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Part 20 A

Jared exited the tent together with Vornamen. Outside a battle had just transpired, there were Suldam guild mates both lying dead on the ground and standing over those who were dead. The rebellion had finally emerged from their hiding and attacked Suldam from the inside. The siege on Malacca was a perfect opportunity to do so, with majority of the guild at war, the base would be left nearly defenseless, and with a few strings pulled the members of the rebellion would be stationed to protect the camp.

Vornamen placed a hand on Jared's shoulder. "We have been planning this day for five years." He explained. "Tonight if everything goes as planned, we will finally purge ourselves of Ituralde."

"Doesn't Ituralde sense anything from the link? Won't a number of guild members suddenly falling down unconscious catch his attention?"

A proud smirk appeared on Vornamen's face "No need to worry about that Jared, I've created a telepathic loop over the last hour, as far as everybody else is concerned nothing out of the ordinary is happening here."

Jared was surprised at the sage's remark, and more so at his manner of saying it. Breaking into a solid telepathic connection created by an emperium was a feat all by itself requiring an army of telepaths working together, but to be able to manipulate then project it to the rest of the guild population was beyond amazing, and Vornamen spoke of it like it was nothing more than what he had for supper a couple of days back.

Jared checked the guild link; it was true that nothing seemed particularly out of the ordinary coming from the camp. He looked at one of the enemy Suldam members he recognized, who was lying unconscious or possibly dead on the ground, comparing it to what he sensed from the link the same person was awake and well. Jared turned his head to look at Vornamen, the sage was directing orders to the members of the faction, he had an air of command about him that Jared could only compare to that of four other people, his old master Turian, Reginald Ituralde, and Abenander and Adella Sutorin. To think that Jared had always been around this sage during his stay in the Suldam guild house and he never once thought that Vornamen was anything beyond what he seemed to be.

Everything was carried out at an unbelievable pace and before Jared knew it the rebel faction was rallied and ready to attack. Vornamen stood beside Jared at the fore front of the army, beside him a mounted knight raised the silver leash and collar standard of Suldam. Jared stared at the standard with disdain, his teeth gritted absent-mindedly from the rage. He was surprised when Vornamen's hand came down on his shoulder. The sage gazed at him with determination in his eyes.

"Don't worry Jared," Vornamen began "It's only a distraction to hide our true allegiance until the last second," he said referring to the standard.

Jared obligatorily accepted the banner despite his emotions, the last thing he wanted to do now was to charge behind the standard of Suldam, the thought itself made him cringe; but it was something he just had to live with if he hoped to save Persha.

The priests and monks who could open warp portals stepped forward and retrieved blue gemstones from their persons, they each muttered their incantations and as they did the air began to swirl before a bar of light appeared as if someone had taken a dagger and slashed through the fabric of time and space, the bar extended and expanded until it became a well sized doorway. Through the warp a forest could be seen, it was leagues closer to the castle of Malacca and the warps would bring the rebel faction there in a few seconds where it would take them a full day to trek it on foot.

Vornamen spoke a command to Weiss, the priest that had healed Jared's arm, and he thunderously redirected it to the rest of the rebels. People began marching through the warps immediately, Jared being one of them. He traveled leagues in one step, one step that brought him closer to saving Persha.

A rogue jumped into the air, dagger gleaming as it caught the light; he pointed it down as he began to descend at full speed towards Persha. Persha quickly pivoted on her foot and the rogue landed on an empty space, Persha spun around and slammed her heel on the base of the rogue's neck, immediately rendering him dead. An alchemist appeared out of nowhere and lifted his battle axe over his head ready to chop Persha down but an arrow shot his direction and pierced him through the chest killing him before he could do so.

Persha looked towards the shooter, it was one of her guild mates, she nodded to him in thanks and he did the same. A number of her guild mates had attended to the breach in the wall so she was no longer defending it by herself, they managed to kill off any Suldam member that had attempted to enter the wall, but for everyone they managed to kill another took his place.

None of her present guild members seemed to be aware that she was not allowed to fight, or if they were, they were much too grateful that she was there to fight beside them and help turn the tide of the battle.

A large monk entered through the breach, he smiled and looked around the area nodding his head like an idiot. The posturing fool must have thought that Malacca would pose no challenge and that he was going to get himself a large number of kills. Persha scoffed at his arrogance and singled him out of everybody else who entered with him. She acquired the dagger off the hand of the rogue that she just killed and threw it straight at the monk. The monk didn't even see the knife coming before it impaled him through the side of his head, obviously killing him before he even had a chance to fight.

Persha whipped at the other Suldam members and they fell down dead one after the other. The breach was being protected considerably but Persha knew they couldn't keep this up forever.

A group of Malaccan fighters decided to get closer to the breach with a plan in mind where they would defend and advance slowly until they managed to push Suldam out of the castle. Persha was hesitant at first, but then realizing that the plan would prove very effective if done properly she decided to join them, in addition to that, Adella would have a less chance of spotting her if she was outside the walls of the castle.

She ran towards her guild members but midway there was an explosion and the members of Malacca were thrown back violently, dangerously burned and broken. A wizard with extremely long blonde hair stepped forward with orbs of raging flames hovering above his claw-like hands, but he wasn't the one that caught Persha's attention, behind the wizard was Ituralde mounted on his abnormally large and savage pecopeco. He carried a sword that was vulgarly dripping fresh crimson blood all over the ground.

Ituralde smirked once he saw Persha; he pointed his sword at her threateningly as if saying that he was coming for her, a droplet of blood trickled from its point, Persha watched the blood fall on the ground and at the moment blood and soil touched Ituralde charged his mount.

The hunters, who didn't approach the breach and survived, fired their arrows. The projectiles left their bows and flew straight for Ituralde. The Suldam wizard who accompanied Ituralde waved his arm and as he did javelins of fire materialized and flew towards the arrows. Each bolt of fire found an individual arrow for itself and incinerated it to non-existence. The wizard turned towards the hunters and waved his hand again summoning forth a second wave of fire bolts that killed the hunters just as easily as it destroyed their arrows.

Ituralde finally came within range of Persha and swung his sword violently, Persha somersaulted to evade the swing. The sword passed under her managing to slice through the ends of her hair. Persha landed on the ground and the pecopeco wasted no time to snap at her ferociously. Persha evaded the bird-like monster's beak; she didn't know how many of her friends met their fate under that pecopeco's snap. She knew that fighting Ituralde would be difficult enough but if she had to watch out for his mount as well she'd loose what little chance she had.

She lashed her whip at the beast but Ituralde positioned his sword in the way, instead of coiling around the pecopeco's neck where Persha had aimed it for, her whip coiled around his sword instead. The thorns of Persha's rapture rose pierced through flesh like it was paper, it even managed to puncture stone but against steel the best it could do was scratch and dent.

The wizard hurled another fiery javelin at Persha's direction. The javelin was traveling fast, leaving Persha little time to decide, if she didn't let go of her whip the fire bolt would make do with her like it did with the arrows and her guild mates but without her whip she'd be left defenseless for her fight with Ituralde.

The fire bolt was a mere meter away and Persha impulsively let go of her whip and jumped away. Instead of her, the fire bolt made contact with her whip, the flame quickly burned through the plant based weapon all the way until the portion that coiled around Ituralde's sword, for a few seconds the blade of Ituralde's sword was engulfed in flames but it died out as soon as there was no more of the rapture rose left for it to burn.

Persha resented the destruction of her rapture rose, it was her second lost and she had only one left, she had let go of it with hopes that she could some how retrieve it later. She stared daggers at the wizard; he was getting as bothersome as the pecopeco. The wizard was laughing manically as he collected fire into his palms.

"Are you afraid of fire little girl?" he mocked with a voice as coarse a gravel mixed with broken glass.

The wizard pulled his arm back to add force to his throw and as he did the fire took the shape of a spear. He threw the fire bolt at Persha then immediately began to create a new one. The wizard's long blonde hair was flying around him as he launched fire bolt after fire bolt; Persha could do nothing else but evade them. Ituralde just watched as he let his subordinate play with Persha, he began laughing himself but unlike the wizard's laugh his was one of pure malevolence.

Persha had to pull off a number of extremely difficult acrobatic and flexible maneuvers to evade the wizard's bombardment, she was in the middle of a flip when the wizard raised his foot then slammed it on the ground. A ripple of seismic force emanated from where the wizard had stomped. Persha landed from her flip but the ground quaked violently and she lost her balance, the wizard wasted no time before he created the largest fireball he could, which was about his height in diameter, and hurled it at Persha's direction. Persha could do nothing but close her eyes, she couldn't regain her footing because the earth still rippled under her and there was no way she could evade such a large projectile lying down.

To her surprise she felt steam wash over her face instead of flames she opened her eyes and found a wall of ice standing between her and the wizard. Most of the face of the ice had melted from the collision with the flames but its base was very much intact.

Persha looked around and immediately found her rescuer. Rhozen stood behind her his silver hair matted on his forehead with sweat, his cape fluttered in the wind and his eyes glowed blue with magical energy that crackled and fluctuated from intensity apparently he wasn't stationed as part of he telepathic squad.

The Suldam wizard hissed at Rhozen, he wasn't too fond of having his incredibly powerful fire ball terminated by the wall of ice that Rhozen summoned. He materialized another javelin of fire and hurled it at the other wizard. Rhozen lifted a gloved hand in front of his face as if attempting to catch the enemy wizard's flame. Rhozen's palm glowed blue and the air around it dropped in temperature incredibly quickly. As the fire bolt headed straight into Rhozen's palm it began to dissipate unable to hold together in an area that was hundreds of degrees below zero.

The Suldam wizard wailed in irritation and initiated a new bombardment of fire bolts; Rhozen countered them all just as easily before he began his own assault. Icicles began forming around the Suldam wizard and falling down to try and impale him, he called forth a sheet of flame over his head that reduced the icicles into steam. The glow in Rhozen's eyes intensified, the steam immediately solidified into the frozen dagger once more and plowed through the enemy wizard's fire wall slashing him on the arm. The wizard collapsed on his knees clutching at his arm and hissing through his teeth at Rhozen.

Persha looked at Rhozen; her friend's face was washed with an expression of pure anger. He had surely found out about the assault on Maharet and couldn't compel himself to remain his calm cool self anymore.

"What are you doing Ravenum!" shouted Ituralde infuriately to the wizard "Kill him! If you don't-you'll realize that I won't hesitate to kill you even though you're my most powerful spell caster,"

The wizard, who had been named as Ravenum, gritted his teeth out of anger. He was the only one in Suldam who could openly show any irritation he had with Ituralde, though only as far as he thought he could push his luck, like clenched teeth or the occasional scoff; any further than that and Ituralde would have had his head under the guillotine a long time ago. He looked away from Ituralde and back at Rhozen, and then pointed a challenging finger at the enemy wizard.

"Let's take this to the skies," Ravenum said in a severe manner.

Rhozen didn't respond back to Ravenum but he was already clenching his own teeth from anger. Both wizards rose a few meters above the ground, Ravenum's eyes began to glow in the same manner as Rhozen's except crimson instead of blue.

They began muttering spells in unison and as they did electricity began to fluctuate from their body. Persha watched as the skies darkened and the clouds churned above the two rivaling spell casters. Both of them rose higher and higher until they were miles above the castle walls. Lightning began to incite in the clouds, it wasn't the normal bluish color that mages wielded so easily, it was a vivid vermilion in color and wild like an untamed bull. The first strike finally sailed, it came from Ravenum. Lightning was one of a wizard's most dangerous weapons since it could not be destroyed; only redirected. Rhozen did just that, he used his own lightning to change the course of Ravenum's attack to the only other force that could absorb its energy-the ground. The lightning strike came plummeting down with no heed to what it would hit.

It crashed right in the middle of the battle field with a blinding explosion. The charred bodies of people that were hit were thrown around like rag dolls if not fully annihilated. The two wizards above began dueling with lightning as fast as their magical powers would allow them to, and as they did all of their deflections came plunging down to earth.

People began running for cover from the two wizards, the lightning was oblivious to friend or foe- it just came down upon redirection. One bolt came charging down towards the area of the breach, Persha stood up and ran behind one of the gigantic chunks from the wall for cover, Ituralde tried to turn his mount but the pecopeco was too spooked and was rearing out of control. Ituralde couldn't control the beast anymore so he drove his sword into the pecopeco's skull and jumped away just in time before the lightning struck.

Persha closed her eyes; the lightning was bright enough to blind anybody who looked directly into it. She felt the giant blast of hot air that came from the lightning expanding it and debris was raining down the vicinity dangerously.

When everything finally stopped Persha opened her eyes, she wasn't sure whether or not Ituralde was still out there. The lightning strike had caused part of the castle to collapse blocking anybody coming from the castle to enter the area of the breech. Persha was alone, nobody would be able to come and save her anymore.

A dead hunter lay face down a within an extended arm's reach of Persha, his bow was intact and his quiver was still full. Persha retrieved them both; she slung the quiver over her shoulder and nocked one arrow into the bow. Even though she changed her weapon mastery upon achieving her title as a dancer, she never forgot her archer training.

Persha stepped out from behind the chunk of wall and pulled the bow string back ready to fire the arrow at the first sign of Ituralde. To her surprise, Ituralde was nowhere to be seen, the burned carcass of the pecopeco lay smoking where it died but Persha didn't see any sign that Ituralde was there as well

Suddenly a fist punched out from a large pile of debris. Out of surprise, Persha let loose her arrow. The hand was punctured through and a roar of pain came from under the debris. Ituralde broke out of the debris like some undead breaking through its grave, his palm was bleeding from where Persha shot the arrow but he still held unto his sword with the other one.

"You'll pay for that girl," said Ituralde through gritted teeth, his face was murderous and his arm twitched to use his sword. Persha nocked a second arrow into the bow and prepared for the fight.