Dark Flames

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As love changes to Hatred,

A promise will be made…

And the dark power will arise,

Bringing the promise of revenge and death…

Chapter Two: Dark Emotions

(Kagome's POV)

When I heard those words, something started to flicker inside of me. 'Is that all I am to you, Inuyasha? A mere shard detector?' I thought vehemently.

I ran away from the scene that was infront of me, my bangs covering my eyes. I ran deeper to the forest slowly succumbing to my depression. I could still hear his voice mocking me… taunting me…

'You're just a shard detector'


'You're useless!'

Stop it!

'You're the reason why the Shikon no tama is broken!'

I know!

'Why can't you be like Kikyou? She's better than you!'

I don't wanna hear it!

'Kikyou would've killed that demon in an instant!'

'You're just a hindrance… pathetic… weak…'

"Enough already!" I yelled as I stumbled into the ground my hands covering my ears.

Slowly getting up, I made my way to the tree and leaned my head on the hard surface. Suddenly, I felt something cold and wet rolling down my face. Lifting a shaky hand to brush my moist cheeks, I examined the familiar salty liquid smeared on my fingers. Tears. I didn't know that I was already crying.

"You promised me, Inuyasha! You said you wouldn't let anybody hurt me! You said you wouldn't make me cry anymore… You promised…" I sob out loud.

A gush of wind came comforting me as I sobbed my heart out. Slowly, my tears started to slow down as a dark resolve entered my heart.

"I'll show you… I'll show you…"

The gush winds around me became raging storms and then it started to rain. The rain was soaking me.

It hit me like cold droplets falling from the sky, but it no longer affects me.

"I'll show you… Inuyasha… I'll show you what I'm made off. I'll show you that I'm better than Kikyou!" I said with determination and hatred in my heart.

I began to walk to the direction of Kaede's village determined to show him what I'm made of. As I made my way to the village I saw Inuyasha enter the hut with Kagura and Kanna.

'I won't let them join the group… no matter what!' I sneered in my mind as a dark aura surrounded me.

I heard Miroku's voice when I neared the hut. His voice was angry.

"Inuyasha-sama! Why are you protecting them! These are Naraku's incarnations!" said Miroku with anger in his voice.

"I know that! But they are no longer following him. They're here to join us! They're here to defeat Naraku!" explained Inuyasha as he stood infront of Kagura.

"How would you know that it isn't a trap? That they won't betray us!" asked Sango suspiciously.

Inuyasha sighed. "They won't and can't… They owe their life to Kikyou"

"What!" they yelled in unison.

"What are ye talking about Inuyasha? What has my sister got to do with them?" Kaede asked.

Inuyasha sighed. "We know that Naraku was the one who made them… but we didn't know that they were just being controlled. Naraku took their hearts so that they will always obey him. Kikyou discovered that. Kikyou tricked Naraku that she would help him collect the jewel shards. When Naraku went to a different country, Kikyou stole their hearts. After she gave them back, they took off before Naraku got back."

"But… but… they tried to kill us!" reasoned Sango.

"You tried to kill us too" retorted Inuyasha "Give them another chance. I know that they killed many people but Naraku was controlling them."

"No…" I cut them off before they could answer. My voice was cold and uncaring.

They turned at my direction and saw me leaning on the door soaked up to the bones, but I didn't even shiver.

"What did you say!"

"No… I won't let those two join our group"

"Keh! Like I wanted your opinion! And besides, you're just a mere shard detector. You can't even compare to Kikyou! And when we're battling your just a nuisance! So I don't care what you say!" Inuyasha sneered.

After hearing those words something snapped inside of me.

"You always call me names anyway you like! You even insult me! But your not the one who is hurting!" she started "It's all for your own goddamn pride! For your pleasures! It doesn't matter what I feel! You always compare to your dead bitch! You always say she's better than me! I know it already! But I'm the one who's alive! I'm not the one who goes off stealing people's soul! I…"


"How dare you say those things to my Kikyou! You're just jealous because I LOVE HER not YOU!" he yelled.

I touched the cheek where he slapped me. It hurts.

'He slapped you… he slapped you… HE slapped YOU!' my mind yelled at me. My eyes glazed over as my cheek continued to sting.

I heard Kanna said something but I was too absorbed.

'Inuyasha slapped me… he really doesn't care about me… I hate him… I hate him… I hate him…' I continued to chant in my head as a new power flow into my veins.

"All those comfort I gave you was a complete waste! You don't even give a damn about what I feel! I hate you Inuyasha! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you and your ugly corpse bride! I'll never forgive you!"

When I lifted my head they all gasped. My eyes were no longer a soft and sparkling brown but a cold and bloody red. It no longer shines with happiness, warmth and love. It was burning with pain, anger and hatred. The black aura that surrounded me grew more and more as I let hatred burn in my heart.

"I know I'm weaker than you and I can't compare to your beloved Kikyou… but know this… I will no longer tolerate you for insulting or hurting me ever again! I'll make sure that you will regret what you did to me! And I promise… that one day! I'll make you suffer and send you to the seven depths of hell with your walking corpse bride! I promise you that!" I said in a voice filled with hatred that made shivers goes up to Inuyasha's spine. After that I walked out of the hut.

The storm became fiercer when I walked out of the hut. Thunder and lightning continuously ravaged the skies.

The weather was synchronizing at what I'm feeling to day. I never noticed the change in my aura. The color of my eyes changed back to what it was before.

I headed towards the direction of the well. I felt like my heart is about to burst. The pain was still unbearable.

When I arrived at the well I could only looked at blankly. My heart was already numb and cold.

Before I jumped down the well, I turned around to take a last look.

"When I come back… I'll be much stronger than you... I promise that I'll prove to you that I'm better than my incarnation!" as I said that something flashed my eyes. I jumped back into the well and sealed it.

End of Chapter Two+

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Preview on the next chapter:

A child born from love,

Exiled because of her nature,

Betrayed by her own blood

Killed by greed…

And will be revived by revenge.

Chapter three: Project Goddess

Kagome walked out of the well house. It was snowing. Suddenly, she was surrounded by cloaked men with guns pointing at her.

"Who are you people?"

"She is not your real mother… You're just an experiment… A project that was about to make me rule the world…"