It's All Your Fault!-Prologue

Atop a tall, stone tower, cloaked in the darkest of nights, stood a battered man by the name of Yuri Hyuga. He wore black pants with a long sleeved black shirt that was trimmed in cuffs of white. He did not remember what had happened, but only that he was there, right then..

Right now, it was all he could remember, save his name and his unique ability.

For you see, Yuri was a Harmonizer. A being that was consumed by what could only roam in the most horror filled of nights. Though his ability allowed him to fuse his own body into different kinds of creatures, based on their elemental traits, and also gave him a higher rate of staying on the borders of sanity. His special power also was now the specific cause of his memory loss.

As he stood alone on the tower, his dark crimson colored eyes scanned his surroundings. The sky was starting to lighten, showing Yuri that a new day was soon to dawn. Below, far below, stood numerous broken statures, all seemingly significant to Yuri's memory, but then fading into the drifting darkness of his sub-consciousness. His thoughts roamed from the figures as the first rays of sunlight descended upon his face. It was only then that he felt the light's presence that burned his eyes…

Yuri Hyuga was blinded by day.

A tired soul stumbled out of a pub, his usual cheerful smile not in place, as he walked out into the streets of London. Haley, with his cap jammed on his head to lower the gaze of the sun soon quickened his pace so he could reach the small hideout that the kids still used.
Sunlight streamed through the windows, as the tavern man watched the youth go. His expression was always so sorrowful, he thought, as he finished cleaning up the mess Haley had caused in his wake. Very few people knew about the young man's ESP powers, but last night the whole tavern had shook with Haley's fury.
The tavern man sighed as he finished cleaning, "That'll teach folks not to spread crude rumors about one of Haley's friends." He said, then sighed in defeat. "But truth be told, he's most likely dead."

Those words rang in Haley's mind as he descended the last steps into the hideout.

Krylancelo note: Yes, this is short, but it is only a prologue.
I would love to get some reviews for this, and the next parts will be longer. If you can't tell, Yuri and Haley are my favorites, so they'll be more imposing figures in this fan fiction.