"Lids?" John questioned as he got off of Torrie. "What are you...How'd you..."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Torrie asked as she stood up from the couch. "You need to get the fuck out of my house before I call the cops..."

"I wanted to see you," Lidia whispered as she stared down at her feet. "Randy told me where you were so I called Jackie for directions...I love you, John. I didn't think you would do something like this." She tucked a strand of brown hair behind her ear as she looked at him with her watering eyes, the divorce papers trembling in her hands.

Torrie walked over to where John stood, her small smile never leaving her face. She linked her arm through John's and used her other hand to run up the front of his hoodie, feeling his skin underneath. "You tell her," she whispered, "all the promises you made me. How you said you'll do nothing but make love to me, and how you won't leave me no matter how bad I treat you. Tell her that, baby. Tell her how much you love me," Torrie purred. The blonde went on her tip toes to nibble at a spot on John's neck, but he pulled away as soon as he felt her breath.

"I didn't promise you any of that!" He shouted as he pulled away. "Lids, that's bull shit, and you know it. Don't believe her baby. Please, don't believe her..."

"That's what you promised me at the hospital," Lidia sniffled. "When we got engaged, that's what you promised me, and I thought you meant it." She wiped the tears that were coming from her eyes as she shook her head, "there you go again with your lies."

"I didn't promise her that!" John shouted, yanking his arm out from her grip. "It's bull shit! Lids, come on baby..." he walked towards her with his arm streached out, wanting to touch her. "Lidia, please..." Just when his hand touched her shoulder, she moved.

"I hate you," she told him, her voice hardly above a whisper. "Why would you do this? Why would you go to her? I would never do this to you, John. Never."

Torrie ambled over to Lidia, the small smile never leaving her face. "I guess you can't satisfy him like I can," she whispered so John wouldn't hear. Lidia's bottom lip trembled as she did her best to hold back a fresh set of tears and clenched her fists to her side. She wanted to punch the blonde diva, but not only was she taller, she also had more muscle than the bass player. She wasn't a twig like Stacy was.

Lidia didn't even notice when John wrapped her up in his arms and held her as she cried. She just burried her head into his shoulder and let him hold her while she shook.

"Tell her!" Torrie screeched, her voice at an unnatural pitch. "Tell her you love me! Tell her damnit!"

John shot Torrie a glare as he continued to cuddle Lidia. "I'm not lying to her anymore," he whispered through clenched teeth. "Sign the fucking papers." He gently removed the envolope from Lidia's hands, only to throw them at Torrie.

Her blue eyes began to water as her body shook with anger. "I refuse to sign those," she said as calm as she could. "You love me! I know you do! You've proved it, time and time again John. So many times. Don't you remember in the shower at the Hilton? How about the locker room at the Staples Centre? Come on, baby. Tell...her...you...love...me." Torrie sucked her bottom lip into her mouth as she cautiously watched Lidia back away from John.

Her plan was working. She was tearing them apart, just like she had hoped and John would finally be all hers. No more worries about how Lidia will react when Torrie continues to tell these lies, because Lidia will be out of Torrie's perfect life with John.

The blonde smiled as she watched Lidia collapse to the ground with her body quaking of emotions. She could tell John wanted to hold her again, but something was definitly stopping him.

Now was her chance. Turning her back towards the on-again-off-again couple, Torrie walked to the night table that was flushed against the couch. Top drawer she remebered as she pulled it out gently. And there it laid. Her pride and joy. The beautiful 8mm that will put an end to the tragic love story known as John and Lidia. It sounded so romantic in her mind: John will finally realize that he does love her more than the youngest Orton, and with little convincing, together they would end her life.

Turning around slowly, Torrie pointed the gun at Lidia with her finger lightly on the trigger. The bass player trembled from her spot on the floor as she backed herself up against a wall, paralyized with fear. "John," Torrie said, hardly above a whisper. "Tell her...you love me."

John's eyes widend in shock when he saw the 8mm that unsteady in his mistress's hand. "Tell her!" the blonde repeated.

"Torrie, put the gun down," John told her, slowly inching his way in her direction. "Put the gun down so no one gets hurt."

"The only person that is going to get hurt is already hurting though, baby. And it's all your fault," Torrie cooed. John footsteps creeked against the hard woodfloor, "move closer and she dies," Torrie threatend.

Lidia let out a wimper from her spot on the ground with her eyes watering. "I'm sorry, John," she apologized with her voice cracking. "I never meant to hurt you. I didn't know I was being such a bad girlfriend you had to find pleasure elsewhere. I'm so sorry," she spoke. John stared at his fiancee with guilt sitting at the bottom of his stomach.

This wasn't her fault.

"Don't say that," John assured her. "None of this is your fault. None of it. Baby?" he asked. "Are you listening?"

"Of course I am," Torrie answered, spinning the barrell of the gun so the loaded bullet was ready. "I'll always listen to you." Without thinking, John lunged towards Torrie. The sudden impact on her caused her to twitch her finger on the trigger, letting the bullet lose.

John and the gun fell to the ground with a thud. With her eyes wide, Lidia crawled over to where he was, resting his body on her lap. "John?" she asked, putting pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. "John baby, speak to me."

He groaned his response. "Say something baby. Please," she pleaded.

"Tell...Maddy...I love her," he gasped out, flinching at the pain. "And tell Randy...I never meant to hurt you..." his eyes began to roll slowly to the back of his head, and Lidia could feel his body growing limper. She begged him to keep talking to her while Torrie dialed for an ambulence, but only recieved a moan for a response.

"John please," Lidia continued to plead. "Keep talking baby. Keep talking."

"That song," he whispered, "you were singing...from West Newber...the baby..." a white light was slowly inviting John as his eyes closed lightly. "Sing for me," he asked.

Lidia's body began to shake as she felt John grow heavier and his breathing coming at a slower pace. She let the tears fall as he finally laid still on her lap, his pupils completely dialiated and his breathing no longer. Letting go of his wound, she stared at the blonde that killed her lover, having a sudden urge to attack her.

But instead, she laid the still body on the ground and left. Her mind was foggy and wasn't able to comprehend what had just happend, but she did realize her wedding day would never come.

Getting in the car, the tears fell freely from her eyes as she screamed silently at the windshield. It was her fault all of this happend. Everything that has happend since they got back together was her fault, and now her fiancee is dead. And it's all her fault.

Lidia didn't even notice the rain that poured down on her window, not even bothering to put the wipers on. Her vision was blurred enough as was her thoughts, a little rain wouldn't hurt. She sped up as she entered the empty highway, going twice the speed limit. This was the most free she has ever felt. So free she didn't even notice when her own white light was coming towards her, followed by a soft beeping sound...

You are the antidote that gets me by

Something strong like a drug that gets me high

Lidia's eyes fluttered open as the lyrics went through her head. The lyrics that he helped write for the song. Her favourite lyrics...Their favourite lyrics.

Her body shook as she realized she was in a hospital. The white light wasn't as inviting as thought it was if it sent her back to here, the hospital. The heart monitors beeped softly as it was the only sound in the room, but then she felt something.

Something squeezed her hand. "Lidia, if you can hear me, squeeze my hand twice," a voice said.

"What?" She jerked her hand out of the grip and rubbed her eyes. "Where am I? Why am I here? Where's Ra..." she stopped in mid-sentence as she saw her older brother sitting beside her bed. Her mouth gaped open as Randy threw his arms around her, holding her for what seemed like the first time in ages.

"Oh God Lids," he mumbled. "I'm so glad you're awake. Are you OK? How are you feeling?"

"I'm so confused," she mumbled back, throwing her one good arm around Randy. "Why am I here? What happend?"

The oldest Orton leaned back in his chair, slouching down as far as he could go. "You banged your head pretty hard. Concusion, had to get a couple of stiches. You've been in a coma for two days. Ma and Dad thought you'd never wake up." She slowly nodded her head at her brother. He was talking fast, and she'd only been up for a few seconds, but everything made sense.

When the room was silent, Lidia looked around. Flowers and ballons laid all over the place, but the one that caught her eye the most was the single white rose that laid on the table at the foot of her bed. She motioned for Randy to get it for her, and when he handed it to Lidia in her fragile hand, she began to cry as she read the tag.

I love you


"Sis?" Randy asked, shooing a doctor away. "Are you OK?"

Her bottom lip trembled as she laid the rose down on her lap, "he wanted me to tell Maddy he loves her...and to tell you that he's sorry for hurting me..." She swallowed as she wiped the tears from her eyes, "I never sang to him..." she whispered.

"Who?" Randy asked confused.


"Cena?" Randy asked again. Lidia nodded her head. "Uh...Lids...I think you were dreaming..."

"No I wasn't! Torrie shot him, and I held him in my lap while he died. And I'm pregnant, and Mags is pregnant, and Stacy! Stacy is having twins!" Lidia explained.

"She is?"

"Yes! You and her are engaged, I paid for the ring myself because you didn't have money, and the record label dropped us and...John made me this dinner because Madison wanted a dog! And you took her to get her ears pierced!" Lidia told, regaining her old self back. "Randy, this all happened, I swear."

Randy shook his head slowly, "no it didn't, Lids. That was definitly a dream."

"Then why am I here?" she asked. "I was driving away because Torrie killed John...she stole Maddy! Her, and Adam and Jay, and that Dave Batista was stalking me!"

"You're here because you had a shower and passed out when you got out. It was too hot, and your body couldnt handle the sudden change from the hot air in the shower to the cold air in the locker room. Remember? Your band preformed on Raw, you had those black pants and black shirt on..." Randy arched an eyebrow at her. "That is one complex dream you had. You remember all that shit?"

"The shower?" Lidia asked, her face turing red. "Oh, yea. That shower was hot..." Randy slowly nodded his head as he got up from his chair, "I'm getting a doctor...you seem fine..." He left the room in a hurry, leaving Lidia all by herself.

She passed out from the 'shower' after preforming on Raw. And now she's here. That's all that happend?

She began laughing to herself when the doctor walked in, an amused look on her face. "Randy says you had quite the dream," the doctor mentioned. "Stalkers...babies, murders..."

"It was fucked," Lidia admitted. "I swear everything happend. But someone was calling my phone before I passed out...did they ever figure out who that was?" she asked.

The doctor nodded her head, "I believe they said it was a Candice Michelle," she informed Lidia as she changed her IV bag. Lidia grinned to herself; that's why she had that funny feeling about her in her dream...

A knock on the door was heard so the doctor allowed them in. Lidia's eyes began to water when she saw John and Madison walk in with a bouquet of white roses and a SpongeBob Squarepants ballon.

"Oh baby," Lidia mumbled as she pressed her lips against John's; the touch she longed for for so long.

"Mommy!" Madison squeeled as she climbed on the bed. "Mommy look, we got you a ballon, and flowers, and a stuffed puppy named Winston...and! Daddy bought a PS2, because he says it's better than Gamecube, but Uncle Randy and I think hes wrong."

"He probably is," Lidia whispered as she hugged her daughter. She stroked John's cheek, feeling the soft hairs that were growing in from not shaving, "I never thought I'd see you again," she whispered.

John placed a kiss on her cheek, stroking the top of her head, "I'll never leave you," he whispered back. The tears welled up in Lidia's eyes again as he spoke his words so softly, so sincerely.

"Promise?" she asked, sticking up her pinky finger.

John hooked his pinky with hers, "promise." He pulled her up close to his face, giving her another kiss.

When the doctor was finally able to talk, she discharged Lidia from the hospital, as long as she swore to take a week off touring to relax at home.

Lidia agreed, knowing deep down inside she'll be back on the tour bus tomorrow with her band. She just won't go to the after parties after the concerts...for a week.

John buckled up Madison and Lidia's seat belt so they could drive home, being a family. Lidia rested her head on John's shoulder as they drove down the highway, looking at the star lit sky.

"John?" Lidia mumbled, her eyes starting to close. John moaned a response. "When we get home...will you make love to me?"

John looked at her from the corner of his eye, his half-grin appearing on his face, "of course, baby," he answered. Lidia grinned at his response.

She knew that would be a promise he was able to keep.


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