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Chapter 2: New Identities

The Titans heard the sound of the fax machine and with that Batman said his goodbyes and disappeared from the screen.

"Well is every one ready to find out there new identities?" Robin asked.

He walked over to the machine and took the files.

"Why don't you read them aloud friend Robin," suggested Starfire.

"Alright he said, "First we have Cyborg."

Everyone looked up at the robot hybrid.

"You are now James Phillips J.P. for short; you are the new d.j. at the lodge we will be staying at, and you have a long term relationship with Willow Black but recently broke up and now single. Would like to be able to snowboard as good as best friend Trevor Wilson. His dream is to go backpacking through Europe.

"Here is a picture of what they want you to look like." Robin said while showing the group a picture of Cyborg looking like the boy in "Deception".

"O.k. so who is this Willow Black?" Raven asked.

Everyone shuffles around in the files.

"I am not this Black Willow." Starfire said.

"And it can't be of the guys." Beast Boy said.

Everyone looks at Raven.

"What," she asked.

"Look at your folder."

When she did she turned a deep purple.

When she wouldn't read it Robin grabbed from her hand and read aloud what was inside.

"Willow Black Will for short is know for her gothic looks, attitude, and super cool snow boarding skills. Now that her relationship with long time boyfriend John Phillips is over she is now fully focused on snowboarding. Her dream is to win the

N.S.A. Championships (a/n: National Snowboarding Associating Championships) Her best friend is Farrah "Fae" Jones.

Raven turned a deeper shade of purple.

"O.K. we now know who Raven and Cyborg are so who am I?!" Beast Boy yelled in Robin's ear.

"You are ..."

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