This is the story of my unconditional love and how it truly developed. Love is something that before now I never truly grasped. You may think that love is something you can express easily. Some may even think that such a word as love can be used as the typical hello or goodbye. Yet I know now, after my long year of ups and downs with relationships, what love truly is. For the first time in my hectic life I can feel love and know it's not fake.

It all began and unfolded during my seventh, and most memorable year at Hogwarts.

"Ron! Hey wait up." I panted as I neared the gangly yet cute redhead. "You sure do walk fast, I've been running after you since I saw you leaving Divination."

He smiled at me, a smile that could melt hearts and leave the person thinking about how they would do just about any thing to be able to keep him smiling.

"Hey Moine." And as he grabbed my hand I felt a tingle of happiness spread through my body as if electricity had shocked me.

We had been "dating" for nearly two months now, and the feelings that had finally brought us to telling each other how we felt were still there. Everything about Ron was perfect, or maybe it was the imperfectness of him that made him perfect. The way his beautiful blue eyes would light up every time they set foot on me, or how his hand always seemed to fit in mine just perfectly like the last piece of a puzzle.

"You wanna go get some dinner? I could eat a hippogriff," he asked as if reading my thoughts.

"Sure! Let me just go drop off my things in the common room, I'll be right back." And for what seemed like the tenth time today I set out at a jog through the halls. Even though I knew running was against the rules, and I was after all Head Girl, some of the many rules just seemed 'ok' to break if it was for Ron.

"Ok...back!" I forced out, though I was panting like a dog from my trip from the common room.

"Good, I was getting hungry. It took you long enough." He replied quickly.

"I was practically running!" but as I caught the smile forming on his lips I punched him in the arm.

"OWE gees." He whimpered, he could be such a was quite cute really.

"Sorry I must underestimate my strength." I laughed and sped up so I left Ron standing in the middle of the hall rubbing his arm where I had punched him seconds before.

I sat down next to Harry and seconds later Ron grabbed a chair across from us and as usual began stuffing his face with the perfectly cooked ham and mashed potatoes that the house elves had prepared hours earlier.

"You betcher watch shurself 'arry mate shis girls a beast, practically beat 'e up." He some how managed to inform Harry through a mouth full of a toasty ├ęclair. I shook my head, what a pig. Yet I snorted as I saw the look of happiness on his face.

"Your absolutely disgusting Ron, I don't know how I put up with you." I remarked after getting sprayed with some pumpkin juice that he managed to slip in his mouth, plus what seemed to be an overly large spoonful of buttery potatoes.

A proud, yet lopsided, smile formed on his innocent looking face and he looked over to Harry while shrugging. Harry let out a tremendously loud laugh when he saw the looks on both of Hermoine and Ron's faces. Yep...they were definitely made for each other.

A/N: sorry that was pretty short but i just wanted to express where hermoine and ron's relationship i will be updateing as soon as i can. reviews are appreciated :)