Love of an Enemy

By: Kavfh

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Summary: Draco likes Harry and Harry likes Draco. But what will happen when a horney Veela tries to come between the two?

:Chapter One: The secret love:

Draco lay on his bed looking at a newspaper clipping of a boy with wild, black hair, bright, emerald green eyes and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

His broom that he had been polishing before lay forgotten at the end of his bed.

"Oh... if only you knew..." He said staring into the boy's eyes. Draco had just opened his mouth to say something else when he heard someone knock on his door.

He quickly shoved the piece of paper under his pillow, dove down to snatch his rag off the floor, then barley had enough time to grab his broom before his father walked into his room.

"You know, Draco if you don't stop polishing that broom there'll be nothing left of it to call a broom." Lucius Malfoy said as he sat down next to his son. "Draco, is there anything you want to talk to me about?"

Draco looked up at his father. "No, why?" He asked not knowing what his father was up to.

"You've just been really quiet lately that's all." Mr. Malfoy said as he looked down at his only son. "Actually, Draco... the reason I came down here is because your mother and I have been talking."

'Oh great they're talking... that's never a good sign...' "Talking? About what?" Draco asked, he was trying his hardest to make his voice sound normal.

"You only have two years left at school and we think that it's time for you to start choosing your wife. Now I'm not saying who you have to pick... but it would make me happy to see you and Miss. Parkinson together. She's a pureblood and would make a fine wife."

"Dad, I'm only 16! Yeah, I know I'll be turning 17 soon but I can't be thinking about that now! I still have school and homework to think about!" Draco could see his father's eye twitch through his fake smile as he said this.

"As I said before Draco, just give it a thought. You still have two years. But don't be surprised if it goes by faster then you think." One could tell that it was taking everything in Mr. Malfoy's power to keep his voice normal.

"Well if that's the only thing you wanted to talk about I think I'll go to bed. See you in the morning." Draco said putting his broom and rag down next to his bed. He then pulled his shirt off and moved his blankets aside.

"Good night, Draco." Lucius said before quickly walking out of the room. Draco could tell he was trying his hardest not to yell or throw something at the wall and had to smirk at that.

When he was sure his father was out of hearing range, he let of a sigh of relief. He spun around and grabbed the newspaper clipping out from under his pillow.

"Maybe my father was somewhat right... except for the wife part." He sighed, kissed the picture, then laid down on his bed falling into a peaceful sleep.


" other news..." 'Good.' Harry thought. 'No news of Voldemort... but is that a good or bad thing?' He sighed. 'At least I don't have to add a Dark Lord to my normal Dursley filled summer.' Harry snorted. 'I'd like to see Voldemort last one day he-'

"BOY! I've been calling you for five minutes now! Clear the table! We're done with dinner!" His purple-faced Uncle Vernon all but shouted at him.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon." He said in the most normal voice he could master up. He grabbed the plates off the table and set off to do the dishes. 'Nope not one day.'

He quickly finished off cleaning the kitchen and started to do any other thing he could think of doing. Maybe if the house was clean they'd leave him alone for awhile. He quickly finished all the cleaning that he thought needed to be done and raced up to his room.

Later on in the evening he found out, he was right. They had gone off to bed without bothering him.

Harry sighed and rolled over onto his stomach. Tomorrow was his birthday... oh joy. 'I hope the Dursely's won't do anything to make it worse then my thirteenth birthday... I never want to see Aunt Marge again.'

He looked up to see what time it was and not to his great surprise, he saw that he had been sixteen for seven minutes already. Knowing what would come next he slowly got off his bed and opened his window. Minute latter three owls' flew into his room. One of them is his Snowy owl, Hedwig. The second was Ron's owl Pig. And the third was from one of the school's owls'.

"Hey, Hedwig." He said as she flew over to him. He took the letter off her leg then pet her for doing a good joy. Hedwig, now happy flew back over to her cage to get something to drink.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday!

I'm sorry we haven't written to you in a while but we weren't aloud to. The Order is really busy right now. Everyone is all over the place trying to find out what the Dark Lord will do next and what not. But at least we don't have to hide as much as we did before.

Now that Fudge is on our side again and not trying to block it out. And don't worry about anything Harry, Mrs. Weasley said she would get all your books for you again so you have to go out anywhere. I think that's pretty smart of her don't you? Well I should be going. See you on the Hogwarts Express on September first!

Love from


Next, he opened the package that she had sent with the letter. After opening it, he found a large white box with a big Red Cross on the front. On top of it he found another note.

Harry- knowing how much you tend to get hurt I thought you could use one. Just encase we can't get to someone who knows how to heal right away.



Harry snorted. Think of Hermione to give him something like this for his birthday. But then again she was right... he could think of many places where he could have used it in the past years.

He discarded the first-aid kit and untied the letter from Ron's owl next. It looked as if it was going to have a heart attack if it couldn't get out of the room soon. It all but jumped out the window as soon as it could.

Hey Harry,

Happy Birthday!

Real sorry about not writing and everything. Mum said that we should write you as little as we possibly could. I think she might think that the owl will 'somehow fall into the wrong hands' or something like that. Dad seems to think the same thing. That's why they went out and got your books for you already.

'Don't go outside unless you have to...' nag, nag, nag. That's all they seem to know how to do sometimes. Oh well... I should go. See you September first!


P.S. Mum say's you need to eat some more.

He picked up the first of the two packages. Inside he found a Birthday cake with 'Happy Birthday Harry!' on it in blue letters. 'That's Mrs. Weasley for you. She's always' trying to get me to eat more.' He set the cake down next to his first-aid kit and took up the second package. Inside this one was his very own Wizard's Chest set.

Harry snorted again. 'This is just like Ron. Giving me something just so he can kick my but at it.' He set Ron's gift down but the others and turned to the last owl. After untying the letter and package this one too flew out the window and into the night.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday!

You'll need this for next year.

Hope the muggles are treating you right!

All the best,

Hagrid and Grawp

Harry slowly picked up the package from Hagrid. After a minute of watching for it to move he tore open the paper. Inside he found a book titled 'Magical Creatures and Where to Find Them'. Harry laughed. 'At least this one doesn't bite.'

:End Chapter:

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