Alternate ending:

"Peter look! They're coming from up the hill!"

Peter looked out and saw about 20 zombies making there way to what could be their lunch! "Shit! They know we are here...they must have heard my gun fire!"

Fran turned her head around in the wrecked room to look for any last thing she was forgetting. She took the bag of food and water, and a few clumps of cloth for the baby. She would die for one stop shopping again, and to think she once cursed Stephen for making then stay inthat Shopping mall!

She ran to Peter who pointed to the helicopter, and then made her way to it and opened the door and put Stephen down on the back passenger seat, and the bag of food next to him. She jumped in the front and looked at the controls, and started the copter up. She was waiting for Peter to get in and hold Stephen but he didn't get in yet. She looked out the window of the helicopter; Peter was fighting off zombies that were almost on top of him!

Peter saw five zombies coming towards him. He was pulling up his gun to shoot them when another zombie came from behind. It stuck its black teeth into Peter's shoulder! The strong black man felt a zap of pain in is arm. He held back a scream to what felt like the most pain he had ever encountered before. The other zombies made there way toward him and took him down to the ground, where they started to eat his warm flesh. Peter looked once more at the helicopter, a tear running down from his eye...he was sorry he would never see the dawn of light ever again...

Fran didn't hear anything going on outside over the choppers revolving blades. She thought she heard someone scream outside, but wasn't sure if it was just her nerves getting the best of her.


Now there was a zombie on the side of the chopper; it began to beat on Fran's door! Fran spun around to see it's pale gray face pushed up on the window. She jumped at the sight of its soulless eyes staring at her, its black teeth chopping up and down, in its red bleeding open month. It was trying to break in! Trying to eat her and her baby!

Fran felt around her seat for her pistol. She found it and was ready to take on anything that would try to harm her son. Now more and more Zombies started to come around the helicopter. Where the hell was Peter? She thought. Then it hit her...there was a body lying outside, it was Peter in his blue S.W.A.T uniform!

"Oh God no! Peter!" Fran started to cry. She was alone now. Without Peters help could she make it? Was she that strong? Stephen started to cry from the back seat. Fran turned around and grabbed him, holding him tight in her arms. She looked at his sweet innocent face, and cried even more. She had nothing to give him. She had given him life and look what world she let him be born into...

The zombies were all around them now, banging and hitting them from all sides. Their moans were deafening, and they were making her crazy! Fran held her gun in her hand and kissed her baby. In the sky, light was setting. The dawn of a new day had come.

-The End-