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Lust or Love or Both?

Chapter One:

It was Draco's sixth year back at Hogwarts. The summer had been dreadfully uneventful for him, not that he was complaining. Usually his summers consisted of terrible beatings and repeated crucios to increase his pain threshold, but thankfully not this summer. At the beginning of the summer Lucius had told Draco that he was giving him the summer off and that he expected him to spend his summer in a productive manner. Well long story short, if anything, Draco was behind in his "summer studies" because according to him school work should stay at school.

Over the summer, even though Draco had achieved nothing academically, he had achieved a lot physically. Draco now had a nice set of rock hard abs, strong and muscular biceps and a great butt. Looking in the mirror he asked himself how any girl could resist him; little did he know that his new appearance wouldn't only attract girl's wandering eyes.

"Hogwarts", Harry breathed, "it feels so good to be going back for another year full of mysteries."

"Hey Harry!" called Ron as he made his way over through the crowd.

"Ron! Wow have you ever changed!"

Ron blushed slightly, "It hasn't been that long, I only grew a few inches... but look at yourself you have gotten taller too! And you sure could use a hair cut!" Harry laughed at this and punched him lightly on the arm. Then they both noticed Hermione heading over. "Hey Hermione!" they said simultaneously.

"Hey guys! How was your summer?"

"Not much to talk about," said Ron smiling as he took in the changes that Hermione had gone through over the summer, "the family mostly stayed at the Burrow. What about you?" His gaze finally returning to her eyes after they had lingered on some of Hermione's new curves.

Hermione, seemingly oblivious to Ron's inspection, beamed and stated proudly, "My family went on a cruise in Florida! It was amazing and the wild life was beautiful!"


Harry, not needing to be told twice, scrambled onto the train, shortly followed by Hermione and then Ron whose eyes were completely fixated on Hermione's rear-end. After walking shortly down the aisle, the trio found an empty compartment and settled themselves for the long ride ahead of them.

'Hmph, looks like I wasn't the only one that improved this summer. Potter, Weasley and Granger have grown too, especially Potter. He looks much better, more masculine and attractive. One might even consider him ho...OMG was I just about to call Potter I won't even think it...But he sure is nice to look at...Draco snap out of it!'

"Oh are you all right sweetie?" cooed Pansy. "You look stressed; do you want me to give you a back massage?" she said while sliding her hands up his back to rest on his shoulders while squeezing tenderly.

"Get your filthy hands off of me!" yelled Draco suddenly snapping back to reality. "I'm not stressed and I don't need you molesting me so just back off!" with that he glided onto the train trying desperately to get Harry out of his head. With out even noticing where he was going he went along the aisle where Harry, Hermione and Ron had just walked down.

After pacing for a bit Draco realized that he should find a compartment to stay in but when he looked around he saw that all the compartments where full. So after pacing a bit more he decided to just walk into one and sit there no matter who was already occupying it. He knew it would be very rude but he didn't care because he could hear Pansy's annoying voice yelling in search of him. So without further hesitation he quickly and rather gracefully let himself into a compartment, shutting the door firmly behind him.

Startled faces and a small yelp greeted him. Draco looking around realized that he had just walked into the one compartment that he really didn't want to be in, besides whatever one Pansy had claimed. He was just about to let himself out again but then he heard Pansy calling for him right outside the door so he decided to make the best of the situation that lay in front of him.

"Draco what the hell are you doing in our compartment?" Ron snarled. "Get OUT!"

"It's nice to see you again too Weasley," replied Draco, his lips dripping in sarcasm while forming his infamous sneer.

"What do you want?" asked Hermione obviously not impressed with his intrusion anymore than Ron was.

"Why do I need a reason to visit some of my fellow classmates?" he asked feigning a hurt look. "I was just stopping by to say hi."

"My ass you were!" yelled Ron attempting to lunge at him, but was held back by a thoughtful looking Harry.

Draco rather startled, not by Ron's outburst, but rather by Harry's silence since he walked in, looked at Harry unintentionally locking eyes with him even though he was previously trying to avoid looking at him due to his betraying thoughts about the Golden Gryffindor scant moments ago. Draco felt Harry searching him steadily with his eyes. Harry didn't know why he was drawn to Draco or why he was even tolerating his presence. He felt a strange feeling as he locked eyes with him, something he had never felt before. He felt curious about Draco and he found himself assessing him, looking him up and down.

Hermione cleared her throat rather loudly, which seemed to snap both boys out of whatever trance they had been in. "Ahemm...Malfoy, I think you should leave."

Draco, not hearing Pansy outside the compartment anymore, left hurriedly. He had no idea what had just happened but there was nothing he wanted more than to get as far as possible from Potter.

"Well," said Ron relaxing a bit, "that was...interesting."

Hermione, ignoring Ron's insolence asked, "Harry are you alright? What happened?" She was obviously concerned about Harry's behavior.

Harry, still looking a little bewildered replied, "I dunno." Hermione getting the feeling that Harry wasn't going to say any more, decidedly let it drop.

'What just happened? When our eyes met, it was if he could see into my mind...It was so strange...What if he knows what I was thinking about him? I really need to be more careful...'

"Oh! Draco there you are! I have been looking everywhere for you! Come on I saved a compartment just for us!"

"Oh great, just what I needed, more quality time to spend with you." Pansy blushed furiously, not catching his sarcasm, grabbed his arm and dragged him away to his doom.

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