One Night In High Heels

By Emerald Dragon08

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Summary: Harry lost a bet with Ron and now he has to spend one night as a girl in a club. The same club as Draco Malfoy, but Draco doesn't like girls... H/D slash

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Harry Potter tugged at the hem of his short leather mini-skirt which was much too tight in his opinion. He pulled a long-sleeved net shirt over a black silk sleeveless shirt. He would kill Ron for this, he thought as he pulled from his bag a small case and a corked vial of amber liquid. In the case, along with assorted make-up items there was a note written sloppily on folded parchment.


Take the potion before you use Hermione's bag of goodies.


Harry growled as he read this and laid the note on the counter of the bathroom of the club he was currently in. He reluctantly took the small vial and uncorked it. He quickly poured the contents past his lips, trying not to taste it. To his surprise, it tasted like cherries and chocolate. Before he could savor the taste, he had swallowed it and his body reacted almost immediately his ribs grew sore and his legs were slowly growing devoid of the dark hair that had previously covered them behind his fishnet stockings. His hair grew to his shoulders and turned silkier with blue tips. Blue, his favorite color, he mused before realizing that his hips were widening and breasts were growing. He also noted the decrease of broadness in his shoulders and his lack of the slight weight between his legs. With a final pop, his features finished changing and he turned to a mirror.

"This is worse than polyjuice! Merlin's pointy hat, I'M FEMALE!" he whispered loudly, even his voice sounded more female. He quieted, trying not to draw any unwanted attention in the men's bathroom. He had not thought Ron would go this far, but he was wrong.

"Well, look on the bright side Potter. You get to see what it's like in the opposite sex's high heels instead of your own." A voice drawled behind him.

"EEK!" Harry yelped, turning to see Draco Malfoy behind him wearing a pair of black leather trousers and a black button-up shirt with the top few left unbuttoned. The dark material clashed beautifully with his pale hair and light skin. Harry's own olive tinted complexion tinted with pink.

Draco smirked and pressed Harry up against the tiled wall with a shove. He moved so close to Harry that he could swear they were touching, but they weren't. Harry didn't move, he just stared at him wide-eyed.

With another smirk, Draco leaned close to Harry's ear and whispered with his warm breath causing Harry to shiver, 'I'd make a move right now, Potter, but you're not quite my type. Maybe you can call me when this potion wears off.' With that he turned and walked out, leaving Harry wide-eyed and motionless. Within a few seconds the shock began to subside and he moved towards the sink. 'Malfoy... And he...wanted him to call him? But of course not, the Malfoy's were wizards, they didn't have phones. But they did have a fire. He could fire-call.' Harry stopped there, not letting his train of thought continue. Instead, he turned on the cold water and filled his hands before splashing it on his face. He turned the faucet off and leaned against the wall, with a million thoughts once again running through his head.

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