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The stars are veiled tonight as I stand and look out over the city. Normally bright in the sky they offer me comfort. Not tonight. Tonight not even the moon can find a way to shine through the clouds.

The clouds also look as heavy as my heart feels. This is a new feeling for me, this feeling of emptiness, of gloom. It feels as if all of Middle Earth feels my sorrow.

I should be inside with all the others celebrating the victory and it is a victory a big one. The One Ring has finally been destroyed and Sauron along side it. So why do I feel this way?

The answer is hard for me to explain, it is even hard for ne to understand. That is why I stand here while my friends celebrate inside. Not that I will be alone for long.

Night was falling,

The air was still,

I still remember

I always will.

My heart was flying so high above,

It was the first time I fell in love.

How I wish there was a tree nearby. A real budding tree and not the sickly white tree that is the blessed tree of Gondor. It is withered with age and the attacks on it by Sauron. No I wish for the lush green trees of my home. Of the Oaks I played in as an Elfling.

The Willow's I cried in after my Mother was killed by Orcs. The tree I chose that day tried to comfort me as best it could, to no avail. To see your Mother cut down by those foul creatures is hard, to be unable to help her as you are held in place by others of their kind made it even harder. I had escaped from the healing wing without permission. My own wounds had been debilitating and painful but not deadly.

I will never forget the look on my father's face as he found me in that tree, inconsolable. We cried together then. Father and Son; King and Crown Prince.

How I wish my father was here know, to feel his warm arms around me as he tells me every thing will be alright. But it will never be alright again. I know that. Why did I not listen? Why did I think I was being warned about my own death?

Still I can not turn back time and rectify this mistake, not that I would even if I could. Aragorn needed me by his side and I had promised to follow him no matter where that took me. I am not even sure he realises what has happened. How can I tell him and ruin his coronation?

Where do I go from here? After I heard the sweet, clear voice it all seemed so clear, so true. But know it only hurts a deep burning feeling that never lets up. With each second that passes it seems to dig its claws in deeper.

And yet… and yet, I long to hear that sweet call again. To follow it too its end, to sink into its embrace. To end this.

I feel a lone tear trickling down my face and I make no move to wipe it away. I can recall on one hand the number of times I have cried in my long life, it is that rare.

All this from just one Gulls cry.

And in that moment I was so right,

I was so frightened

And yet so sure,

You were the hero

That I dreamed of,

It was the first time I fell in love.

I have never found my soul mate in this world. Never found the one that I wanted to share the rest of my immortal life with. For that I envy Aragorn and Arwen, as much as I love them.

I have often wondered in the middle of the night what it would feel like having some one to share everything with, some one I could turn to with out conditions. Some one I could love with all my heart and soul. For that is the way of Elves. We love once and once only.

But that is not for me now. I could never burden another with my sea longing it would not be fair. Can I even go home? Would I belong any more? The last year has changed me a lot. I no longer hate Dwarves as I had been brought up to. I have in fact one as one of the greatest friends I could wish for. That alone would be different from my people.

I sigh wishing once more that the stars were out tonight, they have always been there. A constant in a world that is sometimes in turmoil.

I hear footsteps behind me. Familiar footsteps. I turn to find Aragorn coming up beside me.

I turn to look at him and can only give a wan smile. The frown on his brow only deepens.

"Are you alright, Legolas?" His voice is quiet in the still of the night.

"Yes, Aragorn I just needed some quiet and respite from your foul smoke." I could not help the dig at his habit of smoking pipe weed.

"You have been out here for some time, I was getting concerned. Gimli asked me to ask if you would like to join him in a drinking game. I think he wants to get his revenge on you."

My laughter was genuine at hearing this. I do not think my small friend will ever forgive me for winning our little contest.

"The night is veiled." His voice had dropped once again.

"Yes, it should be clear and not dull as this. The heavens should be celebrating."

"Are you going to join us?" I could feel the heat of Aragorn's stare.

"In a while." I could not face him.

"Legolas, I am here for you when your longing gets too much for you." His voice was sincere and I could not hide my shock. I should have guessed he would know he was after all raised by Lord Elrond amongst the Elves of Imladris.

"Hannon lle, Mellon-nin." My voice is choked as he smiles and turns away,

Suddenly the night does not feel so dark and I do not feel so alone. All it has taken is a few words from a cherished old friend.

As I watch the moon suddenly shines through the clouds and the night seems perfect. As I watch an Owl swoops in on its pray, Majestic in the dark of the night.

Wonder fills me once again. A wonder for the world around me and the life I still have to live with friends.

Suddenly the cry of the Gull is not as all consuming and I thank the Valar for that as I make my way back into the Citadel and my friend's.

May be, just may be tonight is perfect after all.

The end?

This was a plot bunny that would not let go, I hope you all like it. The next one is from Aragorn's point of view.

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