Darkness Arises by E-Z B

Prologue: The Assignment

September 20, 1998


The sound of the ringing phone permeated the silent atmosphere of the small apartment, followed by the groans of its lone occupant.

A loud grunt emanated from the large bed and a massive figure tossed and turned several times to stir himself awake before he finally reached over and grabbed the cordless phone on his nearby nightstand and nearly knocked it to the carpeted floor below. Switching the phone on, the man let out a long, tortured sigh before he spoke.


"Hello Mr. Cavanaugh, it is a pleasure to finally meet you." an icy voice boomed from the other end.

"What?!" the man sat up in shock. He was now wide awake.

"Who are you and how the hell did you get this number?" Jake Cavanaugh growled as he swung his long legs over and placed his feet on the smooth carpet beneath him. "More importantly, how the hell did you know my name?" he added clenching the phone tighter and wanting to strangle the mysterious individual on the other line.

"I know much about you Mr. Jacob Cavanaugh, or should I call you "The Red Dragon" as your previous associates have referred to you as." the man chuckled arrogantly.

Jake seethed in anger. Being woken up by a mysterious individual who seemingly knew him from out of nowhere was not the ideal way to start a day for him.

"All right who the hell is this? Are you a pig? If you are, I will track you down and then I will rip your head off and shit down your fucking neck!" he snarled raising his voice. If this phone line was tapped and the police were nearby waiting to ambush him, he would be prepared and be ready to deal with them one by one.

"My my Mr. Cavanaugh, I knew you had quite the temper, but seriously, is this any way to greet a man who might be able to make you an offer you can't refuse?" the man chimed, obviously not intimidated by Jake's rage.

"What offer? For all I care you're probably some nameless shmuck with a death wish who will try to lead me along like some mindless sheep only to try jacking me in the back like my old partner did!" Jake spat, making reference to his traitorous former best friend and partner in crime, Tyler "the Viper" Denton.

"Calm down my friend, I am not here to harm you in any way. Like I just said, I am here to make you an offer that could make you a very wealthy man." the man continued.

Jake had heard that line a million times before, both on Mafia movies and in person where the powerful Mafia don would try to make some nobody underling an offer he supposedly could not refuse and then leave him lying in a pool of his own blood afterwards. For now he would play dumb and listen to what this mysterious individual had to say.

"Go on!" he ordered lowering his head. Whatever this man had planned he was too smart to fall for it.

"Thank you. Now as I have just stated, I am prepared to make you an offer that could make you a very wealthy individual. I'm sure that you have heard all about a certain incident that took place in the Arklay Mountains back in late July involving an explosion at the Spencer Estate, am I correct?"

Jake knew right away what the man was talking about.

Throughout the summer the small midwestern metropolis of Raccoon City had made national headlines after a series of brutal and bizarre cannibal murders had been reported throughout the Arklay Mountain area. At first, the murders had been attributed to random wild animal attacks, but soon would be proven to be the work of cannibals, prompting the Raccoon City Police Department to mobilize its elite Special Tactics And Rescue Squad, or S.T.A.R.S. for short.

Little is known of what actually happened on the night of July 28, 1998, but when the night had ended the Spencer Estate had been decimated and only five of the original thirteen S.T.A.R.S. members came out alive. They reported having encountered zombies, green reptilian creatures, large spiders, and other monstrosities and that some corrupt corporation was behind everything. All that was known afterwards was that the S.T.A.R.S. unit had been suspended indefinitely and that the R.P.D. would handle the rest of the investigation itself. The exact fate of the S.T.A.R.S. members themselves was unknown.

"Yeah, I know what you're talking about..." Jake replied, "...So what does this have to do with me?"

"I'm glad you asked Mr. Cavanaugh and now we will get down to business. The incident at the mansion was caused by a viral outbreak. One of the main men behind the incident was a top-ranking scientist by the name of William Birkin."

William Birkin. Jake had no clue who that individual was, but he knew right off the bat that this so-called offer he was receiving would revolve around this particular man and he knew that he would have to pay attention to what this mysterious individual had to say about him.

"All right, so where does this William Birkin come into play?" he asked with great interest.

"As I have stated, Dr. Birkin is a top-ranking scientist with an international pharmaceutical conglomerate, known to the world as Umbrella Inc., I'm sure you are familiar with them as well."

Who wasn't familiar with the Umbrella Corporation? The stories of their recent successes in the medical research field had been all over the news. Not only that, but the company also had its hands in a series of other fields as well, such as computer software, robotics, and numerous other ventures that would practically put them in a high position wherever they chose to set up shop.

The man continued with his speech. "As of late, Dr. Birkin has been working on several top secret projects for the Umbrella Corporation, mainly dealing with biological and chemical weapons. From what we know, the man is becoming paranoid. He fears that the corporation is trying to steal his research right from underneath him and they believe that he might go public with his findings, or try to keep it for himself and possibly sell it to the highest bidder. Either way, it would be bad for business and we cannot have that. This is where you will come into play my friend."

"Okay, I'm listening..." he said with interest.

"Mr. Cavanaugh, I want you to eliminate William Birkin." the man said, slightly raising his tone, "You must get rid of that man by any means necessary. He has become too much of a nuisance for our liking and having read up on your track record we know you are the man for the job. I don't care what you have to do, if you have to shoot him, stab him, bludgeon him, run him over, or even poison him, I want him dead. Kill anybody else that gets in your way too, we can't risk having any witnesses."

"So these guys have heard all about my track record too, I'm touched." Jake thought to himself with a great deal of sarcasm. He then spoke aloud again, "All right, how much will I be paid for this job?"

"Ten million dollars." the man replied.

Ten million dollars. That sure was a lot of money, but Jake could not allow himself to become distracted by such a great dollar amount. He had no idea who this man was and he knew that mysterious types like this always had some kind of ulterior motive in mind. If this man had anything else planned, then so help him he had better come prepared because the Red Dragon would personally hunt him down and make him pay for his stupid mistake.

Jake paused before he spoke knowing he had to be careful. "All right...I'll do it..." he spoke, "...But I'm warning you, if you are playing me then so help me God I will track you down and kill you along with this Birkin shithead!" he growled, his voice adopting a gravelly tone as it lowered.

There was a brief pause before the man spoke, almost as if Jake's threats were beginning to sink in. "I'm glad to hear it. I totally understand your concerns Mr. Cavanaugh and I assure you that this is the only job I will ask of you to perform. You will be paid handsomely for this job and then you will be able to move on as if I never even acknowledged your presence. Right now as I speak an envelope is being delivered to your doorstep. It contains information regarding your mission and it will also contain some items you will need in this assignment."

"What? This bastard knows where I live too?" Jake thought to himself as he quickly used his free hand to reach for the Beretta 9mm. he always kept hidden underneath his pillow when he slept. The gun was fully loaded and in good working condition.

"I wish you good luck Mr. Cavanaugh and good hunting!" with those words the line went dead, but Jake didn't have time to respond. The young man made a quick dash for the front door with his gun raised.

Jake quickly hugged the wall to the immediate right of his door and put his ear to the wall listening for movement. He clenched onto his gun for dear life when he heard heavy footsteps pounding the floor outside and lowered into a combat position as they advanced further and further until they were outside his door and the sound of an envelope being dropped reached his ears. Slowly and quietly turning the doorknob he followed up with a powerful kick that sent the door flying open.

"Got you now!" the criminal cried as he leapt into the hall with his gun trained on his so-called "visitor," only to leap back in stunned silence.

"What?" he half-cried standing in the quiet hallway. He peered throughout the damp, dirty hallway searching for any possible intruders only to find a junkie sitting in a corner mumbling incoherently to himself and some heavily tattooed biker with his hands raised above his head and a look of fear etched upon his face as he noticed the young criminal's handgun.

This was all too freakish for Jake to comprehend and right now he wanted to get this assignment done and over with. He looked down in front of his door and found a manila colored envelope that appeared to have no return address and no visible markings of any kind. He quickly scooped up the envelope and stepped back into his apartment locking the door behind him.

"All right I'm going to find out what this shit is all about." Jake said as he walked across his small living room and collapsed onto his couch. He quickly spilled out the contents of the envelope, finding a series of files, letters, memos, maps, and photographs, along with a red and black ID card belonging to Umbrella Inc.

"Obviously in case I have to sneak around one of their facilities." he said to himself as he closely studied a photo of the man who was William Birkin, his target. He would then begin to sift through the rest of the documents sent to him and would spend the next half hour learning more about Umbrella Inc., the Spencer Estate incident, Raccoon City itself, the S.T.A.R.S. team, and William Birkin himself.

"Damn, this whole deal sounds pretty heavy duty. Might not be as much a walk in the park as I thought it would be. With this guy being a top scientist for the Umbrella Corporation I know I'd probably have quite a few people gunning for me if I took a shot at this man out in broad daylight. I'll have to sneak up on this guy somehow and take him out as quietly as I possibly can." Jake said as he sat back in deep thought.

After some brief moments in thought he went about his normal morning routine. He walked over to his small kitchen area and made himself a quick breakfast consisting of a glass of milk and bowl of cereal and then went into his bathroom and took a shower and then shaved and brushed his teeth. He observed himself closely as he did.

Jake Cavanaugh was a fairly nice looking young man for his twenty four years. He stood six feet three inches tall and possessed a muscular build that could easily intimidate many of his lesser enemies and even some of his more powerful foes. His face was fairly chiseled and he had dark blue-gray eyes that often gave off a cold, unforgiving stare. His large black eyebrows were a dominant feature on his forehead that emphasized his cold stares, giving him a hypnotic, almost vampire-like gaze that could bewilder anybody who tried to start trouble with him, especially when he was in a bad mood. On his chin he had a small strip of neatly trimmed back hair that made up his small goatee and his head was covered with short jet black hair he normally wore spiked up that at the moment hung down almost covering his eyes. The features that stood out the most about the man were his tattoos.

On his upper right arm he had a large red dragon surrounded by flames and black lines that symbolized his nickname "The Red Dragon," for he fought with the fierceness and cunning of a dragon. On his upper left arm he had a cracked skull with blood red eyes belching flames that was meant to symbolize a large part of his chosen profession, death. Across his shoulders he had a mysterious tribal symbol with an unknown meaning, only known by the owner himself. On his lower right leg he had a large scorpion tattoo, which served as a tribute to his deceased brother Ryan, a tough gang member whose nickname was "The Scorpion." Finally, on his right forearm he had several different Chinese symbols which when translated read "Hate, Get To Know Me Better," reflecting upon his often dark outlook on life.

In Jake's own mind, he had every right to have a dark outlook on life. He had gone through enough pain and suffering in his short life and had experienced a lot of things during his childhood that no ordinary kid should have to experience.

Young Jacob was born into a seemingly average family in a small, modest middle class town in northern California where his father worked in the local mill and his mother worked as a secretary in a local office building. He had two brothers and three sisters and on the outside they appeared to be the perfect suburban family, however, they were far from perfect.

Jake's father, an ex-Marine, was a heavy drinker who would beat his wife and children frequently with Jake and his older brother Ryan bearing the brunt of it. He recalls that not a single night would go by where his father wouldn't come home from the local bar and immediately seek out a target to unleash his rage upon, or go on a hunt to quench his bloodthirst.

Jake was also a quiet kid in school with few friends who was bullied constantly and would often receive detentions for beating anybody who picked on him into a bloody pulp. It would also be in his formative years where he would commit his earliest crimes, starting small with shoplifting and burglary and moving up to bigger crimes as he reached his teens such as grand theft auto, assault, arson, armed robbery, extortion, and drug dealing.

It wasn't until several weeks after his high school graduation when Jake would finally commit his first murder.

He arrived home late from a friend's house one stormy night to find his mother lying in a pool of her own blood and his father standing over her prone corpse with a smoking gun in hand. He told Jake that both him and his brother made him do it stemming from their constant run-ins with the law and that he wanted to make both of them suffer for the error of their ways seeing as their mother always seemed to defend them from his wrath.

A brief struggle would then ensue and by the end of that night his father would be lying prone in a pool of his own blood after taking a bullet straight to the heart. Jake Cavanaugh's first victim was his very own father.

Having murdered his father, Jake immediately set out for a life on the run and was never seen around his hometown or by any of his family members ever again. He would later learn from various sources that his older brother Ryan had been killed in a gang fight, his younger brother Jason had joined the army and hadn't been heard from since, his older sister Rose had become so traumatized by their parents' murders that she had tried to commit suicide and was later sentenced to a mental institution, and his other sisters Rachel and Elizabeth had never been heard from again, he suspected they had either been killed, gone into dead end jobs and were living horrible lives, or were probably actually living normal lives.

He would go on to become a drifter, moving from city to city every different day with little money and few available resources, often having to resort to mugging innocent bystanders for their belongings and participating in illegal underground street fighting matches for cash. He would continue this way of life until one night when he would become involved in a barroom brawl and be saved by an individual similar to him.

The man's name was Tyler Denton, better known to his associates as "The Viper" for his quick and deadly precision. He came from a background similar to that of Jake's and the two criminals would quickly bond and become like a brother to one another and go on a crime spree together that would have them wanted in several states. This reign of terror would go on until one fateful night that would change Jake's life forever.

The Viper and the Red Dragon, along with four accomplices, hatched an elaborate scheme to rob the Carcer City Municipal Bank. It was a quick job that had gone along smoothly until one of the hostages managed to trip the robbery alarm, prompting the robbers to kill off all of the hostages present and then attempt a daring escape. The five bank robbers would make their way out of the bank quickly attempting to reach a getaway van with a waiting driver at the end of the alley, with Viper taking the front and Jake covering the rear. Along the way, Jake had managed to take out two arriving police officers commencing chase and would move on until he heard a volley of gunfire in front of him.

He rushed to the front of the alley only to find three of his accomplices shot to death by an unknown assailant and the getaway van nowhere to be found. Another gunshot would ring out and Jake would fall over with a wound to the chest. Everything went black afterwards.

Three of his teammates were dead. Viper and the getaway driver were never heard from again. Jake had been sentenced to numerous life sentences for armed robbery, assault with deadly weapons, and numerous counts of murder, including the two police officers he killed in the escape. He was sentenced to the nearby Almondville Correctional Facility, a sentence that was never to take place.

Six months after his incarceration, Jake managed a daring prison break by beating up a prison guard and stealing his uniform and ID badge and then get access to a police cruiser and speed off to freedom.

Once out of jail, he had managed to escape to the nearby small town of Pike Summit, where he would break into the home of an ex-soldier and kill the man and then proceed to steal some of the man's clothes, personal identification papers, weapons he had hidden all over his house, $50,000 of cash the man had hidden in a safe in his office, and the man's vehicle.

Having made his daring escape and now in search of work, there was only one place Jake could go where he could truly make a name for himself in the world of organized crime, Liberty City.

Immediately after his arrival in the crime-ridden cesspool of Liberty City, the young criminal-for-hire started small time working for a local club owner named Iceman, who needed help dealing with the remnants of the Hispanic-American Diablo street gang and their temporary allies in the form of the Chinese Triads. Shortly thereafter, another Hispanic street gang calling themselves The Lobos came to town looking to settle a score with the Diablos and Jake's services were recommended. After a series of brutal and bloody confrontations, the Diablos and Triads were both totally wiped out and Jake would catch the attention of another criminal syndicate looking to reclaim their power on Portland.

The Forelli Family had once been a powerful force in Liberty City and had owned half of the island itself, however the arrival of the additional gangs and warring with the rival Leone Family Mafia would cause them to lose their place of prominence. Additional incidents such as the infamous "Harwood Massacre" involving a young Forelli Family cleaner named Tommy Vercetti and the arrival of a nameless hired thug in a black leather jacket working for the Leone Family would cause their numbers to dwindle even more. Jake Cavanaugh seemed like a saving grace for them. They believed that with the death of the Leone Family Mafia's don Salvatore and the Leone's trouble with the Triads and Cartel that they would be distracted to the point where they could use the young mercenary to strike a fatal blow upon the rival dynasty and assure the Forelli's return to power.

Jake Cavanaugh would serve the Forelli Family Mafia with great loyalty and would perform several deeds for them that involved striking directly at the Leone Family and their interests. He would continue service to them until he was given the assignment of eliminating the man in the leather jacket, known around Liberty City by several names including "Fido," "The Cleaner," "The Reaper," and just simply "The Man in the Leather Jacket." The man's real name was Matt Logan.

The assassination attempt was botched by interference from the Cartel and Jake would immediately be marked for death for his failure. A Forelli hit squad attacked Jake's hideout and he would barely make it out alive. It would be a timely intervention from Matt Logan himself that would save the young criminal-for-hire's life.

On the run from the gangs of Portland, Jake went to work for Logan and would perform numerous errands for him that involved striking at the Colombian Cartel and the Jamaican Uptown Yardies, as well as doing sidework for the Yakuza of Staunton Island and the Southside Hoods of Shoreside Vale. Once the menace of the Cartel had been taken care of, Jake left Liberty City to explore greener pastures elsewhere.

Washington City would be Jake's next destination, where he would do work for numerous street gangs, corrupt politicians, ruthless businessmen, and other assorted scum and would even be tracked down by the Colombian Cartel to there, where they would set a trap for him at the city docks. Fortunately, it would be another timely intervention that would save the young man's life, this time from an old familiar face.

It was Viper and he had come back to save his old comrade from certain doom. After catching up on old times the two men would go to work for a new crime boss, a young up-and-coming Mafia hitman named Tony Cappelli, who was looking to expand his uncle's vast empire. Working under the young Cappelli's direction for several months would enable him to gain control of a majority of Washington City's major business assets and provide him with his own criminal army. Impressed by the skills of both men, Anthony Cappelli would go on to introduce them to his uncle, The Harwood Butcher himself and current Vice City coke baron, Tommy Vercetti.

Relocating to Vice City, The Viper and The Red Dragon would perform many more tasks for the aging crimelord, as well as several associates of his including the former head of Love Media, Donald Love, ruthless real estate mogul Avery Carrington, cafe owner and leader of the Cuban street gang Umberto Robina, Vercetti's personal attorney Ken Rosenberg, biker gang leader "Big" Mitch Baker, washed up rock manager Kent Paul, and the fugitive military man Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez. Unfortunately, the ever defiant pursuing Colombian Cartel had also tracked Jake and Viper to Vice City and would attempt to eradicate them once and for all in another city where they had plentiful connections.

Constantly on the run from their enemies, Jake and Viper fought valiantly against all opposition until the unspeakable occurred.

Viper, the very man who had been like a brother to Jake and had been his partner in crime for years and had saved him on numerous occasions in the past turned on him. He revealed that it was he who shot Jake in the chest on that fateful night because he viewed the young criminal as "troublesome excess baggage" that was holding him back from reaching higher glory and wanted him dealt with immediately, but he never expected that he would make it out alive.

Fueled by anger and vengeance, Jake lashed out at his former best friend and partner and the two of them went at it in a bloody confrontation in an abandoned factory that would last several hours and nearly kill the young man, but in the end The Red Dragon would emerge victorious and send Viper falling to his death from a nearby cliff. That would not be the only tragedy that would occur that night.

Using their connections to corrupt city officials, the Cartel had managed to send a squad of heavily armed S.W.A.T. and F.B.I. agents to raid the Vercetti Estate on Starfish Island. When the night ended, a majority of Vercetti's henchmen had either been killed, arrested, or reported missing and Tommy Vercetti himself had died trying to defend his empire, this fatal blow left Jake without work and had forced him to resume his life on the run. He is currently wanted for numerous counts of several major crimes such as murder, arson, grand theft auto, assault and battery, armed robbery, extortion, vehicular manslaughter, arms smuggling, drug dealing, impersonating a police officer, and so much more.

At the moment, Jake Cavanaugh was once again working as a criminal-for-hire and was accepting any assignment from the highest bidder. In addition to his previous track record, Jake was a jack of all trades with training in all kinds of firearms, both small arms, heavy artillery, explosives, and even simple melee weapons, a skilled hand-to-hand fighter with training in several different fighting disciplines, lockpicking, electronics, computer hacking, demolitions, first-aid, and mechanical repair. He was in high demand and was determined to stay that way.

Jake let out a deep sigh as he stepped back from the mirror and walked into his bedroom. To call his small bedroom a total mess was an understatement, it looked like a warzone.

His small two person bed was always unkempt and the sheets were tattered and worn, barely keeping him warm some nights, the walls were covered with an ugly green and gold pattern wallpaper that was peeling and exposing several holes in the wall underneath, the filthy gray carpeting was full of holes and covered with numerous different kinds of stains, including blood, and at the moment was littered with empty cans, food wrappers, crumpled papers, discarded articles of clothing, and a smelly pizza box. Other than his bed, his other furniture consisted of a small nightstand next to his bed which held his alarm clock, cell phone, and a small lamp, in the northeast corner of the room sat a small dresser and next to it a stand up cabinet which held several coats and shirts, a tall floor lamp which sat near his door, and a large mirror which rested on the wall near his lone bedroom window.

Jake walked over to his dresser and pulled out some clothes throwing on a pair of boxers and socks followed by a black t-shirt with an elaborate red dragon design that closely resembled the dragon tattoo on his upper right arm, black cargo pants, red, white, and black colored Nike tennis shoes, and then slid on some black fingerless gloves. He then walked over to the cabinet and pulled out several holsters, the first of which was a belt with a hip holster that he tied around his waist, then a shoulder holster which often held his more powerful sidearms, and then a small holster around his shin which held his concealed combat knife. He then slid on a Kevlar bulletproof vest and then pulled out a large black trenchcoat which held several concealed pockets where he would keep his weapons, ammo, and other important objects. He then walked over to his nightstand and grabbed his pair of War Eagle sunglasses and cell phone and then entered his living room.

The living room was not in much better condition than the bedroom. The walls and carpet were slightly cleaner in the living room/kitchen area, but the furniture was no better. Against the wall sat a large couch covered by numerous stains and full of all kinds of different tears in the fabric, a chair sat in front of the kitchen counter that was in the same condition as the couch, and in front of them sat a small coffee table covered with numerous crumpled papers and empty cans and food containers. The nearby kitchen area had counters covered in empty food containers and grocery bags and the sink was full of dirty dishes and the small refrigerator wasn't in much better condition and was nearly empty, meaning the owner would have to go out and buy some more food pretty soon. A small television sat near the east wall currently turned off at the moment and near the entranceway sat a large bookshelf that was strangely empty. Several beautiful landscape paintings covered the walls as well, definitely out of place with the shabby environment they were placed in.

Jake walked over to the forest painting that sat above the television set and pulled it aside to reveal a small electronic keypad. He typed in a four digit code and a loud ding filled the small room. Immediately the bookshelf would open up to reveal a small secret room that he used as his private armory.

Inside the small room was a weapon lover's dream come true. On the left wall sat a rack filled with numerous different types of shotguns, among them a Remington M800, Remington M1100, M210 sawed-off, customized Remington M1100 pump-action, Benelli M3S, Western Custom M37, Mark 3-A2, and SPAS-12 semi-automatic assault shotgun. On the right wall sat several different kinds of assault rifles and submachine guns, among them a Colt M-4, M4A1 variation, Ruger, AK-47, M-11 silenced submachine gun, H&K MP-5, MAC 11, Ingram MAC 10, TEC-9, and a PSG-1 sniper rifle. Kept in a small case beneath the shotgun rack were several different types of handguns including a Beretta 9mm., H&K VP-70, Browning HP, Colt .45, Glock-17, Beretta M92 tranquilizer pistol, silenced SOCOM military pistol, customized Desert Eagle 50A.E magnum, S&W M629C Magnum, Colt Python .357 Magnum Revolver, Sigpro SP2009, customized STI Eagle 6.0 handgun, and an M92F customized handgun.

At the front of the room sat a small wooden table with a laptop computer positioned atop it. Next to the table sat an M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon (S.A.W.) or mini-gun and a crate full of fragmentation grenades. Several other important weapons and items were present in the room as well such as combat knives, a machete, bulletproof vests, first-aid kits, night-vision goggles, thermo goggles, a mine detector, a camera scrambler, communication radios, jars of gunpowder, C-4 explosives, brass knuckles, a hand tazer, a chainsaw covered in dried blood, and numerous boxes and clips of ammunition that would have enabled Jake to start his own criminal empire had he wished. Above the small table sat an ancient sword with a beautiful dragon design on the handle which he had kept as a souvenir after he eliminated a Triad warlord back in Liberty City.

The criminal-for-hire walked over to the case and pulled out a Beretta 9mm. and slid it into his waist holster and grabbed five clips for the sidearm and slid them into his pockets. Next he grabbed the S&W M629C and slid it into his shoulder holster and grabbed six speed loaders for the powerful gun. He then reached onto the rack in front of him and grabbed the SPAS-12 and slid into a special holster on the inside of his trenchcoat to keep it concealed from the public and jammed his pockets full of shells for the gun. For his last weapon he grabbed a large survival knife and slid it into the shin holster and pulled his pant leg over it to conceal it. For extra precaution, Jake grabbed a can of Umbrella manufactured first-aid spray and some hemostat pills and slid them into a compartment on his belt and then grabbed a lighter and lockpick and slid them into another pouch.

"This is it." he said to himself. He stepped out into his living room and slipped his sunglasses on over his cold blue-gray eyes. He walked out his front door and made his way to the parking garage where he would then get into his jeep and begin his journey towards Raccoon City.

He tried to tell himself that he was ready for this assignment, but deep down a voice was telling him that something was up and that he had better not underestimate the man he was being sent after.

To Jake Cavanaugh this was an assassination mission and he was told he would be paid ten million dollars for performing this job.

He had no idea what he was about to be sent into and what seems like a simple mission is actually the beginning of a nightmare that will forever change his life.

Author's Note: Well this is the beginning of a new fic I have been thinking up ideas for quite some time now. I have decided to include my Jake Cavanaugh character because I've been thinking up ideas for him now for quite some time and I would definitely like to develop him more which is why I have decided to include him in other genres outside of Grand Theft Auto. Well this is the beginning of a journey into a nightmare for Jake and we will see how he fares in the coming chapters.