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Sandy spent the whole week studying and trying to avoid Randy as much as possible. It was really hard, since they have all their classes together. Even though he tried really hard to corner her and talk to her, she always made it a point to sit beside the door so that she can rush out of the room so that he had no chance to catch up with her. She kept this up until Friday rolled by, and she was at her dorm room, with no plans.

"So, are you just going to sit here the whole weekend and bury your nose in your computer and books?" Trish asked her friend as she got ready for her date with Chris.

"Yup." Sandy said, not looking up from her laptop.

"Come on, Sandy. You need to lighten up, seriously. Life is not all about studying, you know. Give Randy a call. Go out, have fun," Trish encouraged her.

"I know, but I'll pass," Sandy stubbornly said.

"Suit yourself," Trish said as she went out of the door.

As soon as Trish closed the door, Sandy sighed and walked over her bed and pulled out her cellphone. She heard three rings before someone picked up the phone.

"Hey, how's my Princeton girl?" Bret said as he answered his phone.

"Ok, I guess," Sandy told her favorite brother.

"I don't think so, kiddo. You won't call unless something's seriously wrong. Spill," he said.

"Ok, well, there's this guy who keeps on asking me out. And I think he is really cute and sweet, but,"

"But what, Sandy baby?" he asked her, genuinely concerned. He was afraid that there will come a time that a thing like this would happen. He just wished that his favorite sister wouldn't get hurt by this guy.

"But I keep on turning him down because I'm scared that I might get hurt because I am really starting to like him," Sandy confessed to her brother. "Now it's Friday night and I'm getting depressed because we were supposed to go out but I turned him down so now I'm all alone here in my dorm room."

"Honey, it seems to me that you like this Randy guy or else you wouldn't waste your time moping," Bret said.

"I guess so," Sandy admitted.

"Look, I know that you're scared, since you never really had a real relationship, thanks to me and Owen. But you know what? I think you should give him a chance," he explained to his sister.

"That's what everyone keeps on telling me."

"If you're still scared, do this: take it one little step at a time. Go out with him, but only as friends. Try to get to know him first. Then take it from there."

"Ok, I guess," Sandy said.

"That's my girl."

As Sandy put down her cellphone, she thought about what Bret said. "I wish he knew my real reason," she thought. "Oh, well. I might as well give it a try," she said to herself as she dialed another number in her cellphone.

"Hey Sandy, what's up?" Randy said as he answered his cellphone. He was quite surprised that she called him, after she turned down their date.

"Hi. Umm...listen, Trish and Chris went out, and I'm kinda bored here, since I finished all my work already. And I was wondering if it's ok with you..."

"You mean, you want to go out with me?" Randy asked. He couldn't believe his ears, that Sandy was actually reconsidering their date.

"Yup, if it's ok with you, let's go out. As friends of course," she quickly added.

Randy was disappointed in her last remark but he tried hard not to show it. "I'll be right up in 5," he said before putting down the phone.

"I just hope I'm making the right decision," Sandy thought as she went to her closet and started to get ready.

"Believe me, Sandy, this Matrix surpassed the first one," Randy told Sandy as they went out the movie theatre.

"I don't think so, Randy," Sandy argued. "The original Matrix is still way superior that Reloaded."

Randy's eyebrows shot up, "And here I thought the reason you agreed to watch Matrix: Reloaded with me is because you wanted to drool over Keanu!"

"Haha. Very funny, Randy," Sandy said rolling her eyes.

Randy suddenly put his arm on her shoulders, sending tingles down her spine. "What do you think of grabbing something to eat?"

Sandy looked at her watch, it was only 8:30. "Sure, I'm starved," she finally said.

All throughout dinner they talked about everything and anything under the sun.

"So, you're from Missouri, right?" Sandy said. "How come you're studying here in New Jersey?"

Randy was silent for a moment, then finally he spoke up, "Well, like you, princess, I also have a scholarship. But I actually finished high school two years ago."

"So you stopped school?'

"Not quite. As you know, I came from a family of wrestlers. I actually would have started wrestling, but I joined the U.S. Marine Corps instead," he explained.

"Marines? As in the army?" Sandy couldn't believe her ears.

"Yep. I loved it at first but then, I felt that it was not what I would want to do for the rest of my life, you know."

"But what would you want to do?" Sandy asked.

"Honestly, I want to follow my dad's footsteps and become a professional wrestler. But I know that it's not a permanent career, so here I am, working on my degree before I start training," he said.

"That's nice," she said as she took a sip from her soda.

"Hey, no fair," Randy complained. "I told you my story, so what's yours?"

"Ok fine," Sandy said as she smiled at Randy. "Well, for starters, I was born Alexandra Emanuelle Smith Hart, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I'm the youngest of 13 kids," she said.

"Wait a minute," Randy said. "How are you related to Bret Hart of the WWF?"

"He's my brother," Sandy explained. "You see, like you, I also come from this big wrestling family. But mine is ridiculous, I mean, even all my older sisters' husbands are wrestlers!"

"Must be one heck of a household," Randy commented. "so, is that the reason why you went all the way here to study?"

"Partly," Sandy admitted. ""I didn't want to follow our family's stereotype. I want to be known as me, Sandy, and not the daughter of the Hart wrestling clan."

"So what's the other reason, if I may ask?"

"Independence. I was so sheltered all my life, and I wanted to see if I can make it on my own. It's not easy being the baby of the family, you know what I mean?"

"Actually, no. I was pretty much independent, being the eldest of 3 kids."

"Lucky you," Sandy remarked with a smile. "Can you imagine how hard it is for me to go out, with all my brothers breathing down my neck?"

Randy laughed. Sandy can't help but notice how cute Randy's smile is. "Get a grip, Alexandra," Sandy scolded herself. "You don't need a distraction in your life right now."

"Well, this is me," Sandy said as they stopped in front of Sandy's dorm room door. "Thanks, Randy. I had fun."

"The pleasure is mine," Randy said as he bent down to Sandy, giving her a peck on the cheek. As his lips brushed against her cheek, he couldn't help but feel the electricity run through his body. Sandy quickly pulled away. "Goodnight," she said as she went inside her room.

"Man, that girl is something," Randy thought to himself as he walked towards the elevator.

"Where have you been?" Trish asked her friend as Sandy walked inside their dorm room. "I thought you weren't going out."

"I got bored, so I watched a movie," sandy innocently said as she changed into her pajamas.

"Alone?" Trish sarcastically said.

"Of course not, silly," she replied as she sat on her bed. "I asked Randy to come with me."

"Ooooh. So now who's eating her words now, huh? Not interested in going out, huh?" Trish playfully asked as she jumped into Sandy's bed. "Come on, tell me all the details."

"Trish!" Sandy laughed at her friend. "It was just a friendly date. We're just friends."

"Oh, yeah, you're not interested in dating someone, yada, yada, yada." Trish said, rolling her eyes. "And you just can't see that Randy is one hot dude? I think you're gonna end up with him, sooner or later."

"Goodnight, Trish," Sandy's said irritably as she turned off her nightlight.

Meanwhile, two floors down Sandy and Trish's room, Randy can't sleep. He glanced at the sleeping body of his roommate, Jeff Hardy. Jeff had a pretty serious girlfriend, although he didn't meet her yet, because she was studying in a different school.

"I wonder how it feels to have a serious girlfriend," he thought. Randy admits, that he was sort of a player during high school, and Chris and Jeff knew that, since they went to wrestling camp together during high school. He just can't seem to find the perfect girl to fall in love and get serious with. He thought about Sandy, and he felt the butterflies inside his stomach.

"This can't be love, Randy thought. "I mean, I just met her. But boy, was she different." There was something in Sandy Hart that Randy can't explain, and he can't take her out of his mind.

"This isn't love," Randy kept on convincing himself. "Or is it?"

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