Okay. Hi there. I am Katergator, and I've never written anything for Teen Titans before, so I thought I'd start out with a poem. Since I'm an angsty kinda girl, I wrote a poem from Beast Boy to Terra, taking place after she was turned into stone. So um… basically I wrote this thing and then was wondering whether to post it, and then decided to just do it and fish for affirmation. Please read it and then drop a review, even if it's just "I liked it!" or "It sucked, don't ever write poems ever again you horrible poet." Well…I would hope it wouldn't be that bad…

By the way, I don't own the Teen Titans


The wind is cold on the roof
as I sit alone and think tonight
I can't take back my cutting words
there's no chance to make things right

If I could go back in time
I'd warn myself and I'd have said
something different, anything
that would've changed the life you led

Too late I saw that I was wrong
my stubbornness broke your trust
your lifeless eyes can't see me now and
the plaque at your feet is starting to rust

Cracks thread through your cold body
rain courses down the rough stone
this is the worst that could have happened
and it is my fault alone

Your face is still twisted in pain
your hands outstretched to accept
the fate you knew would inevitably come
because of the terrible sins you kept

We promised to get you back
I wish you could hear it or understand
that someday I'll finish that kiss
and hold your warm life-filled hand

Sticks and stones may break bones
but words can pierce the heart
the damage is so much more
when the seams are ripping apart

But no matter how much it hurt
you were a real friend
though you were forced to betray me
I knew you'd be with me in the end

I realized you were all that mattered
I will revive you someday I swear
this time nothing will tear us apart
for you I will always be there

I suppose that should I get favorable reviews I may post more. I have a few ideas, but only if you want to read them! Anyway, please give me some feedback and drop a line!