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Chapter I


When he regained consciousness next, nothing had changed. He still couldn't see, his arms were still bound to his sides, and he was still lying on a bed.

Youko continued his struggle against the ties around his wrists, despite the fact that it hurt his injured arms.

The same voice as before came from somewhere else in the room. "I told you not to struggle Kitsune. Karasu hurt you pretty badly. Please, I'm not going to hurt you. Now that you are awake, Kitsune, you really should eat. I don't even know if you could digest solid food, lets try something else."

Moments later, Youko felt the lip of a bowl being tipped against his mouth. Again liquid touched his lips, this time warm. Youko turned away. "It's drugged," he snapped. "Like that water was."

The voice spoke again. "Yes, Kitsune, the water was drugged. With herbs to make you sleep without pain, and to aid in your recovery. As I said, Karasu hurt you badly, and you were half starved on top of that. Without medical attention you would have died. And yes, this soup is drugged, but it will help you recover, and will not send you to sleep."

Youko turned back, and allowed the stranger to gently tip the bowl back so Youko could drink. When the bowl was empty the stranger turned away. "You want me to trust you," Youko stated, "why don't you untie me? And why am I blindfolded?"

"Everything is because of your injuries. Karasu threw explosive dust in your face, and a lot got into your eyes. You are not blindfolded, but bandaged. If your eyes do not heal exactly the right way, you will go blind. The rest of your face, as well as much of your body, is healing. This means scabs, which mean itching. Your arms are restrained because if you were to scratch at them in your sleep, they would scar. Kitsune are vain, and we wouldn't want to mar your good looks. Now I suggest you rest, Kitsune. That's really all you can do."

Youko tried unsuccessfully to snarl. The skin on his face felt tight, and it was painful to move.

Youko lay there, contemplating sleep, but decided instead to try and get the stranger to answer his questions. "Why am I here?"

"Karasu would have killed you. I took you away, and this is my place."

"But why am I here?"

"So you won't die, Kitsune."

"Fine. If this is your place, then why can I smell Karasu?"

"Karasu is a lord of this castle. He is the highest lord, but many other demon lords, such as myself, live here as well. In short, you smell him because we are in the same building, just a different part. But Kitsune, you smell like him as well. Comes with being a slave I guess."

At this, Youko did snarl. He felt the skin around his mouth tear a little, but did not care.

"I meant nothing by that, Kitsune. The smell will disappear eventually. And, Kitsune, if you are going to undo your healing, I will need to drug you again. I do not mind answering your questions, in fact I'd encourage you to ask them, but do not injure yourself further."

"Who the hell are you?"

"A lord of this castle. A name would be useless to you."

"How long have I been here?"

"Two and a half weeks. Now you really must rest, Kitsune. If you are in pain, or cannot sleep, call and I'll come. No more talking for now, just sleep and heal."

To be continued...

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