Confusion and Confession

I suck at endings. Here is the conclusion to Confusion and Confession.

Rated PG.

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Confusion and Confession


"Don't," he said, his voice choked. "Just don't. I can't."

She fell silent, lowering her eyes. "What I said before still stands," she whispered.

Robin let out a strangled noise between a cry and a groan. He jerked to his feet. "I told you! I –"

"ROBIN! YOU CANNOT RUN AWAY FOREVER!" Starfire shouted. He grabbed his shoulder tightly, eyes glowing green. Her breath came shallow and ragged, as did Robin's. "Kiss me."

Robin shook his head. "N-No. I can't…"

"You can. And you will. You need to see the truth, Robin. You've been lying to yourself…" She reached out to brush his bangs out of his face, but he swatted her hand away.

"NO!" he shouted. "I can't! I CAN'T!"

But he could. He knew he could. He agreed with her completely. The pollen was out of the picture now, there was neither barrier nor force between them. It was their own free will now. The only reason he refused to believe her was because he was afraid. Afraid of his future, of what might happen.

He opened and closed his mouth several times. "I can't," he squeaked.

Starfire sighed, her eyes shining with hurt.

"Starfire, don't do that," he whined. "I CAN'T!"

"You can. But you are afraid," Starfire told him, her voice shaking. "Is that it, Robin? You are afraid?"

"Yes," Robin told her without hesitation. "I'm scared."

"Do not be," Starfire whispered, placing a finger on his heart and looking up at him earnestly. "I am here to make things better."

Robin gulped, and slowly closed his eyes…

Raven's eyes snapped open. She slowly rose from her meditating stance and looked around, eyes narrowed. Unpleasant sensations shot up and down her arms, her spine, her legs, rather like an icy cold shiver followed by a blast of heat followed by the raking of sandpaper over and over in rapid succession. SOMEONE in the tower was enjoying something. A LOT. Deciding to find out what it was, she sank to her knees and pressed her palms against the floor, closing her eyes. Cyborg and Beast Boy were sleeping (or Beast Boy was reading, whichever). She moved along, concentrating. Bathroom… no… Robin's bedroom… no… Starfire's bedroom… no… kitchen… no… living room… BINGO. It came from both of them, strong and singing. She jerked away suddenly as if scalded. She shuddered, shaking her head. She NEVER wanted to see or feel that again. The emotion was so high… it made her feel as if her skin was being ripped off. And the sight itself was unnerving. Seeing your friends… engaged in THAT strong of an activity… it was chilling.

But then it hit her full on. Her eyes widened and a wide grin split across her features. It looked rather scary – Raven smiling, but it was appropriate.

Robin and Starfire were kissing.

And they liked it.

Beast Boy jumped out of his doze as if he had been electrified. He looked around, eyes wide. "Wha?" he mumbled sleepily, rubbing his eyes. He looked up. "RAVEN!?"

"Shh," she ordered, putting a finger to her lips. "Listen. I felt some pretty strong vibrations. And when I say strong, I mean HUGE. I checked it out. You have to see this."

"But –"

"Leave Cyborg, we can fill him in later," Raven told him, grabbing his arm and dragging him out of the room.

"Wha!? WAIT!"

"What!?" she cried, wheeling around and letting go of him.

"I forgot my camera."

"Leave it," she hissed, grabbing his arm again. "Come on."

"Raven!" pleaded Beast Boy.

"Shut up. They'll hear you."

Beast Boy narrowed his eyes but picked up the pace so Raven wouldn't have to drag him. He kept his mouth shut as they made their way to the living room.

"Shh," whispered Raven, and inched towards the door. The two crept along the wall, making absolutely no noise. The door opened, and Raven let Beast Boy stick his head out. The sensations coming from the two in the living room was almost unbearable to Raven, and she shook with revulsion.

Beast Boy gasped.

Raven ripped him away instantly. "SHH!" she hissed.

"Sorry," whispered Beast Boy, grinning widely.

Raven shuddered. "Okay, let's go. I can't stand the aura coming from them…"

Beast Boy nodded and followed her down the hall to her room.

"Hey, Raven."

"Yes, Beast Boy?"

"Should we tell them?"

"Nah." Raven looked at him out of the corner of her eye, a small smile on her lips. "I think they can figure it out on their own."

Robin stumbled backwards, gasping. Starfire giggled, hiding her face in her hands. Robin slowly sank onto the couch, staring at his shaking hands.

"That… that was… YES!" he shouted, punching the air. He sounded like a small boy, exhilarated and optimistic. He grabbed Starfire by her shoulders and kissed her again, if only for a moment.

She grinned, resting her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes. "Was that so bad?" she whispered in his ear.

"No," he breathed, his voice shaking with the rush of his actions. "It was great!" He flopped back, laughing breathlessly. "Now that I'm free of doubt that this isn't OUR choice, it feels… feels…" He sighed, grinning at her with sparkling eyes. "Amazing. Relieving. So many words, Star. So many."

"I understand," Starfire replied. "There is no sadness, no doubt, no worry…"

"It's pure," Robin said suddenly.

She nodded. "Pure."

"Absolutely." He laughed again. He shook his head. He felt free, clean, refreshed, unbound. It was the most wonderful feeling on Earth. "Ah, Star, thank you."

Starfire nodded and curled up on his lap. He put a hand on her waist and ran his fingers through her hair, utterly content.

Eventually his legs fell asleep, along with the rest of him, and the two of them together drifted off into peaceful slumber.

Robin woke very slowly the next day, taking in one fact at a time. Living room. Couch. Noon. He had fallen asleep on the couch and slept all night. Okay. Warm. Fuzzy. Happy. Someone. He was cuddled beside someone. Red hair. Starfire. She had fallen asleep too. Okay. They'd slept on the same couch all night. NOT okay.

"Starfire," Robin mumbled into the back of her head, closing his eyes. "Starfire, wake up."

She shifted but didn't wake.

Robin, his arm looped around her waist, gave her a small squeeze. "Wake up, Star."

Starfire groaned and mumbled. She rolled over and slept on.

Robin blinked. They were face-to-face, laying on the thin couch that barely held both of them. He blushed, feeling her breath on his face. She looked so beautiful when she slept.

Robin mentally slapped himself and cautiously knocked his forehead against hers. It hurt, but it was effective.

"OW!" she shouted, jumping up and clutching her face. She floated above Robin, who was doing the same. "Ow… ow… ow… ow…"

There was laughter. Robin sat up and looked around, still rubbing where he had been hit. Beast Boy and Cyborg stood there, laughing their heads off and pointing.

"WHAT!?" Robin shouted.

"You guys… are so hilarious!" squealed Beast Boy in between laughs. "You… should have HEARD yourselves!"

Cyborg's roaring laughter got to Robin more than Beast Boy's high-pitched giggling. "What did we do?" Robin demanded. "I fell asleep. Is that a crime?"

Cyborg pressed a button on his wrist, and Robin had to strain to hear over their laughter. All he heard was vague mumbling.

"I don't understand it," Robin informed them. "Not over your laughing."

Beast Boy a flea so that his laughter would be silenced, and Cyborg punched the button again before clasping a hand over his mouth.

What Robin heard made him blush furiously.

"Delete it," he said, his voice firm but strained.

"Never!" Beast Boy screamed, human once again. He was laughing so hard he was crying, rolling on the floor and clutching his stomach. Starfire, who had overheard everything, mumbled under her breath, looking rather embarrassed and flustered indeed.

"PLEASE delete it," Robin pleaded. "That's personal."

"I'll say!" cried Beast Boy.

Cyborg was hit by a fresh wave of giggles.

Robin pulled out his bowstaff, narrowing his eyes menacingly. "Don't make me hurt you."

"You wouldn't!" Cyborg gasped, his laughter gone.

"I would."

Starfire hovered over Robin's shoulder, a look of smug satisfaction on her face. She put a hand on his shoulder.

Cyborg got the hint that Robin WAS serious. Muttering sadly, he reluctantly deleted the recording.

"You two are so cute, you know that?" teased Beast Boy.

Robin, who still had his bowstaff in had, whacked Beast Boy right against the side of his head with it. Beast Boy howled in pain and rubbed his temple, glaring at Robin with utter hatred.

Robin laughed.

Beast Boy muttered to himself and shuffled out of the room, looking livid.

"So…" Cyborg began.

"I don't want to think about the future right now," Robin replied. He knew what Cyborg meant, the unspoken question. "Are you guys gonna date now?"

Starfire smiled, resting her chin on Robin's shoulder.

Robin glanced at her, and grinned. He looked back to Cyborg, who watched then with understanding in his eyes.

Robin sighed, recalling all of what had happened. He grabbed Starfire's hand and nodded at Cyborg. "I just want to think about the now."


Author's Notes: This is the same with Ten Years After Today Tomorrow. I do not know if I will make a sequel, and the ending was sort of flat. I hope you don't mind. Please tell me what you think, though.

ALSO (I have to do this with every single one of my fanfictions now) I HAVE NEVER KISSED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! NOT ONCE. Okay? I just wanna make sure that gets through to you. LOL.