Title: 101 Ways to Wake Dr. Daniel Jackson

Author: JayBee-Bug

Rating: PG-13

Timeline/Spoilers: Let's say early season and leave it at that, it's not too important.

Summary: Daniel's a late sleeper. And shares a tent offworld with a certain Colonel. The results are inevitably troublesome.

A/N: This story is now complete. I posted it originally as a WIP and asked my readers to suggest unique ways to wake Dr. Jackson in their reviews. I got wonderful responses and incorporated some of the ideas into the story. Thanks to everyone who participated and reviewed!

The Leap

His pillow smelled like dirt and hay, and it reminded him of the hayhouse for the horses he visited once when he had visited his grandparent's house as a boy. He had loved it there for some reason, the private little building built especially for the storage of horse feed. Somehow he felt more safe and comfortable there among the tall bales of tied hay and the barrels of dry feed then he did anywhere else at that point in his life.

Daniel smiled in his sleep, nose mooshed not-so-gracefully against his pillow.

"Aaaw," Jack murmured, as he loomed over his current bunkmate.

Whispering, he commented,

"Will you look at that. He must be having a good dream."

Hardly more than a bit of blond hair poking out of the twisted, messed-up sleeping bag was visible of his dozing companion. Daniel shifted a little and sunk deeper into his pillow with a tiny sigh.

"So damn innocent when he's sleeping. He looks angelic," Jack murmured sappily. An evil grin spread across his still-yet-to-be-shaved features.

"Entirely unaware of the misfortune about to befall him . . ."

Shifting so he slid all the way out of his own sleeping bag, Jack got on his hands and knees and leaned in way close to Daniel, leering over him like a cat cornering a canary.

"Sweet little Danny-boy," he murmured gently in his ear in a sing-song tone. Daniel shifted a little, and gave a sleep-mumble, but didn't wake. Jack continued in his gentle purr,

"Danny . . . it's time to wake up . . ."

Daniel sniffled, but beyond that, did not stir. Jack got that grin again.

"Well. Now he can't say I didn't try to wake him the easy way," he concluded in a normal voice. And proceeded to jump on top of Daniel like he was tackling a quarterback. The younger man gave a sudden "Oooof!" as the two-hundred-something-pound Colonel pounced on him. His eyes snapped open and he literally saw stars, red and purple lights spinning and twisting in front of him, and he realized he wasn't breathing. Jack had completely winded him.

Just barely recognizing the lunatic on top of him as his bunkmate, Daniel swore internally that he'd scream his head off at Jack the moment he got his breath back.