulled his fist back, his fist glowing blue with spirit energy.


The demon merely swatted away the bullets of energy as though they were flies. Yusuke growled in fury, and charged straight at the demon, his rage blinding his common sense. He didn't hear the desperate cries of the others to stop, only the roar of blood in his ears.

The demon swung his arm back, preparing to make it meet Yusuke's head. Yusuke was so focused on charging at his midsection, he didn't see the arm coming. And once the arm made contact with his head, he saw nothing.

End Flashback

He was in the hospital for three weeks. We explained to the doctors that he's been in the head by a falling beam while walking by a construction site. They said he was lucky to be alive. But now...I think death would have been kinder...for all of us. It would have been enough if he had merely had a concussion or gone into a coma. But this...now I look at him and he doesn't see me. He looks at me and sees straight through me. He doesn't know me.

Yusuke Urameshi...lost his memory.

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