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The Lake

Love of my life, my soul mate

You're my best friend

Part of me like breathing

Now half of me is left

Adam sat there in the icy white snow at the edge of the lake, his skates all laced up, just trying to think through his feelings and thoughts. He gazed absentmindedly at the hazy air, just trying to find a sign; something, anything that would tell him what he should do. He tenderly touched the ice, reminiscing about the times he had with Julie.

Her name's Julie, not babe!

Charlie loves Julie. His Julie…. the love of his life. The girl he fell head over heels for the day he met her. All he can think of is how could he? His best friend and his girlfriend. This kind of predicament is only suppose to happen in storybooks; the tales of love triangles and woe. Could he be the King Arthur to Charlie and Julie's Lancelot and Guinevere? King Arthur loved Guinevere and as did she, but Lancelot sweeps her off her feet. Guys like King Arthur don''t get the girl; that guy never gets the girl, he thought. His heart ached at the thought of losing Julie. He sighed and started to glide around the ice.

"Ready?" Julie said as she stood in front of him, her arms stretched out in front of her. Charlie, sitting next to Adam, nudged him to go. Adam looked at him, and he tilted his head towards Julie with a look that just said "Hello? What are you doing? Dance with her.".

"I'm not sure about this, Jules… I've never danced before." Adam said as he stood up, unsure of his dancing skills, or lack thereof.

"Then allow me the honor of being your first, Mr. Banks," Julie replied as she gently grabbed his hands and guided him to the dance floor. Adam gingerly touched her waist, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. His eyes never left her face. All he could think about was how beautiful she looked at this moment; right then and there. He didn't even realize he was dancing until Julie finally spoke.

"See? That wasn't so hard was it? Julie smiled as they slowly moved to the music.

"Not at all…" Adam answered, his eyes ever leaving hers.

Don't know anything at all

Who am I to say you love me

I don't know anything at all

And who am I to say you need me

"Julie?" Adam questioned, as he heard someone stomping in to his room.

"I cannot believe that… that ARGH!" Julie yelled as she shuffled around his room.

"What happened?" Adam asked, as he tried to calm her down.

"How could you not see that? That girl, Kristen! With her twig legs and stupid giggle, "tee hee hee," Julie mockingly says. "She keeps flirting with you and URG!"

"Hey Jules… you know, Kristen means nothing to me. I care about you and only you." Adam said as he hugged her from behind.

Julie smiled at the warmth of his touch. "I know…I trust you. I just don't trust her…" Frustrated, Julie plopped down on his bed as Adam sat by her side. " I hate the fact she has to do it in front of my face. Geez, the nerve of this girl…and also, just when I've been trying to …"

"Trying to what?"

Julie sighed. "Nothing Adam…"

"Trying to what, Jules?"

"This isn't the right time… I mean here I am fighting with you and of course, the idiot in me has to go and blurt out something really stupid and obviously too intriguing for you not to want to know, and then I have this test coming up and I can't concentrate because all I keep thinking about is telling you, but I'm scared to and it makes me sound like one of those cheerleader girls that really want to make me gag…"

"Jules! You're babbling again…" Adam chuckled.

Just as he was about to say something, Julie just blurted something out.

"I love you."

"What?" Adam suddenly stopped whatever he was doing and stared at her bewildered.

"I love you." Julie said again trying to do it more collective. "I wanted to tell you, but I didn't know how and I was scared that maybe you weren't ready for that.

Adam smiled, "So that's why you've been so worked up lately…"

Julie nudged him on the shoulder. "Hey… not worked up. Tense. I just… I've never said that to anyone before besides my family and…" Julie stated, feeling a bit foolish at this point. "Look you don't have to say it… I mean, I just wanted you to know, that's all." As Julie got up to leave, Adam pulled her back to him and kissed her passionately.

"I love you too, Julie. I've always loved you."

Color me blue I'm lost in you

Don't know why I'm still waiting

Many moons have come and gone

Don't know why I'm still searching

Adam glided along the ice. His mind laced with thoughts of Julie and Charlie. He loves both of them. Both of them were such an integral part of his life. The fact that Charlie has feelings for Julie now, just makes things much more... complicated.

Don't know anything at all

And who am I to say you love me

I don't know anything at all

And who am I to say you need me

"Surprise! Happy Birthday Adam!" Julie and Charlie yelled, jumping out from the penalty box in the rink.

"What? Guys!" Adam said shocked.

"Well, since your dad always makes you have those dinner on your birthday, discussing your future…"

"What are you going to do with your life, son? Have you made your damn coach contact the minors yet?" Charlie said as he mocked Adam's father. Julie rolled her eyes.

"Anyways, since we can't celebrate with you tomorrow, we're celebrating with you tonight, till at least 12:01 AM. Come on, every one's waiting, plus we got food, skates and music…"

As Julie strolled ahead to get the party stuff, Charlie squeezed Adam on the shoulder with a grinned on his face. "You knew about this didn't you?"

"Oh yeah…"


"Who else? Don't tell Julie"

"Of course. I mean, we do want Averman alive tomorrow and Julie's got a mean right hook."

"OH yeah," Adam said smiling, as he and Charlie laugh their way back to Julie.

Now you're a song I love to sing

Never thought it feels so free

Now I know what's meant to be

And that's okay with me

"... dance with me cake-eater,"

"Always... kitty-cat,"

"Why are you doing this to us?"

"Because it's the right thing to do! Adam, you should find someone who really loves you"

"I already have."

But who am I to say you love me

"We've been so close ever since we've known each other; can you really give up on us?"

"I think you should just go…"

"DON'T touch me and DON'T tell me what to think, Julie. I saw you two; him with his hands on your face on YOUR bed. What the hell am I suppose to think?"

"Adam… This isn't Julie's fault," Charlie interrupted.

"The hell it isn't!"

"Adam, please don't do this…" Julie pleaded.

" From now on, I want both of you to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME"

And who am I to say you need me

"Charlie just thinks of me as a friend, as do I. I would NEVER do anything like that to you. I love you.

You love hockey and you need to prove those scouts out there that you damn well deserve to be on that ice! Don't make what I did be all for nothing and certainly do not let it ruin your life."

And who am I to say you love me

"Promise me you won't change your plans for me. Don't give up something you want for me."

"If me promising you this makes you happy, then I promise Jules."

I don't know anything at all…

The Next Day

St. Francis Hospital

Julie suddenly awoke from a nightmare. She stared at the ceiling for a second, fearful of what she just dreamt, but realizing that this nightmare could be all too real. She turned to open the drawer by her bedside, and took out a locked box. She knew that it was time to give this to someone, in case there really wasn't that much time left.

She picked up the phone and started dialing an all too familiar number.

"Hey, it's Julie. I'm sorry for calling so late, but I need to talk to you. Do you think you can stop by tomorrow morning? Just you and me? I just need to talk to you…. Really? Great. So I'll see you then. Thanks. Bye."

She hung up the phone, part of her was chided herself for doing this; for thinking this might really be it, while the other part, knew it had to be done. She knew she couldn't stop fighting nor did she want to, but she had to prepare.

But the question was, how do you prepare to say goodbye to those you love?

Adam & Charlie's Room

"Hey…" Adam said as he walked into his and Charlie's dorm room.

"Hey… Where'd you go?" Charlie asked as he sat back down on his bed.

"Back home… to the lake… I didn't want to stay here. I just needed to be by myself. Of course, my dad didn't make that so easy. All he could talk about is how my hockey stats are slipping a bit. My life is going to hell in a hand basket right now, and all he cares about is how my stats are…" Adam replied, as he sat down at his desk, facing himself towards Charlie.

"Sounds about right for your dad."

"Pretty pathetic, isn't it? Whenever I would tell Julie about the things he said, she would always give him the benefit of the doubt. 'He's just concerned about you' or 'He means well, Adam. He loves you.' We both know he's a pretty big jackass, but she says it because she knows I still have some hope that he really does mean well. She always had a way to making me feel better about anything…"

"She loves you…"

"And the second things got rough, I betrayed her."


"I did… Going out with Kristen was a low blow. I look back on it now and I don't even know why I did it. I was just so angry with you and her and then when I found out what was really going on… I shoulda won the award for world's worst boyfriend. Although, in my defense, you are in love with my girlfriend, so I wasn't entirely wrong."

Charlie chuckled slightly at that, but thought he should explain. "It wasn't that, Adam. She thought u would be happier if you had some distance from her problems. She didn't want you to drag you down. She knows how much you love hockey…"

"But, she trusted you…"

"I just happened to stumble upon it…"

"You kept her secret for her. You were there when she needed someone."

"You would have been there too if she had told you…"

"Charlie, I think you should tell her." Adam interrupted.


"Charlie, if you love her as much as you say you do, then you should tell her."

"What about you?"

Adam looked at Charlie and tried to explain. "I love her with every ounce of my body, every breath that I take, Charlie. I love her so much that all I need to know is that if she's happy, then I'm happy. I owe her that because that's all she's ever done for me. She even tried to let me go, because she knew how important hockey was to me and what it meant to me. She never once considered herself and her feelings in the process. She's always wanted the best for me and now, I want to do the same for her. I pray that it's me and that she wants to be with me and I can't help that. But if there is a chance that she may be happier with you or anyone else, then so be it. You'll do anything for the one you love, even if that means bowing out."

"Wow…" Charlie said, shocked by the words coming out of Adam's mouth and really touched by how much he loves her. He really does love her… "Are you sure about this? I mean just a month or two ago, you were ready to smash in my face when you thought that Julie and I were together…"

"Part of me still does, but you know, I already did that and it didn't make me happier…" Charlie looked at him suspiciously.

"Okay…. maybe it did a lil bit." Adam said as he smirked at the thought of punching Charlie again. Charlie saw this and smirked back. "I think at the lake I just realized that it goes beyond just Julie and I's relationship, it's about ours too. You're not just like a brother to me, you are one. In the end, if she does love you, more than she loves me, I'll make my peace with it because I may have to try to live my life without her love, but there's no way I could live if I lost both of you."

After a pregnant pause of understanding, Adam started to speak again, "Besides, I couldn't have asked for a better guy to love and look after her, if she does love you back that is." Charlie chuckled and asked one more time, "Are you sure about this? I mean... "

"Look, I can't tell you that her illness hasn't changed my perceptions in life. Had you told me this a few months ago, I'm almost sure that you'd be on the floor right now, tending to your broken nose. Now though… life is precious, Charlie. Don't waste it on what ifs." Adam patted him on the back and left the room, hoping he did the right thing for all of them.

Later that night

St. Francis Hospital

Julie woke up suddenly when she suddenly felt someone sitting on her bed.

"Hey stranger," Charlie said, with a guitar in tow.

"Charlie…" Julie smiled hazily, as she reached for his hand and held it tightly. "How did you get in?"

"Gave the night shift nurse twenty bucks to let me in for a couple of minutes…"

Julie laughed. "Twenty bucks? You know, you could have saved yourself some cash and just visited me during the day."

"You know me… always gotta make things complicated." Charlie grinned. "These are for you, by the way." Charlie said as he reveled a bouquet of flowers from behind him.

"Oh Lilies; my favorite… How did you know?"

"I didn't. I found them right outside of the hospital." Julie snickered.

"Nah… I remembered Adam had gotten you a lily corsage at junior prom and how much you admired it through the entire night."

Julie smiled at that thought of Junior Prom. "Junior Prom. I remember I finally got Adam to dance some fast dances without me."

"Oh. You were the caused of that? What? Did you want to scare all the girls off?"

"Look who's talking, mister." Julie answered back as she made a goofy face and twirl her arms and shake awkwardly as poking fun at him. "Hot shot on the ice, you may be. Dancer, you are not."

"Hey. I thought I looked great. Didn't you see my earwax dance?"

"How could I forget? Remember the look of horror on your date's face when you did that dance?"

Charlie chuckled. "Some girls just don't appreciate a good dance. She ended up heading out with another group afterwards."

"I'm sorry…"

"I'm not. Not only did I get to spend it with the ducks and I didn't have a date to drag me down on all the fun."

"That's true. Either ways, Tiffany never deserved you …"

"Why's that?"

"Because you're Charlie Conway, captain duck and all around nice guy..." Julie said, then recalling the chaos of freshman year. "Well, most of the the time." She winked and he smiled.

The two sat there in a moment of pause, when Julie finally decided to speak. "I missed you so much, you know."

"I'm sorry I didn't come by earlier. It's just…"

"It doesn't matter. You're here now. That's what counts," Julie said as she took his hand and held it, reassuring him that it really was okay.

"It's not okay… I should have been there."


"I couldn't… and before you ask me why. I want to show you something." Charlie opened his guitar case and grabbed his guitar.

Julie looked at his curiously. "You playing the guitar for me, Charlie Conway?"

"Yes and singing too, so I should apologize for that in advance"

Julie laughed. "Thanks for the warning."

"This is also definitely not my usual type of music, but I found it fitting for what I wanted to say to you. So, just listen." Charlie explained as he started strumming his guitar.

I won't talk

I won't breathe

I won't move till you finally see that you belong with me

You might think

I don't look

But deep inside in the corner of my mind

I'm attached to you mmmm…

I'm weak

It's true

'cause I'm afraid to know the answer

Do you want me too?

'cause my heart keeps falling faster

I've waited all my life to cross this line

To the only thing that's true

So I will not hide

It's time to try

Anything to be with you…

All my life I've waited

This is true…

Julie felt her heart skip a beat. She had no idea that Charlie felt this way about her. She was truly astounded. "Charlie... I …" But before she could finish her sentence, Charlie kissed her.

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