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She swallowed back coffee, looking out the window, at the falling snow. Yes, it was falling again, and thicker than before. If it wasn't for the snow-repellent charm she'd placed on the drive and pathway, they'd be snowed in. She sighed and wandered through to the living room.

Ciaran was home today, he'd insisted on roaring fires being lit in each room, including her own. It heated the house nicely, though Bri still wore a thick sweater which covered most of her neck, and warm cord trousers. She had bare feet like normal, and she could feel the floor warming her toes because of underground heating.

She moved from room to room with a mug of black coffee in her hands, fingers clasped around it. She passed her fathers study and stopped abruptly, hearing him call out from inside.

"ROSE?!" There was a yell, she cringed. She slowly entered.

"Yes Father?" she asked, keeping an innocent composure. Her necklace under her sweater seemed to grow warm as she looked at him.

"I need you to deliver a letter." Bri nodded.

"Should I make Loki do it or…Should I take it by hand?" she wondered because sometimes he didn't like to use his own hawk.

"Loki." he answered shortly. Bri nodded. "Who's it to, may I ask?" she wondered, curious. She watched him as he signed it in a hand similar to her own.

He raised his shadowed eyes and watched her for a moment, before lowering them once more. "A reply to a certain Lucius Malfoy…" he muttered, pushing it into an envelope. He sealed it and passed it to her. She glanced at it before moving to the door.

"Do not read it, daughter."

"I shan't." she mumbled, leaving. Does no-one trust me? Or is this just because they are all paranoid death eaters? Curious, she made her way upstairs. She found Loki eating a dead rat in one of the rooms of the attic.

"Eugh…Loki, you are disgusting." she muttered as the large black bird fluttered onto her shoulder. She picked up the bleeding rat carcass with her thumb and forefinger, before cracking a window and tossing it out.

She gave Loki the letter and spoke to her softly for a few moments, before letting her fly away. She smiled slightly, and made her way downstairs. She sat on the large sofa in the larger front room, watching the snow fall for a few moments. She lifted a book from the coffee table.

Bri read a paragraph; the book was a highly advanced book about transfiguration. She'd found it in the family library, and started reading it. The doorbell rang once more, shattering the silence.

Still, with book in hand, she made her way to the door and pulled it open. The bitter wind struck her like a slap to the face and she lowered the book.

Almost immediately, a glare appeared on her face. She started to slam the door shut again. They stopped it.


Bri shook her head, shutting the door halfway, standing so he couldn't see her. She suddenly realised something, smirked, and came out from behind the door. She put on a dazzling smile. "Would you like a drink? Tea…Coffee? Hot chocolate?" she wondered, casting a look down the corridor, the one that led to her fathers study.

Draco frowned, hesitant. What was she up to? Ever more nervous, he entered, shaking snow from his cloak. She smiled at him again. It was so amazing; he longed to kiss those lips again. He wanted to have the rights to touch that body again.

"Coffee. Please." he said quietly, watching her saunter across the hall way. He swallowed and followed, her hair tied up loosely swung as she walked.

A few moments later, she handed him a mug of coffee. He took a grateful sip, swallowing it down. Bri waited until he'd drunken it all then smiled, standing up. "Okay then…" she murmured, taking his hands and pulling him up. The mere thought of touching him made her skin crawl, but she was desperate to get him out of her life. Forever.

She gave him another beautiful and started out the room, tugging him with her. She walked slowly, flashing him a smile every so often. Suddenly he stopped, spinning her round, into him. "Stop it." he whispered, voice sounding rough and laced with lust. Bri raised an eyebrow, pressing her body against him, 'unintentionally'.

"I'm not doing anything." she told him, sounding delightfully innocent.

He grabbed her firmly, and kissed her deeply. Just then, Bri reached for her wand, pointing at the study door, which Draco had forgotten to notice. It looked like every other door in the hallway. It sprung open, and she had just enough time to slip her wand into her pocket before she heard a yell from the study.

"DRACO MALFOY!" She heard Ciaran roar, his anger bubbling over. He dropped Bri quickly, and she quickly composed herself, feigning shock and disgust.

"Father!" she gasped, rushing to him. "He said he wanted to talk to you…When he kissed me!" she threw him a look of revenge that Ciaran couldn't see.

"Are you okay?" he asked her. Bri was knocked for six. That was the first and most likely the only time that she would see any kind of fatherly love from him. She was shocked but recovered enough to nod. "Right…Good." He murmured before turning to Draco. He was looking like a rabbit in headlights, scared as hell.

"You DARE to touch my daughter?! You..." the door floor shut then, most likely by Ciaran's wand. All could be heard now was muffled conversation and a few shouts and screams on Draco's behalf. Bri smirked at the door, stifling a laugh. She sat down in the chair she'd been seated in a few nights ago, waiting for dear old Dad to be done.

Some, ten minutes later, Ciaran re-entered the room. He cast a forced smile her way. "I'm sorry father…I never expected him to…" he cut her of with a wave of his hand.

"Are you sure you are okay?" she nodded nervously. "Good. I'm sorry about that. He never was the most pleasant of people. Even as a child…" he mused and Bri was silent. "Tell me when Loki has returned, you may leave."

Bri stepped away and into the corridor. There were faint marks on the wall and the floor was slightly scuffed. She walked through to the entrance hall, seeing the door blowing back on its hinges. She went to shut it, seeing Draco limping away down the path.

Wanting to see the result of Ciaran's rage, she shoved her feet into shoes grabbed his cloak, then chased down the drive after him. "DRACO!" she shouted after him, angry at herself for feeling guilty. He deserved this, remember? She told herself as she grabbed his shoulder.

He turned to look at her with strong dislike. "You…you forgot your cloak." she said nervously holding it out to him.

"Fucking bitch." he narrowed his eyes at her, as Bri watched bloody trickle from his lip. He snatched the cloak from her; she saw his fingers fumble with the catches as he tried to put it on.

"I'm sorry." she said weakly, watching him.

"Like hell you are!" he stopped with the coat and turned away, leaving her standing lonely in the snow. She sighed.

"Happy New Year…Rose." she mumbled with sadness, and started the cold walk back to the manor, kicking snow as she went.

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