Dear Remy,

What the FUCK, you little ass-wipe; I ought to come through time and beat the shit out of you! How dare you ignore your son? I'm not there to take care of the both of you, so you need to step up, not go weepy and pissy and ignore Etienne. You obviously haven't grown up a bit, have you? Why do I even marry you? You're making me seriously think about killing your younger self, or at least beating you into an impotent pulp.

Etienne's so sweet, but he doesn't always think. He needs you to tell him what he can't do if he wants to see adulthood. From what he told me, you're still doing the mourning thing. You can't get over that I died. That's sort of flattering, but you have got to get over it! You can be sad, but don't you dare keep Etienne as second to your grief. Your son is alive. He needs you. I'm gone there, and I don't. I know that sounds horrible, but you always bring out the bitch in me, have you noticed? I'm sorry if that sounds cruel.

He hasn't told me much. Ettie, that is. That whole time continuum thing. But if he's here, he's already screwed with it, so has it changed for me already? I don't know how all this works, but I know that it's probably a good thing that I don't know too much. And I realize that on your end this is going to sound cold, but just remember that on my end, I'm still not even sure you're worth the headache much less the heartache that's sure to come along with getting involved with you. How do I know there will be heartache if Etienne hasn't said anything? Oh, call it a hunch. You got "Bad News" written over your head in three foot high, blinking neon colors and warning signs for miles ahead of you.

I'm going to step outside myself for a minute here and try to be the me you remember. I'm going to try to think of myself as a grown woman. The woman who loved you, married you, had a son with you. What would I say to you then?

Dear Remy,

You can't do this anymore. You can't keep hurting yourself. Stop it. It wasn't your fault. I know that as sure as I know anything. I know you didn't do what they're accusing you of, and you should know that you have nothing to prove. Not to me. And you shouldn't need to prove your innocence to anyone else. They're looking for a scapegoat, and you're giving them one. Use that brain I know you got in there.

And don't go thinking you should have been there. I'm glad you weren't. I'm so glad you took Etienne away. I'm so glad that my little boy wasn't killed when I was. I'm so glad that he has one parent left, but you need to start acting like it, LeBeau. You need to start acting like the father you are.

This is my me talking now, not your me: Get over it, swamp rat. Because if you don't, I'm having Forge open that portal again, I'm coming through time, and I'm going to geld you. I mean it. Hell, I'll bring Logan with me and he will hold your lazy ass down.