7° year

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It was the 7° year of Harry Potter, and of course of thousand of other near adults, but they were not The Boy-Who-Lived. Historicaly the last year of school of an illustrate unknow has not the same significance.

And all was not good in our favorite magical world. Voldemort was alive. His followers were growing in power and number, just like disappearences of muggleborns, muggles, sqibs and generally all who oppposed the rise of HeWho-Mustn't-Be-Named.

That's why Hermione Granger, an exceptionnel witch by all standard, but who had the bad idea to be associated with the brat number two to kill behind Albus Dumblemore and who was born in muggle familly, was terrified for her parents.

The phoenix's order discuted it and it was decided to put in safe the most people possible. Alas wards was not sufficients in majority of cases and they were not enough to protect all targets days and nights.

Some were gone in hiding sometimes in other countries, magical wards were reinforced, many became secrets kepeers, nobody or little risked themselves to go at night. The atmosphere was rather gloom...

The major trouble was in protecting muggle famillies. The magical ones gathered themselves around Hogwarts. But for muggle ones the best soluce was to go in hinding. It was not easy. They have life, works and familly. Moreover money was nedeed to move.

The Granger may not be target number one, but it was sure they were on the black list of death eaters. Their daughter was one of the dream team, some could tell 'the brain of the group'. She was a witch reputed for her barvery and her cleverness. Without her it's very possible that the boy on who all hope were fonded, would be dead several times.

In this condition, protecting the Granger was a priority. It was proposed to put wards and monitoring their house. But wards could be put down and they nedeed to go out, would it be only for bying food and working.

Going in hiding in another country was rejected by Hermione's parents who wanted to stay near her daughter. They raised her to have her own ideas and defend them and they were very proud of her. Leaving her in difficult time was as if they turned their back to what they have taught her. It was not possible.

And stuborness was a familly's trait, so the order forget it. Neverless it left them with little possibilities. Made them stay in Hogwarts was rejected too. All would want to take refuge in the school and it was simply not possible. Minerva Mcgonagall astonished everybody in proposing to let live the Granger in her manor.

She was know to be a stict but fair teacher. Her transfiguration skill were extraordinaire, even in the magical world. She was most respected, altrough often overlooked near the famous and powerful headmaster Dumblemore, who she had followed and helped time and again.

It keeps posing troubles. The Granger would need to give up of their old life, their friends, works and home. Moreover the Ministry of Magic takes great care in maintaining the the magical wold and the muggle one separated.

But the Granger were thrilled by this idea. And really it was the best soluce.

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