A/N: ok this is my Naraku reincarnation fic. In this fic not only will the reincarnation be trying for the holy cup, but he will be going after the sliver crystal as well. Will Ami meet an old friend from her childhood days, but soon she will learn about many secrets about her friend that will trouble her later on. All information on the incarnation like how he was born and how did the original Naraku die I shall reveal later in the story. The other members of the Inuyasha cast will make an appearance later. Please read and review.

Chapter 1

Birth of a new Naraku

It was a clam and starry night in the modern era. The waves were crashing into the beach's sandy shoreline. Walking around in the forest near by was a young teenage man and a woman. They were walking along until a trio of boys emerged from behind some trees and they attacked the young man by pushing him to the ground. He started kicking him around until one of the said "that will teach you to do better than us in class you smug brat."

The woman with the three boys was dressed up in a black dress with purple hair and with black eye shadowing. All of the three boys were wearing black school uniforms. One boy had blonde short hair, the other had black hair and the last one had a light blue hair tided into a pointy tail. The young man on the ground had a black hair and slightly pale skin.

"I did a good job luring him here didn't I." the woman stepped in saying. Her shadow was looming over the boy as he lay on the ground. The boy moved his arm back towards him while he was trying to get up.

"Is this what it is about? You lured me out here just so you could beat me up all because I am doing better in our class. That is a lame reason to beat someone up." The young man shouted. One of the taller boys walked towards him.

"Yep!" the boy said as he kicked in the stomach. "And now we are going enjoy tormenting you tonight." The boy informed him as he started spraying the ground surrounding the said teen they were planning on tormenting with a bottle of lighter fluid. Then he pulled out a match and he lit it. Then he threw it to the ground causing the lighter fluid to ignite.

A ring of fire surrounded the young man, but soon what seemed like harmless fun soon went too far. The young man caught fire and he was soon set aflame. He stood their screaming for a few seconds not knowing what to do. The other boys and the girl were so freaked out by what was happening that fled. They didn't care what happened to the boy they were tormenting.

The boy was screaming as his legs and most of his body was on fire. He quickly ran through the forest. Without realizing it he ran off a cliff and fell thirty feet into the ocean below. He survived the fall with the water thankfully putting out the flames, but now the poor lad had to endure the brutal ocean currents as they began slamming him against the rocks near the base of the cliff.

Unable to barely even see what was around him the boy struggled to escape the ocean as he desperately tried to grab hold on the rocks to pull himself out, but the rocks were too slippery for him to grab a firm hold. The cruel waves grabbed his body once against before smashing him against the ocean waves, but this time after impacting with a large rock he heard the sound of bones breaking while a suction of water pulled him under.

The darkness consumed him as he was pulled deep underwater until by either luck or fate the child managed to use his only good arm to enter a underwater cave where he found an air pocket allowing the boy to escape the brutally of the ocean currents.

The rocks had broken his right leg while rendering his left arm useless…it was a miracle alone that the child was able to pull himself into the cave to escape the currents, but he was now trapped with no clear way out save for a small beam of moonlight pouring in from a hole fifty feet above his head.

With his body in its current condition not to mention the flames from earlier had burnt most of his body climbing out of the cave wasn't a very likely possibility. Blood was dripping from his fingernails and his hands were covered in blisters and burn marks. The child was throwing up blood as he crawled on the ground trying to find somewhere way out, but he was hopelessly trapped. He was too far away to call for help. He would die if he didn't get any medical attention…the chances of anyone finding him in this cave anytime soon was extremely unlikely.

During these moments thoughts of anger and hate towards those who did this to him filled his mind and his soul, but unknown to him a birthmark in the form of a spider on his back began pulsating with an evil aura. Suddenly much to his surprise and horror many different types of demons suddenly appear and they are quickly surrounding the young man, as he lay, immobile on the ground with his stomach against the cold wet rocky floor. He tried to move away with one arm, but he couldn't get away not with a broken arm and leg…any strength he had left soon left him as the child looked up at the demons.

The child was horrified by the demons, he tired to get up so he could try to fight off the youkai, but his legs were completely useless. He grabbed a rock throwing it at the nearest demon in a vain attempt to fight them off, but the demons started biting into his sides, his arms and his legs. He felt a feeling dread wash over him along with the pain of being slowly eaten alive.

He knew he was going to die, but that was when he was beginning to feel something stirring within him. It was almost he could hear a voice filled with arrogance and it was smug asking: Get up and do something or do you want to die here? You are much stronger than those demons! The boy tried to move again, but the demons had him pinned down. How pitiful...I can't believe that I have been reincarnated into such a weak human. The voice said mocking him.

"I am not weak!" the boy screamed as the demons were biting deeper into his skin. The boy's vision was getting burly, his heart beat was growing weaker and he was beginning to lose feeling of his arms and his legs even through the pain of the demons feasting on him increased with the boy screaming louder and louder as the pain increased.

Then take the demons into your body then and become stronger! the voice commanded as the boy used what strength he had left he grabbed one of the demons by the neck. Suddenly the boy was glowing with a purple aura as something unexpected happened.

The demons started to merge with the boy. Something within his body was causing this unholy fusion. The boy had unknowingly forced the demons to merge with him. He could feel some kind of power within him was awaking. All of the demons in the area were being drawn to him as they all merged with him causing all of his wounds to miraculously heal before his eyes. The many different limbs belonging to the demons he absorbed were sticking out of his body, but were being pulled into it.

The boy feeling his strength returning to him began to stand up while he was surrounded by an unholy purple light while the birthmark on his back had now become a burn mark in the shape of the spider. Once the fusion was completed a blighting blue light erupted forth from the young man. In moments the child was standing upright while his body was still glowing with a blue light. The boy looked at himself before he started feeling his hands. He felt different, but most importantly he felt powerful. He could feel his body was pulsing with power.

He didn't understand what had just happened, but he was still himself mentally, but he could tell that his body had changed very drastically. He was understandably freaked out by the transformation as he kept sprouting different demons body parts while he was trying to keep his human form. With his new strength he climbed out of the cave emerging on the forest's edge near the cliff overlooking the ocean. Once he was freed the child ran into the forest terrified by what he has become.

He was frightened, but he felt the voice inside of him laughing as it said: Well done.

A new Naraku has been born.