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Warnings: AU, and shonen-ai. Simply translated, it means 'boy-love,' you figure it out. The particular pairing for this fic is Hiei/Youko. There is some implied/mentioned non-con between Karasu and Youko, but nothing graphic.

Author's note: Well, this is my first fic. I apologize in advance because there is much OOCness. I think it lessens through the fic, but I don't really know. This is a short chapter, but as it says below, this is only the prologue. The chapters get longer as the fic progresses. I have more written than this, but the fic is far from complete.

Once again, I warn...this is shonen-ai. Don't read if you don't like, and don't flame me, because you were sufficiently warned.


Youko hurt. He woke up, but couldn't see. He couldn't even open his eyes. He hurt though. His face, his arms, his legs, everything felt burned and bruised. That wasn't surprising really. Not with being Karasu's pet.

That's what Youko was. Servant, slave, pet, all the words meant the same thing; that he was Karasu's toy. Karasu could do anything to Youko and no one would stop him.

'One stupid mistake...' the ex-thief thought. One slip-up and Karasu had caught him. One mess-up on a thieving job, and suddenly he became a slave.

That was what, two years ago? Youko couldn't quite remember. He had no sense of time. He was kept locked in Karasu's private chamber, a small, dark, windowless room. He was awake whenever Karasu was there, asleep and recovering once he left.

Something was wrong though. Despite the fact that Youko couldn't see, he knew this wasn't Karasu's room. The scent was a demon's, but not Karasu's. Youko could smell Karasu, but only faintly. The other thing that was most obviously wrong was that Youko was on a bed, or something else soft. Karasu kept him chained in a corner, on a stone floor.

Youko tried to reach for his eyes to remove whatever held them shut, but his arms were tied down. 'Did Karasu sell me?' the thought ran through Youko's head. 'No, but something happened. What was it?'

Then he remembered. Karasu had gotten angry with him, again. He had wanted Youko to follow him somewhere, but Youko had been too weak to even stand. Karasu had snapped. He started throwing things, starting with small inanimate objects, to large things and finally explosives. Those were what had caused the burns on his arms.

The last thing he had heard was Karasu telling someone, "Remove this thing from my sight. I don't care what you do with it; I don't want it anymore."

'Someone must have taken me somewhere,' Youko concluded 'But where and who?' He started struggling against the ties holding his arms down.

He heard something near him. Someone, presumably a demon put one hand on his forehead and said in a gruff voice, "Stop struggling, Kitsune. You will reopen your wounds. You are safe for now." Something was held to Youko's lips. It was water. Youko drank, only afterwards noticing the bitter under taste. The liquid had been drugged, and Youko felt himself being pulled unwillingly back towards sleep.

To be continued...

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