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Chapter 25

The Black and White Queens


In the 30th century, within the halls of the royal place located at the heart of Crystal Tokyo a pair of young women was seated at a white table where an elaborate glass chess board and pieces were set up. A game between the two women was in progress as the player behind the white pieces was moving her knight to intercept her opponent's bishop which was moving closer to a position to threaten the white king piece.

"You have improved a little" The player behind the black chess pieces commented.

"You think so…do you think I can beat Lelouch now?" The future Usagi Tsukino inquired hopefully.

"Not in a million years, you'll never get that good. You might get lucky with Ami through." The woman sitting across from Queen Neo-Serenity said, in contrast to the white dress the Queen of Crystal Tokyo wore her chess opponent wore a black dress lined with gold. She possessed yellow eyes and long lime colored hair.

"You're mean C.C"

"No I am just being truthful…if I lie and get your hopes up Lelouch will viciously crush them when you get overconfident against him."

"You could be nicer about it"

"Then you wish for me to lie?"

"Well…no…but" Usagi after moving a pawn, but suddenly C.C moved her queen.

"Check" C.C declared having now cornered Usagi's king…unless Usagi did something she would lose against to the immortal girl.

"WHAT" The queen said as she began panicking, but soon C.C was distracted by a beautiful aroma in the air. She stood up hurrying over to the nearest window to find the source of the wonderful smell filling her nostrils. C.C glazed down at the city-block size plaza below in front of the palace where she saw a long-time dream about to realized, the world's largest pizza about to be completed.

"Finally a dream come true…Usagi are" C.C began as she turned around stopping mid-sentence where she caught the Queen of Crystal Tokyo red-handed attempting to reconfigure the pieces on the chess board attempting to cheat her way to victory. "You should be ashamed of yourself Usagi…you are the bloody queen of Crystal Tokyo supposed to be the noblest and purest queen of all. Yet you have stooped so low to cheat in a simple game of chess."

"I am sorry, but" Usagi said as tears began forming in her eyes.

"I'll yet you go on this little incident if you do me a favor." C.C said with a sly smile on her face.


"I want first dibs on that magnificent pizza down there."

"Sure I don't think that will be a problem." Usagi said nervously since if Lelouch, Ami or her husband Mamoru heard about her little cheating stunt they both wouldn't let her live it down easy, Ami and Lelouch especially.

The two began walking down the hall intending to make their way over to the plaza below to partake of the giant pizza getting closer and closer to completion. As the two continued their way down the hall the two women shared another conversation regarding a more serious matter.

"Have you considered the other matter we discussed last night?"

"Yes, but are you sure about this?"

"I am…I have already given her the power of the King just like his."

"But I thought it was impossible for two people to have the exact same power?"

"It is, but with Setsuna and Merlin's help we were able to control the endowment process allowing her to receive the same power he has."

"Isn't it dangerous either way to send her into the past?"

"It is, but I am not worried…I have faith in her. She will become the next generation Zero and stand in the twilight."

"Stand in the twilight I shall for the past, present and future of this kingdom and the universe." A new female voice said as a woman dressed in a tight white suit with silver stripes and long, wrapped sleeves. Another part of the woman's attire, which was worn over the white suit, was a black cape lined with silver with gray spandex on the interior with a large black cape encircling the head where the costume's most prominent feature could be seen. The most recognizable feature of this person was the spiky white and black mask while a stretched out black emblem of the Geass on the lower jaw section of the mask. Completing the outfit were black gloves covering the wearer's hands and a black belt on the waist.

"So the costume we made fits…how does it feel?"

"I feel a little awkward, but I understand why Lelouch enjoyed the mask."

"I understand…I wore the Zero costume a few times myself over the years."

"There you are" Setsuna said approaching the group, but the woman was silenced before she could finish that sentence.

"From this moment on when I wear this mask I am Null."

"Null" C.C noted.

"The same level as Zero" Null explained.

"I see… I guess it works Null."

"So the new suit Lloyd made for you looks good."

"Indeed it's quite the fashion statement, but compared to the old Zero costume Lelouch wore this has more tricks than even Batman's costume ever have." Null stated when she clicked the hells of her boots together trigging the activation of the suit's built in anti-gravity system causing the wearer of the Null suit to levitate six inches off the ground.

"Nice…maybe I should have him do a little work on my wardrobe" Usagi commented with a laugh.

"Buts that only one feature the Null suit has been built with…it enhances my strength possesses a few hidden weapons for me to use in a sticky situation aside from an excellent assortment of tools." Null replied.

"Mother who is that masked person? Where is she dressed like daddy?" A voice asked as all heads turned to see a fourteen year old girl with long waist-length black hair, but with green highlights. She had a fair complexion, amethyst eyes dressed in a black dress identical to her mother's, but a little bit less revealing.

"Maria, please go and stay with her father mother is having a very important meeting with a friend ok."

"Ok" Maria said before running off to find her father.

"She is defiantly her father's child…a nosey child at that too." C.C. commented.

"She proves the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree." Usagi added.

"Here use this to travel into the past." Setsuna said handing Null a small gold and blue talisman that bore the image of a phoenix upon its surface. "The Phoenix Gate is a very powerful talisman…when the right incantation is spoken you will travel instantly through time to any place in time you visualize with your mind's eye. The incantation is this: Deslegrate muri tempi et intervalia."

"What does that mean?" Usagi asked.

"It's Latin, which translates to Burn down walls of space and time."

"I think I can remember it"

"But are you sure you still want to do this?" Usagi asked obviously concerned for the woman's safety.

"I'll be fine we all know what happens…I am just there for damage control." The masked woman replied with a laugh.

"Lloyd will have the Susanoo finished soon as requested." Setsuna added.

"But for now use the Phoenix Gate to stabilize the flow of time…its purpose must be fulfilled."

"History is normally immutable, but because of the actions of the Emperor and Death Phantom sending surges of dark energy through time when he tried to force the flow of dark energy from the black crystal to the past also has led to problems with the flow of time. Under normal circumstances you couldn't change history, but with our plan…you can alter history for the better which for us now would be doing what is needed to bring out this current era of peace. The coming war between Hitomi and Usagi will affect all, but someone must prepare those chosen to face the darkness."

"I understand I will do what I must…Lelouch helped me plan the next courses of action."

"I wish you luck…Null." Usagi said with a smile certain she would stabilize time in the past so their future can exist with a few changes.

"I will not fail…I will stand between the light and the darkness as Hitomi wages his war with Sailor Moon." Taking a deep breath the woman held the Phoenix Gate in her hands before placing it on her belt moments before chanting the spell. "Deslegrate muri tempi et intervalia" Null spoke as a sphere of flame consumed her before disappearing into the past.

"She will succeed." C.C declared with a smile.

"I hope so, but can she change the future where others have failed?"

"As long as she prevents the amoralities the Emperor caused she can…not by much, but she will be able to alter events if she carefully plans out and executes her moves correctly." Setsuna replied.

"I have faith in her."

"Maybe she can change Hitomi as well and bring a more peaceful resolution to the war in the process if we are lucky." Usagi said as she knew in the past…one year from the defeat of Hitomi the dawn of the Second Keyblade War would be upon her past self and friends with others being drawn into the coming conflict.

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