Blaise Zabini

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This is based in the break between 6th year and 7th year. During the sixth year Voldemort was quiet and made no attacks on Harry or Hogwarts but over the break he has been killing muggle's. During sixth year Hermione became hotter and got quite a bit of attention from the guys, Harry has always thought of her as a sister so he naturally scared them off. Ron however is a different story, he would scare off the other guys but it was quite clear that he did it because he liked Hermione.

Okay, now on with the story!

When Elizabeth Zabini told her husband that she was pregnant she had no idea of the terrible heartbreak to come for her family. Michael Zabini had been ecstatic when his wife told him that she was pregnant, he became even more excited when they discovered that they were expecting twins. When the Dark Lord, Voldemort learned of this news he was outraged, a spell had been performed to see if the twins had any magic it had shown the girl to be very powerful. Voldemort had seen this as a threat; he had ordered that as soon as Elizabeth gave birth for her son to live and her daughter be killed. Obviously the Zabini's were shocked by this order and had no intentions to carry it out. When Elizabeth gave birth, Michael and his best friend Lucius Malfoy took the newborn girl to an orphanage to save her life. They were risking their lives performing this task but they both disagreed with the Dark Lord on this issue, of course Lucius went to Voldemort and informed him that he himself had 'disposed' of the Zabini girl.

Elizabeth and Michael Zabini raised their son Blaise and tried to protect him from the Dark Lord, Blaise had been informed at a young age that he had a sister all he knew about her was her name, Mya. His parents were secretly members of The Order of the Phoenix, he himself wished to be a fighter for the light side. Before he could fight for the light side he first had to find his sister and heal his parents broken hearts, he had seen their sadness over the years as he grew up alone, without his sister. For their safety when Mya had been adopted Lucius was the only one who knew the name of the orphanage and he had cast a glamour spell so that she would look different from her twin.

It was our 17th birthday today and this was the day that I had finally had enough, I wanted ... No I needed to know who my sister was, that meant that I had to go and see the only man who knew. I moved to the fireplace, grabbed some floo powder and stepped into the fireplace.

"Malfoy Manor" I spoke clearly, in seconds I found myself stumbling out of the grate into the Malfoy's impressive lounge room. I walked down towards the study where I was certain that Lucius would be. When I knocked I was greeted with the face of my best friend, Draco Malfoy.

"Blaise, what are you doing here?" He queried me.

"I have come to talk to your father"

"Ok, happy birthday by the way mate"

"Thanks, is your father in?"

Draco took a couple of steps back and opened the door so I could step through. Lucius was standing beside the fire place while watching me with a curious look. I moved towards him and I decided to get straight to the point.

"Mr. Malfoy I would like your help please"

"What can I help you with Blaise?" If he was shocked in anyway he hid it well, he looked at me with the trademark Malfoy look which displayed no emotion.

"I want to find my sister; my father said that only you know the name of the orphanage that she was left at"

"Do your parents wish for you to find her? She would be put in danger and your family and I would be severely punished for our betrayal seventeen years ago." Lucius knew what consequences they would face but if this was what they wanted then he would give them the information. "Draco please shut your mouth you look like a fish" Lucius said. I glanced over at Draco who was indeed standing there in surprise with his mouth hanging open.

"Yes sir they do know that I am here to request this information, before you took her to the orphanage my mother cast a spell which links her emotions to mine and lately with the ever increasing attacks on muggle's my mother wishes for me to find her to bring her back to the manor for her safety."

"That does sound like something to be concerned about. I took your sister to an orphanage named Sister Margaret's, in London. When you do find your sister you will need to remove the glamour spell that I placed on her. I wish you luck in finding your sister. Will Draco be accompanying you?"

"Draco, you want to come and meet my sister?"

"Another Zabini, the world is doomed! but yes I will come"

"Thank you very much sir for your help" I said to Lucius, I found it strange that seventeen years ago he was the one that helped to save my sisters life.

"Blaise, I should tell you that Sister Margaret's is in Diagon Alley, it was established when Voldemort was in power. The adoptions in those days were rushed and some children were adopted by muggle's so there is a chance that your sister could have been lost in the muggle adoption system"

"That you for this warning sir, and thank you for the information" I politely thanked him for

"Well I too miss her, Narcissa and I did wish to spoil our god daughter, but alas fate intervened. So we only had you and Draco to spoil. Narcissa did so want a little girl and she was so excited when you mother asked us to be god parents for you both."

I walked past Draco and towards the fire place that I had arrived through, Draco followed behind me. With a hand full of floo powder I stepped into the grate and clearly spoke "Diagon Alley".

I stepped out onto the busy street and was closely followed by Draco. We both began to walk to the Leaky Cauldron so that to ask for directions to the orphanage.

"Blaise, why didn't you tell me you had a sister?" Draco queried me, I had expected this and the fact that he had managed to wait this long to ask me was a surprise.

"When my mother was pregnant with my sister and I it was shown that my sister had strong magic, the Dark Lord saw this as a threat to him and ordered that she was killed at birth. My parents would not do this and your father ever agreed that this was unthinkable. When my sister was born your father took her to an orphanage and she was adopted. When the Dark Lord was defeated a month later my parents tried to find her but they were informed that she had died. As I grew older though I felt emotions which were not mine. When I eventually told my parents they were shocked to discover that it was my sister."

"Wow, so what do we know about your sister"

"Were identical twins, she has glamour spell placed on her and her name is Mya"

"Mya, nice name, I wonder if she is a squib? She would be in our year at Hogwarts by now"

"I hope that she isn't, my parents and I would still want her to come and live with us but she wouldn't be accepted in the wizard world"

"Come on, we'll go find out" Draco said, they had reached the Leaky Cauldron. Draco was slightly shocked that his best friend had a twin. He was worried when he thought that she could be a squib.

It did not take the duo long to find Sister Margaret's, when they spoke to the woman on the desk they were sent to the supervisor. She was rather skeptical of the pair until Blaise produced birth certificates for both him and Mya. She said that she was shocked that the Zabini's been told that Mya was dead; she was not sure why this had occurred. She did produce the original paperwork which contained her adopted parents information, she informed them that Mya had in fact been to see the orphanage a month ago to inform them that if her birth family wished to contact her that they were to give out the information. When she handed over the document it stated at the top of the page adoptive parents, Mr. and Mrs. Granger.

Blaise was shocked as he left the supervisors office to say the least. All these years he had wished for his sister and she was right in front of his face. Why had he never made the connection, Mya was short for Hermione and same they had the same birthday?

Draco to his credit had not made a single remark regarding the new information; in fact he had not said a word.

Together the pair stood on the street outside the orphanage.

"I found her Draco, all these years she has been in front of me and I never realized! How could I be so stupid?"

"Well to your credit she had a different name and she doesn't look like a Zabini. So are we going to go and find her now?"

"Yeah, I think we should" Just after I said that I felt a sudden pain, almost as though I had just been hit something of been hit by something. I doubled over as these feelings assaulted me; I still found it to be a rather strange experience.

"Blaise what's wrong?"

"She's hurting bad"

"What do you mean?"

"She's feeling physical pain. I feel as though I have been hit by something or as though I hit something"

"Will you be ok?"

"Yeah" I said as I stood up again. "Come on, I want to find her now so I can find out what's wrong."

Draco just nodded in response; although he wouldn't admit it he was worried. He knew that when people were linked emotionally that it took extreme levels of pain for the other to be able to feel it.

We looked up the floo directory and were surprised that the Grangers were listed; I supposed it was so she could go visit the Weasel in the holidays. We both grabbed a handful of floo powder and I stepped into the grate and clearly stated "Granger House". In a moment the green flame licked at my robes and the familiar spinning began. When I stopped spinning I looked at where I had arrived, a small cozy living room. I stepped forward into the yellow room that oozed warmth and comfort; a big squishy sofa looked incredibly comfortable. I suddenly realized that Draco had just emerged from the fire place behind me.

"Is she here?"

"I don't know yet" I replied. I though that it would be best to announce our presence. Otherwise we risked being hexed by Mya. "Hello, anybody home?" I called loudly.

"Help" I heard a muffled voice cry out, the pain was evident in their voice. As I reached inside my robe for my wand I heard Draco do the same. I cautiously moved forward not aware of what to expect. We walked behind the couch and found ourselves in the hallway, my eyes scanned the room and I saw a small figure. She was lying on the ground with her right shin pulled close to their chest.

"Mya ... Hermione what happened" I asked as I rushed over to her, surprisingly enough Draco followed behind me.

When Hermione Granger woke up that morning there was no indication of what the day had to come. It was Friday and her parents had both left around 9 am for work.

I had decided at the beginning of the summer break to sign up for the muggle soccer team that I had planned on joining before I was accepted at Hogwarts; I had always enjoyed planning soccer when I was younger and I was actually thinking that when I returned for my seventh year that I would talk to Dumbledore about possibly forming some teams to play muggle sports such as soccer. I had missed playing while I was at school and it was only in the holidays that I could play. When I returned from practice that morning it was just after 11 am. I was intending to go and have a nice hot shower but fate had other plans in mind. When I had entered the house I had randomly thrown my water bottle on the wood floor intending to collect it on my way upstairs. I hadn't noticed that the top of the bottle was leaking and forming a puddle at the bottom of the stairs. After removing my smelly soccer boots, socks and shin guards I began to make my way to the stairs. I put I foot down and immediately the world rushed out from under me. An instant pain shot threw my foot and I screamed. Lying on the floor I was in a slight daze but on instinct I pulled my leg close to my chest and took deep breaths. I slowly began to calm down and was beginning to think about how I could get myself out of this predicament when I heard a noise in the lounge, it sounded like someone had arrived by floo! I heard some muffled voices and then I someone yelled 'Hello, anybody home'. I had realized that I would be stuck here until someone found me; I decided to call out for help. To my shock and horror from my living room came Blaise Zabini closely followed by none other than Draco Malfoy. Blaise asked me what happened but he called me Mya then Hermione, this was strange because he had only ever been called Granger by him.

"Wwwwwhat are you doing in my house?" I stuttered at them feeling slightly frightened since I was unable to defend myself. Blaise came over to where I lay and kneeled next to me.

"Hermione, were not going to hurt you. What happened?" Blaise asked me. I looked in his eyes as he said this and I strangely believed him.

"I slipped on some water. I think my ankles broken."

"I'll move you to the couch so you'll be more comfortable" Blaise told me before he moved forward and carefully grasped my small body in his arms. I hissed in pain as my ankle was jostled when he moved me. To my great surprise Malfoy moved forward and grabbed my leg as to hold it in place and stop it from moving. Together they placed me on the couch and before Malfoy let my leg go he moved some cushions under my leg and foot to support my ankle.

"Thanks for your help. Would one of you be able to fetch some ice from the kitchen for me?"

"Yeah, I'll be right back" Blaise answered. He moved back to the hallway and then on to the kitchen. Less than a minute later he was back with an ice pack in hand.

"This might hurt." He stated. I nodded in response and readied myself for the pain to come. I bit my lip to keep from moaning in pain. After a minute the pain subsided and I thought to ask them a question.

"Thanks for your help but would you mind telling me why you're in my house?" I asked them because, as hard as I tried, I couldn't think of a reason to why they would be here.

Blaise looked to Draco and then back at me. "I suppose that its not everyday that two Slytherin guys come out of your fireplace, or at least I hope its not everyday that it happens" Blaise spoke this and I have to suppress a small laugh that was trying to escape, I partially failed as I saw the look of amusement on his face.

"No, I can honestly say that this is the first time"

"Good. Well I suppose I should tell you why we're here. You know that your adopted don't you?"

"Yes, I was adopted from Sister Margaret's when I was several days old. What is the relevance of this?"

"Well I will explain it all in a moment." He said, when I nodded he continued "Well, this might not sound very believably but I am your twin brother. A glamour spell is active on you currently. When you were born Voldemort knew that you would be very powerful some day and he felt that this was a threat to him so when our mother gave birth he ordered that Draco's father kill you. My parents and Lucius have previously arranged that this was not going to happen and that they would rather that you grew up with another family rather than be killed; or worse be raised by Voldemort to be evil. Before you ask, our parents are death eaters but they are working for the order. They wish for you to come home with me due to the ever increasing attacks on muggle's, they have feared for your safety lately."

He had told me all this while keeping while keeping eye contact and I had witnessed the emotions the danced their way through his blue orbs. I believed what he had said, yet I did not trust him. I needed to talk to my parents, both sets apparently. Blaise was watching me obviously waiting for what I had to say.

"I believe you, but I must talk to my parents before I can leave with you. Can you remove the glamour spell?"

"Yes" He then muttered some quiet charm and I became aware of my hair which had previously been chestnut brown and curly grow into a deep dark black, it also grew a few inches longer so it fell just below my breasts. My skin had changed to a beautiful olive color which was slightly tanned. I became aware that this was not the only feature on my body that had changed. My height had increased; my stomach had become tighter and by breasts had increased a cup size. When I looked at Malfoy I noticed that he was staring, Blaise also noticed.

"Hey, don't look at my sister like that!"

When he had spoken this comment both Malfoy and I turned to stare at him.

"Great now I have another brother to make sure that no guy will ever even try to talk to me!" I stated, I now had Harry and Blaise to make sure that no one ever even looked at me wrong. Strangely when I thought about it I realized that Ron had never thought of me as a sister. Only Harry had and now it appeared that Blaise had already decided that he needed to keep others away from me.

"What do you mean by that?" Blaise asked me.

"You are just like Harry, as soon as a guy looks at me he jumps on defense!"

"Oh, well that's ok. It's good to know that someone else is looking out for you. Now what do you want to do about that ankle of yours?"

"I suppose that we will have to go to a hospital or something" During the realization that I was in fact a pureblood and had a brother I had forgotten about my ankle and the pain that the injury bought me. Some of the pain that I was feeling must have flashed across my face because Blaise threw me a concerned look.

"I can fix it for you Granger" Malfoy said to me

"Can you?"

"Yeah it's a simple spell when you practice." He had stepped forward and raised his wand. He noticed my slightly worried look. "Don't worry, I won't hex you or anything" He added with a smirk. He muttered a spell, waved his wand and instantly the pain that I had been feeling disappeared.

"Thank you Malfoy" I spoke honestly.

"No problem. You should try not to use you ankle for the rest of the day."

I moved to stand up but I was quickly restrained by a hand on my shoulder, I looked up and into Blaise's eyes.

"He said that you need to take it easy"

"Yeah but I need to see a mirror and phone my parents"

"You stay here and we'll get you a mirror and a phone. Where are they?" Blaise asked

"On the kitchen counter is my phone. There is a mirror in the bathroom, that's upstairs, first door at the top."

I watched as both Blaise and Draco moved out of the room, Draco headed to get my cell phone and Blaise went to get the mirror. Less than a minute later I was witnessing the proof of their honesty. My hair, face, body and eyes had all changed. The person looking back at me was a stranger. I looked up at Blaise and then back at the mirror, we were identical. He was telling the truth. I then reached for my phone and dialed the number of my parent's office.

When the phone was answered it was the same usual greeting but to me it was like talking to a stranger.

"Hello, Granger dentistry office, Linda Granger speaking"

"Hi mum, it's me"

"Hermione, what's wrong?"

I would say that she must have sensed the strange tone in my voice but I would have been lying. I had never rung my parents at work; in fact I almost never talked to them at all. Since I began at Hogwarts I had drifted away from them, we hardly saw each other.

"Mum, you know how I'm adopted. Did you adopt me from a wizarding orphanage?"

"How did you find out?" She asked.

"How could you not tell me that? My brother arrived this morning and told me."

"Oh. Hermione, you have to understand, we did it for your own good. The family that gave you up was a noble family, a noble family has secrets and they are never to be revealed. We had to hide you."

"What!? You never told me because I was meant to be kept secret! My brother is here and he wants to take me home with him. I'm going with him now."

"I didn't mean it like that. I hope that you can forgive us and that you will visit. If you're going then I suggest that you take your things with you. Take care Hermione, we love you." With that said my mother hung up the phone. I couldn't believe it, after raising me for the last 17 years that was all she had to say. She didn't even ask where I was going to or even if I had any proof that this was my brother! It was Unbelievable. But it just adds evidence to my point of how far we had grown apart.

"Right, well it looks as though I have to pack and get out." I told Draco and my brother. They both looked slightly surprised but they didn't say anything. "Will you help me get up stairs Blaise?"

"Yeah" He reached down and wrapped an arm under my own and around my back. Most of my weight was now resting on him and my good foot. We slowly made our way upstairs with Draco behind us. Before I sat down on my bed I grabbed some duffle bags out of my cupboard and grabbed my wand from on top of my dresser.

"Hey Draco, how was it that you were able to do magic without getting a warning from the ministry of magic?"

"Did you not know that the Head Boy and Girl are allowed to do simple spells?"

"We are! Wow. Hang on, your head boy?"

"Yup, say hello to your future room mate" He added the famous Malfoy smirk on the end of his statement.

"Your head boy! What do you mean by room mate?" I was shocked to say the least

"Did you not read in Hogwarts: A history that the head boy and girl share a dorm?"

"Oh" Well with the new information that I could use magic I sat down on my bed and cast a simple packing spell. Quickly all of my clothes, books and keep sakes were flying through the air and in into the bags on my bed. I grabbed my base guitar from the corner and my soccer ball and sat them on the bed. I cast a shrinking spell on everything and put it all in my backpack that I had swung on.

"Is that everything Mya" Blaise asked me.

"Just a book, my cell phone and my soccer boots. We have to go past the hall cupboard, the laundry and that's it. Oh and we need to get Crookshanks" I told him as he helped me up again. When we reached the cupboard I grabbed out a light pink book and slid it into my back pack. Down stairs I grabbed my soccer gear and out that in another pocket on my bag. Last but not least I grabbed my small Sony Erisson cell phone (A/N: Had to put this in, I just got this phone!) My mobile was on the table where I had left it. To my surprise Draco picked up Crookshanks and carried him for me.

When we reached the fireplace I noticed Blaise's look of surprise when I reached into a pot which contained floo powder.

"How else do you think I get the Ron's house in the holidays?"

"You stay there?" Blaise asked quite shocked.

"Yeah I sleep in Ginny's room, don't worry"

We all grabbed some floo powder and each in our own turn stepped into the fire and yelled "Zabini Manor".

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