This is my first attempt at posting here, so I'm kind of a newbie I guess. This is story that I wrote a while back, but needed a new venue so I could add some new chapters to it. Let me know what you think.

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She hadn't been this nervous in years. She was actually going to graduate with honors. Her love of writing spilled over quite well into her chosen field. At 22 Joey Potter was exactly where she thought she would be one day. She was graduating from Worthington, her major was journalism, and she minored in photography. She slowly took off her graduation cap.

"It fits okay I guess." She said as she placed it on the table, "I can't believe tomorrow is the end of my college experience."

"I am so proud of you." Jen reached over and hugged Joey.

"Thanks Jen, you know I couldn't have gotten here with out you."

In recent years Joey's life really had been an emotional roller coaster. She roomed with Audrey, until last year. At the end of their junior year Audrey needed a change. She and Pacey had broken up early in the year, and it was too much for Audrey to handle. She moved back out west with her parents. Joey kept close tabs on her though, they talked at least once a week, and e-mailed each other constantly. Joey was proud of Audrey, she had moved on and was finally getting back on track. Pacey, on the other hand, was a different story. He literally dropped out everyone's life, he left soon after the break up. He had saved enough to buy another boat. They would occasionally get a post card. Joey knew that he would be okay, he just needed time.

"Hey what about me, am I chopped liver." Jack teased.

"Come here, you goof ball. You know the same goes for you." Joey squealed. Jack joined the two of them in a hug.

Jen and Jack had become her support system. The three of them were best friends. Jen had become a successful radio personality, on a rather prominent radio station. Jen and Jack were graduating next week from Boston Bay. Jen majored in communication, Jack in graphic design. Jack was interning for a local advertising company, he was a shoe in for the next opening.

"So what are we going to do, it's your last night as an undergraduate Joey, let's say we go out with a bang." Jack said pulling at her hair. "Wait a minute last time we let you pick where we went, we ended up staying in and drinking margaritas. Then next morning I woke up and had pink toe nails."

Both Jen and Joey laughed out loud at his comment.

"That was a good one. I remember when you finally realized it, you were in class. You had worn sandals, you leaned over to pick up your bag and froze in horror." Jen laughed.

"I still wish I could have been there for that moment, I would of paid money to see that." Joey teased.

"Oh I can feel the love, you two are evil." Jack said pretending to be hurt, but still laughing.

"Okay I have a plan, lets go out for some drinks and hit the clubs." Joey said

"Wow, Miss Potter actually letting go, and celebrating. Gosh someone might think you are graduating tomorrow." Jen snickered.