Couple's therapy...X-Men Style!

By SooFetch

Les Disclaimour(WTF?!): Yes, I own the X-Men. I keep them in small cages & whip them while apon my

throne. And look! A pig flew by & it's raining malted milkballs!

"I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here." Professor X said calmly, lowering his eyes to Scott, Jean, Kitty, Rogue, Kurt, & Rahne. "I feel that all of you are not properly connected to work as a team. So, I have arranged for you all to attend couples therapy."

"WHAT?!" exclaimed Rogue & Kitty

"No complaints here..." Jean said glancing sideways at Scott.


"You three. Kitty will go with Lance, Kurt will go with Amanda, & you, Rogue, will attend with Remy."

Now there were two very diffrent reactions to this. Kurt, on the one hand, sighed dreamily & stared into space, but Kitty & Rogue simply stood there, mouths gaping open.

"What do they have to do with, like, our teamwork skills?" Kitty crossed hjer arms & frowned, pouting.

"I feel," the professor started "that we will be seeing much more of Amanda, Lance, & Remy

in the future." The professor showed no change in his tone of voice, the same calm tone he almost always had.

With nothing left that could possibly match the wit of Professor X, Rogue stormed into the kitchen, slaming the door behind her. While Kitty, ran up the stairs & phased through the door of her room, locking it tight. Rahne, who was watching the whole state of events, finally turned to the professor.

"What about me?" she asked plainly

"For you, this is to...further explore the limits of love." the professor answered in an equaly

plain tone.

Rahne simply shrugged & walked off into the kitchen.

Next thing they knew, Scott, Jean, Kitty, Lance, Kurt, Amanda, Rogue, Remy, & Rahne stood outside the office of , the couple's therapist. In front of them stood a heavy wooden door, which had the words " , PH.D" engraved in small gold letters. Scott(with his obsessive need to lead) quickly moved to the front & knocked on the door.

"Enter." sounded a hoarse voice.

Scott pushed the door open to reval a tall woman in her mid-fourties with platinum blonde hair down to her waist, & was dressed in a black mini-skirt & black & white strpied sleevless-tee. Even with his shades on, Jean could tell that Scott's eyes nearly fell out his head at the sight of this so called "Doctor". She nuged him & thought to herself:

"There's something strange about this doctor...but i can't put my finger on it."

The nine teens all filed into the small room & took a seat in the over sized armchairs & armoires.

"Let's see, ah! You all must be those teens I'm counciling today, yes?" She nodded & looked down at her clipboard.

"Who you callin' a teen chere?" Remy interjected

"Excuse me." said looking directly at him "Are you CORRECTING me?"

"Ehhh...non..." Remy lowered his head, meanwhile Rogue chuckled

"That'll cut you down to size, huh?" she thought

nodded & turned back to her clipboard & studied it for a moment. Every once in a while she would glance up looking at diffrent people.

"Ok." she said flatly "Fill me in. Who's with who?"

So they all went through that whole fiasco of explaining everything that you all out there

already know.

...Whew...that sucked. Next chapter will be better! Scouts honor!