Prince Meets Princess

Summary: Asakura Yoh is heir to the Shaman King throne, before he can claim the throne he must marry one of three girls. [rewrite]

Author's Notes: I've decided to rewrite this fic. The plot will be bigger and give time for more relationship development. And the final fight scene will be better!

Chapter One: Every King Needs His Queen

A tall handsome boy with short brown hair and orange head phones nervously paced outside of his parents chambers, having been called to see his father no more than five minutes ago.

His parents were Asakura Mikihisa and Asakura Kekio, who just so happened to be the Shamanic rulers of their small kingdom. That would make the boy pacing outside of their room, Asakura Yoh, crowned prince and heir to the Shaman King throne.

Asakura Yoh was not your normal prince, apart from being a shaman, he was lazy, easy going and hated to train above all else. But, most girls fell madly in love with the young Prince. He just had that aura about him, not to mention he was cute.

Yoh stopped pacing as the large doors slowly creak open and a maid walked out, " His Majesty will see you now." She said with a respectful bow before walking away.

Yoh nervously walked into the chambers of his parents, normally when ever he was called, he had done something. Skip training, fall asleep during lessons, or just leave and not show back up until well after dark.

"What's keeping you?" His father asked. His father was a very respectable person and just leader. Although you could never tell what the man was thinking due to the bird mask that hid his face. Each time Yoh would ask about it, his father would brush him off.

Yoh quickly walked in as maids pulled open curtains allowing the morning sun to stream through into the room. "Y-you called for me father?" Yoh asked.

His father nodded, "Hai...take a seat." He said indicating the chair that sat in front of the table he was sitting at drinking his morning tea with his wife.

Yoh nodded and quickly sat down, "Father whatever it was..." Yoh said in hopes of weaseling his way out of extra training, "...I didn't do it."

Kekio choked back a laugh as her husband spoke, "Guilty conscience?" He asked sweetly.

Yoh shook his head, "No...every time I'm called to see you I'm in some form of trouble." Yoh said simply, which was true.

Mikihisa chuckled, " your not in trouble." He said with a small smile.

Yoh's face instantly brightened, "Then way did you call me?" He asked helping himself to a cup of tea.

Mikihisa sighed, as much as he fought against it, his mother, Asakura Kino, overruled him, "Your grandmother feels it is time for you to wed." He said.

Yoh choked on his tea, "N-nani?" He choked, "Father I just turned sixteen."

Mikihisa nodded, "I cannot defy what she says, she is after all one of the Asakura elders."

"There only two dear." Kekio pointed out. Mikihisa nodded to his wife, "That there are."

"How will I find a girl?" Yoh asked, to him it seemed impossible to just go out and find some girl, fall in love with her then marry her.

"Your grandmother has sent for three princesses from various parts of Japan." Mikihisa said.

"Do I know these girls?" Yoh asked.

"No...but you have three mouths in which to get to know them then pick your bride." Mikihisa said simply.

Yoh shook his head, first it was three girls, then it was three girls in three mouths...what's next, three kids in a year?

"But the lucky girl you pick to be your bride will move to the palace. The wedding will take place once you turn eighteen." Mikihisa said.

Yoh sighed, well, everything would work out on it's own. Someway...somehow.

Kekio smiled at her son. She had complete faith in her son, he'd find the perfect girl for him in his own time, "It will be ok." Kekio said gently.

"Yeah, but that's not the worse part." Mikihisa said.

Yoh looked up, "What is?" He asked, yup...three kids in one year...

"You must have your wife before you claim the throne." Mikihisa said.

Yoh shook his head, things just keep getting better and better.

Mikihisa smiled, "Every king needs his queen after all." He said.

Yoh walked slowly down the hall towards his room, everything that was said still buzzing in his head.

Three girls...Three mouths

Soon his life, at least for the next three mouths, would evolve around three girls, of whom he never meant. Out of those three, he'd choose the woman to spend the rest of his life with...was it fall in three mouths?