Chapter 32

John's hand shook as he hung up the payphone at the Boise Airport. He knew he shouldn't be here right now. He should be in St. Louis with Lidia, serving on her hand and foot as she told him what she wanted.

If she wanted a sandwich, he should be the one that made it.

If she wanted a bath, he would be the one that ran it, making sure the water was at the right temperature and that there was just the right amount of bubbles.

If she wanted to be held, he needs to be the one that holds her in his arms and protect her from all evils and fears.

But he wasn't, and it was tearing him up inside.

Slinging his bag over his shoulder, he tipped his hat lower to protect himself from any unwanted attention. The paparazzi were constantly after him once word got out him and Lidia were back together, and yet the female fans would still throw themselves at him, promising him a night of unfaithful bliss. A few times he almost took them up on their offer, but he only ever really considered it for a few seconds before realizing Lidia was waiting for him.

Despite the long wait for a rental car, John managed to get one before the majority of the people ahead of him, and he started his way on the long, lonely highway. So many thoughts were going through his head as he leaned against the head rest. It was as if his life was going at a thousand miles an hour and it showed no signs of stopping, it was always go go go for him.

He cranked up the bass on his car stereo to try to block out the thoughts in his head, but it didn't help. It didn't matter how loud the music was, his thoughts always found away to shout over the noise and make John lose his concentration. His destination was close, he was sure of that; he called Jackie for directions before he called Randy.

The rental car made a smooth turn onto the next road as his stomach began to tie into knots. He decided long ago...well...twelve hours ago...that he was going to go through with the plan. It had to be done.

John parked his car behind the red corvette and waited...and waited...and waited. Second thoughts were going through his head but he blocked them out the best he could. Nothing could stop him now. He was here, and that was that. This was it.

Right foot...left foot. Right foot, left foot. Slowly but surely, he was making his way towards the front door. And just when he was about to knock, he froze.

He can't do this now. Not to Lidia. Her birthday is in five days and if she found out about this...God knows what she would do to herself and their unborn child. How badly hurt would she be if she does find out? Would she be more hurt than finding out he slept with Torrie? More hurt than finding out he married Torrie?

John shook his head. No more second guessing. This was it.




Now he waited patiently. Surely someone must've heard those knocks, despite the early hour. Someone was awake in the house, the kitchen light was on, as was the living room light and the garage light.

He raised his fist to knock again, but the door slowly opened.

And there she stood. Her blonde hair perfectly straight falling past her shoulders, the tiny, white tank top clinging so tightly you could see a black bra, and so close to her curves, with her black track pants falling just past her hips. A small smirk appeared on her face as she saw John standing at the doorway, his hands shoved inside the front pocket of his hoodie and his head bowed.

"Well, well, well," she greeted him. "Look who came back for mor..." her sentence was cut off as John harshly pressed his lips against hers, catching her off guard. She squealed in surprise as he picked her up off of her feet and carried her into the living room, dropping her on the couch.

"John," she gasped as he bit the side of the neck. "We can't do this..."

"Yes we can," he mumbled, his hands roaming her sides. "Please Torrie. Let me," he pleaded.

She titled her head to the side as his lips placed kisses around where he bit her, her fingers running through his hair. "That's right," she murmured. "Just keep pretending I'm her, because she can't satisfy you the way I can, right baby? That tramp just lays there and begs for more, doesn't she?" John worked his way down her body as she continued her trash talk about Lidia.

A moan escaped her throat as John's lips were spreading across her flat stomach, kissing every toned ab she had. Her ribs sticking out of her as if she's been starving herself the past week as she sucked in a deep breath due to him grabbing a breast harshly. "Just like that," she panted as she arched her hips into him.

John grinned against her stomach. He loved this little act she would put on when they were together, drunk or sober. Always feisty and hot tempered, she knew what she was doing, and he knew he wasn't the only guy she would do this with, but damn...did he ever enjoy it.

His lips found hers again as he raised himself up on her. Their lips crashed against each other hungrily as their hands did their best to undress each other. Only did they stop when they heard the door shut, but Torrie quickly shook her head. "It's just Jay," she whispered as she bit down on John's earlobe, bringing him back down to her.

He obeyed her quickly as he unclasped the black bra that was keeping her breast imprisoned from his touch. She wanted to flip him on his back so she could repay him, but she wouldn't do that when he was as intense as he was. He came to her because something was obviously bugging him, and if this was how he wanted to deal with it, she wasn't going to think twice about stopping him.

John removed the white tank top from her body and continued to kiss that spot he knew so well on her neck. For a quick second he thought he saw someone walk by the living room, but quickly erased that memory from his mind. Her moans were loud enough so anyone would know not to walk into the living room, at least not right then. But as his hands pulled Torrie's blonde locks so he could get her to look at him in the eye, he realized he wasn't imagining those footsteps.

"John?" With soaked hair, his Red Sox jacket, and a pair of ripped blue jeans, Lidia stood at the entrance of the room where John was having his affair.

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