This is slash of the Draco/Harry kind. Sorry if that offends you, but that is the ship I sail. BTW, I do know that that is not what Tulips symbolize, but it wouldn't have fit the story otherwise.

Also, this has not been betaed. It will most likely say a one shot, but I'm not really sure.

Now for a little explaination. I am a member of a place called Mugglenet interactive, or MNI. For a homework assingment, I had to write a story where a HP character had to give another HP character a bouquet of flowers including one or more of a list of flowers in under 800 words. I choose a tulip. After I was finished, I was rather proud of it so I decided to upload it.


By:Nyoka Li

Draco Malfoy sat silently atop the Astronomy Tower under the night sky, moonlight reflecting off his platinum blonde hair. The winter air bit at his skin, but he paid no attention. It was almost that time of year again.

Valentine's Day.

Everyone who has someone loves this day of emotion, happiness and love.

And Draco doesn't. Have someone that is. For him, and many others who are likewise alone, it is just another day in the cold, unforgiving month of February

'But you do have someone.' his mind reminded him sharply. 'He just doesn't know that owns your heart, and has for a while now.'

The boy sighed loudly, echoing in the air. His head fell into his hands, quite frustrated.

'And I can't have him!' He yelled back into the depths of his mind, getting no response.

The blonde Slytherin is in love... with Harry Potter.

"Why does he have to be... so... so perfect?" He whispered in a confused tone.

He hit his hand off his forehead, silently yelling at himself for speaking so loudly. It simply wouldn't do for someone to find out about his obsession.

"Back to Harry!" he thought. "What should I do about Harry? I can't give him anything... unless..." He smirked. "He doesn't have to know that it was me. It can be anonymous." The blonde nodded. "Right, what to get him?" He murmured the question to himself, not realizing

His silver eyes began to sparkle. "He'll finally know... there is someone who loves him."

Pacing the steps towards Maggie's Magnificent Flowers, Draco finally gave some thought about which flowers to include.

"Roses? Too cliché. Lilies? They mean death. Hardy the message I want to send him..." He muttered under his breath.

Then it hit him. Tulips. Red ones. The fiery red tulips symbolize beauty and charity. He is all of those things. Thus, it is the perfect flower for him.

Picking out a dozen of the finest tulips, Draco set off towards the castle once again, carefully hiding the flowers under his robes, but also taking caution not to damage them. He heads immediately up to the owlry. Scrawling a quick note, he sends the owl soaring out the window. It spirals down towards the Great Hall, towards the Love of his life.

A school barn owl flies nimbly down towards the boy-who-lived, carrying a bouquet of flowers and a note pinned to the top. Harry scoffed at the flowers, expecting them to be from another love-crazed fan. Hermione squeals with delight from Ron's embrace and immediately rips open the letter. Glancing down at it, she begins to softly coo and aww at it.

"Harry...I think you should read this."

"Not a chance Hermione. There is no way I am opening another letter form someone who says they love me when they don't even know me. It's not going to happen."

"Give people a chance Harry; I think this one's a keeper."

"Fine" He snarls roughly before snatching the letter from her hands. But his face softens as reads further and further down the parchment.

Dear Harry,

I happen to know that there's more to you than meets the eye. You are so much more. But I've seen past the scar many times, and I know the real you much better then anyone else every could. My purpose is to love you, Harry. I am in awe of you, of your beauty, of everything you are and everything you every will be. You will never understand that when you look at me, even when your eyes are filled with hatred, I melt. I love you and hope that some day, you might feel the same. Goodbye my darling, and have faith through the day knowing that someone loves you more then you could possibly imagine.

You secret Love.

Harry put down the letter, eyes widened with shock. Slowly, very slowly, he raised his head, and stared towards the Slytherin table, where he could feel a pair of silver eyes looking at him. Giving those eyes a questioning look and receiving a smile in return, Harry Potter went back to his breakfast. Picking up his things, he headed for potions, and for the first Valentines Day ever, Harry Potter was smiling.


And that be it. I think this is a one-shot, but I'm not really sure. Let me know if you want me to continue.

See ya. Much Love-