Prince Meets Princess

Chapter Thirty: The Shaman King

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Yoh pulled Anna even closer to him, "Anna..." He said softly, biting his lower lip, "...I love you."

With a burst of flames the tender moment was ruined, "Took you long enough if I do say so myself, Otouto." Asakura Hao said cheerfully.

"Hao!" Yoh said, narrowing his eyes as he stood in front of Anna.

Hao tsked him, "Now, now, there's no need to protect her from her future husband." He said, an evil grin on his face as he gazed at the blonde itako.

Anna glared, "More like he's protecting you from me!" Anna snapped.

Yoh sweatdropped as Hao chuckled pleasently, "Oh my dear itako...if only you knew."


Kanna smiled widely as she stared at the people they were about to attack, "Well today is the day girls." She said glancing over her shoulder.

Macchi nodded, "We'll kill those bakas this time." She said while leaning on her broom stick.

Mari rolled her eyes, "Would bakas stop talking about it and do it!" She snapped before she muttered things under her breath.

Kanna glared, "Don't be so pushy." She snapped back, "Let's get them girls."

Tao Ren and Usui HoroHoro were still at each others throats...litrally. Ren had his hands clasped around Horo's neck, slowly choking the life out of him.

Horo, who was blue at this point was trying to kick the Chinese shaman off of him, but since the said shaman was so short...he was finding it hard to do so.

"Onii-chan! Ren! Stop it this instant!" Pirika shouted, waging her finger at the two boys. "Ren stop choking Onii-chan! He's turning blue!"

Ren glared at the blue headed boy beneath him, "That's the whole point."

"Tao Ren! You stop that right now!" Jun snapped as she walked up, Pailong following closely behind her.

Ren paused, "'Nee-san?" He said before standing up, a disappointed look on his face. If his elder sister hadn't have walked up, that blue haired baka would be dead by now.

Horo snickered as he sat up, "Ren's afaird of his older sister." He said in a mocking tone.

Ren glared, "At least I'm not afraid of my younger one." He snapped.

Horo stuck out his tongue as Pirika came up behind him and smacked the back of his head.

"Ouch! What was that for!" Horo pouted, watching as she walked over to Ren and did the same thing, "That was for acting like a bunch of idiots." Pirika said glaring at both of them.

Ren opened his mouth to say something just as a bright light flew past him towards Pirika, lucky with reflexes like his he managed to grab Pirika and push her to the ground before the attack hit her. Slowly he rose up, "What in the hell?" He said holding out his hand to help Pirika up.

A low giggle filled the air, "Stupid boy." A high pitched voice said, "BABY CHUCK!"

Another series of bright lights flew towards the group. Once again Ren grabbed Pirika and jumped to safety as Horo jumped on Tamao, sheliding her from the attacks. Jun was also lifted to safety by Pailong.

After all the dust the attacks caused cleared away it revealed three girls...the Hana-gumi.


Anna glared at the elder Asakura, " What do you want?" She snapped.

Asakura Hao smiled widely, "Why my dear itako, I want you of course..." He paused as he turned his gaze to his twin, "...And the other half of my soul."

Anna's glare hardened, but before she said anything Yoh spoke up, "You're not getting anyhting."

Hao chuckled, "Well than I'll have to take it by force." He said with a sweet smile as he snapped his fingers. Appearing behind him was his great oversoul...Spirit of Fire.

Yoh's eyes widened, "Amidamaru." He whispered. His fateful spirit appeared next to him, "Into the Harsume." He said performing his oversoul.

Hao snorted, "You think that's enough to stop me, Otouto?" He asked mockingly with an evil smirk.

Yoh grinned, "Of course not, Aniki." He said pulling out the small bronze sword.

Hao grinned, "Going to perform you double medium are we?" He said in an amused voice as he watched Yoh's oversoul turn into a large blue sword, "Powerful, yes...but, not quite enough to stop me." He said, grinning widely as he motioned for SoF to attack.


Ren rolled his eyes upon seeing the Hana-gumi, "Not you again, didn't we already beat you?" He said in a bored tone.

Macchi glared, "You never beat us, we had to leave you stupid Chinese twit." She snapped, sticking her tongue out.

Ren twitched at being called a twit, "At least I'm not a girl who thinks she's powerful when she's not." He said through gritted teeth.

Kanna rolled her eyes, "We don't have time for this." She said with a sigh, "Ashcroft." She sai , snapping her fingers, summoning her aumor like oversoul.

Macchi grinned widely, "You ready for a nightmare?" She asked summoning her own oversoul, "Jack! Treak or Treat!"

Mari held up her doll by the hair, "Baby Chuck." She said in a low voice as the doll raised it's gun and began shooting.

Once again Ren jumped from the tree with Pirika, "Horo we can't fight them with the girls here!" He shouted in a very much annoyed voice.

Horo nodded, clutching Tamao.

"Pailong...stay here with Ren and Horo." Jun commanded, "Me and Tamao and Pirika will go back into the palace."

Ren nodded, "Bason!" He shouted, pulling his Kwan-Do out of seemingly no where.

Jun, Tamao, and Pirika ran off towards the palace. Tamao panted, " I have to find Master Yohmei." She panted.

Pirika nodded, "That would be a good idea."

Jun glanced behind her, catching sight of a large red figure in the distance, "The battle for the kingdom had begun."

Pirika's eyes widened as Tamao took off down the hall, "Go find Mikihisa-sama." She shouted over her shoulder.

Jun grabbed Pirika's hand and dragged her down the hall towards the King's chambers.


Yoh doudged the attacks, lucky Anna was too important to be harmed by Hao so she was safe...for the time being anyway.

Hao frowned, "Why are you running Otouto? Show me what your pathetic spirit can do." He growled, comanding another attack.

Yoh grinned his carefree grin, "Are you sure, Aniki, I wouldn't want to hurt you." He said holding up his sword.

Hao snorted, "You...hurt me?" He chuckled darkly, "I don't think so."

Yoh shrugged, "If you say so Aniki." He said before slashing his sword, sending a colum of red light flying towards Hao.

Hao smirked as SoF easily swipped the attack away, "You'll have to try harder than that, Otouto."

Yoh grinned, "Don't worry, Aniki, I'll defeat you." He said throwing yet another attack at Hao.

Hao snorted, "You're not even trying, Otouto." He snapped.

Yoh frowned, he didn't want to fight his twin, but his kingdom depended on it, "Well I better start trying." He said.


Kanna braced herself has she was thrown to the ground ground by the force of Ren's attack, "Kisama." She hissed, picking herself up off the ground.

Macchi glared, "Jack show them what a nightmare is! TREAT OR TREAT!" She bellowed sending the doll at Ren.

Ren smirked, "Why won't you pathetic weaklings just stay down?" He said, blocking the attack, "Do you really think you can defeat me, Tao Ren?"

Horo glared rolling his eyes, "Show off." He muttered as he fought the blonde headed Mari.

Mari sighed, "Mari is getting bored. Mari is tried of playing with weak stupid boys." She huffed.

Ren's mouth dropped, "Weak? You can hardly stand!"

Mari stuck her tongue out, the stopped dead, "Kanna..." She whispered in a fearful tone.

Kanna's eyes widened, "Do you feel that." She said softly.

Macchi blinked, "What is it?"

Just then Opacho appeared, "Hao-sama is in trouble!" She said, clasping her hands over her mouth, "Yoh-baka is beating him." Opacho disappeared in a flash of flames.

The Hana-Gumi returned their horrified expressions to Ren, Horo, and Pailong before they too disappeared in a burst of flames.


"I can't let you live if you threaten other people!" Yoh said performing is ultament attack, which proved to be just enough to hopefully deaft Hao.

Hao's eyes widened as SoF disappeared, "Y-you..." He said softly before he glared, "Mark my words Asakura Yoh, I will be Shaman King." He said before he disappeared.

Yoh stared at the spot where Hao had stood, "Is he gone?" He asked, looking at Anna.

A deep frown came across Anna's face, "For now..."


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