Chapter 1: Assignment

Raven walked down the hall of Titan's Tower in 4 inch heeled boots, dressed in a black pleated mini skirt and sleeveless shirt with the sleeves that slide on about 5 inches below her shoulder.(A/N: you're probably wondering why she's dressed like this) She kept asking her self why was she doing this; the answer was always the same: Robin.


"Beep beep beep incoming message from J.L.A. headquarters"

Robin pushed the button on the vid screen and suddenly Batman's face appeared on it.

"Titans there has been strange things going on in a small town in Canada. We think it might have something to do with Slade"

"That's impossible he fell in the lava when we lost..." Robin stopped before he said the last word, it had been 2 months since they'd lost Terra.

"He's just gone O.K."

"Alright but we still want a team down there, I'm sending in 2 of the League to help"

"We don't need babysitters!"

Batman gave Robin a look that silenced him.

"I'll fax over your new identities He said"along with the league members"

"Yes Sir"

"Oh and Cyborg we would like you to wear those holographic devices (AN: the ones from "Deception") to look like the picture in the file"

"Yes sir"

"So when are we getting our files?" Beast Boy asked.

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