Okay. I lied. This is another Trigun/Inuyasha crossover. However, like my other story, RCABP, this story just happens to be random, plotless, stupid, and if you have the right mindset, hilarious. Yeah. And if you enjoy this story, go read Random Conspiracies and Bar Parties. Apparently my reviewers think its good. So yeah. Apparently I have a talent for writing funny plotless stuff. So let's not break the tradition and get right on to the story, shall we? First chappie shall be about the Trigun crew, the second about the Inuyasha gang, and we'll spice up the story in chapter 3. So the first 2 will be sorter than they normally would be since their sort of prolougeish.

Disclaimer: Whoever in their unsound mine thought that I own Trigun and or Inuyasha is erroneous. They belong to Yasuhiro Nightow and Rumiko Takahashi respectively. Thank you for thinking so highly of me though. n.n' x.x Also don't own Philip J. Fry.

Not Another Trigun/Inuyasha Crossover

Chapter 1 - Bullet Shells


Vash: Ahhh! Scary! Help me! -runs around with a trashcan on his head.-

Wolfwood: -smoking and drinking coffee.- Lord have mercy!

Millie: There's nuthin' that a good cup o' puddin' won't solve!

Meryl: -stops dead.- Millie...?

Millie: What Sempai? -shoveling pudding into her .-

Wolfwood: There's dirt in your pudding.

Millie: ROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRR -starts attacking random dirt particles with he Stun Gun.-

Vash: Wolfwood, you're gay.

Wolfwood: You've been talking to my councilor, haven't you?

Meryl: Dear God, not that freaky blue-haired chick?!

(A/N: If you read RCABP you know who I'm talking about -cackles.-)

Wolfwood: -twitch.- I have not sunk that low.

Millie: -eyes watering.- Are you really gay?

Wolfwood: e.e No.

Vash: But you said-

Wolfwood: -shoves the Cross Punisher in Vash's crotch.-


Meryl: Not like you got anything to be crushed anyway. T.T

Vash: I ...-wheeze.- resent..-wheeze.- that. T.T X.X

Wolfwood: Now if you'll excuse me I must go sanitize and disinfect my Punisher.

Meryl: Good idea.

Millie: Argh!

Vash: Huh? o.O

Millie: Too...much...dirt! -stil attacking random dirt particles.-

Meryl: Millie, the whole damn planet's made of dirt. u.u

Millie: Excuse me for a few moments, please. -runs like hell over to the nearest payphone.-

On the Other Side of the Planet

Ring ring ring.

Ring ring ring.



Legato: Right away, master.

Legato: -picks up said damn phone.- Who are you and what the Tunafish Fudgesicles do you want?

Knives: Tunafish Fudgesicles? o.O

Caller: I wish to speak to His Evilness, Knives.

Legato: And what gives you, pathetic human, the right to request an audience with the master?

Caller: I need some...help.

Legato: BUA HA HA HA! And you think Master Knives is going to "help" you?

Knives: -twitch.-

Caller: Why, of course!

Legato: -eyes watering from laughing so hard.- I can't believe you just said that! Ha ha ha!

Knives: -silently pulls out the big shiny black revolver and loads it.-

Caller: -sniffles.- Why? I just need some help.

Legato: Man, you are funny!

Knives: Legato.

Legato: Just a minute, master. -doubles over, crying and laughing.-

Knives: -.- -shoots Legato in the head.-

Legato: WHEEE! -twirls over as he dies.-

Knives: -picks up the phone.- What the hell do you want? Are you a telemarketer?

Caller: o.O No. I just need some help.

Knives: Oh really. And just what kind of "help" do you require?

Caller: Bombs. And lots of 'em. And make them nuclear.

Knives: o.O What the fuck?


Knives:A what?

Caller: A wordy dird. You know, a dirty word? Boy, you're dumb.

Knives: You want those nukes or not?

Caller: Yes, Mr. Knives. Sorry Mr. Knives.

Knives: And how do you intend to pay for these bombs?

Caller: Squirrels.

Knives: WHAT?

Caller: I shall give you an army of rabid, ravenous squirrels in return for the bombs.

Knives: -ponders for a moment.- Deal.

Back On The Other Side of the Planet

Millie: -hangs up the phone.-

Meryl: Millie, who were you talking to?

Millie: Mr. Jones from the Pudding Company?

Meryl: -shrugs and goes back to drinking her gallon of coffee.-

A truck turns onto the dusty road

Delivery Boy: You Millie Thompson?

Millie: n.n Yes sir.

Delivery Boy: Sign here please and you will receive your order.

Millie: YAY! -signs her name all over the page.-

Delivery Boy: All set, ma'am. Just keep the truck. Compliments of Mr. Millions.

Millie: Thank you, mister...?

Delivery Boy: Fry. Philip J. Fry, ma'am. -drives off on a unicycle.-

Millie: -jumps onto the truck and rips open the lid of a crate.- YES! VENGENCE SHALL BE MINE! -cackles insanely.-

Vash: What's she on about?

Meryl: Who knows?

Wolfwood: -shakes his head.-

Millie: -drags a nuclear warhead out of the truck.- YOU SHALL PAY FOR BEFOULING MY BELOVED PUDDING! SAY GOODNIGHT, DUSTBALL!

Meryl, Vash, & Wolfwood: HOLY SHIT!

Millie: -pushes the activation button.-


Knives: Hum dee dum. -twiddling his thumbs, safe in a spaceship in space.-

A blinding white light overtook the planet of Gunsmoke, and the people saw no more.

Alicia: Woot! That was fun to write. Next chapter features Inuyasha and the gang. Oh, fun times ahead. Surprisingly, I think this chapter had some semblence of a subplot. But who knows? I think I'm off my rocker. Anyway, R&R! Flames accepted, but no unexplained unfalsified idiocy.